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report matches up to thoseaimsand objectives i want to
on 3 december 2002 theaimsand objectives of the scottish
generally express support for ouraimsand objectives the development of
minister issue more guidelines targetsaimsand objectives will the drive
lay down in statute theaimsobjectives and remit of the
the crown agent on theaimsobjectives and targets in the
speech and the objectives andaimsthat she outlined increasingly the
policy objectives that the billaimsto help to reduce the
scottish executive to achieve theseaimsand supports the executive in
whether we can achieve ouraimsby the end of tomorrow
is how to achieve theseaimshow should scottish children gain
require independence to achieve theiraimsmeet local needs and provide
ethnicity we should achieve theaimsset out by the cre
stages of scottish secondary schoolsaimsto achieve authentic language development
the postal services market itaimsto achieve this by promoting
target setting to achieve planningaimswill pupils be lost sight
a deceptively simple poetry itaimsto keep personal feelings largely
a deceptively simple poetry itaimsto keep personal feelings largely
but would warn that suchaimscannot be achieved without adequate
control officers warned that theaimscould not be achieved without
whether we have achieved theaimsof the european year of
aberlour child care trust itsaimsare to provide opportunities for
scottish tourism industry it thereforeaimsto provide a framework for
of most academic partners uhiaimsto provide a seamless garment
many voluntary organisations the projectaimsto provide a social life
1999 25 the ossian projectaimsto provide a user friendly
computing skills and packages andaimsto provide an understanding of
approach english teaching this paperaimsto provide primary and secondary
the phased roll out programmeaimsto provide scotland wide coverage
million or 300 million whichaimsto provide support for work
part of a package thataimsto provide the most appropriate
and all social backgrounds whichaimsto provide the youth of
employment the age positive campaignaimsto raise awareness among employers
appeal from the centre whichaimsto raise sufficient funds to
supports fibromyalgia awareness week thataimsto raise the awareness of
14 21 april 2002 whichaimsto raise the profile of
and targets would fulfil certainaimsrobin harper you talked about
3 1 introduction 3 2aimsof study 3 3 procedure
now underway among others theaimsof the study are to
be tested and the subsidiaryaimsof the study it will
the pupils themselves 3 2aimsof the study the hypothesis
economy in scotland this programmeaimsto strengthen the social economy
liberal democrats have five keyaimsto transform scotland s economy
the physical activity task forceaimsto improve fitness levels across
a scotland wide initiative itaimsto improve pupils understanding and
the safe and sound projectaimsto improve the quality of
sectoral project that reflects theaimsof the scottish berry project
75 million euro the programmeaimsto encourage co operation between
best practice the programme alsoaimsto encourage networking with the
partnerships sips the sip programmeaimsto give such communities the
work programme 2000 2005 whichaimsto implement the political commitments
its 2 million fund thataimsto promote regeneration by sustaining
the different subjects share inaimsand practice it can be
insight into each other saimsand practice scottish teachers of
the mid 1970s the mainaimsof teaching and learning a
to meet its overall policyaimsof reducing fuel poverty and
appropriate measures to meet theaimsset by the treaties however
meet but we have certainaimssuch as more employment for
ended we will make theaimsof future policy on rail
the social policy agenda thisaimsto take stock of recent
documentation which lays out theaimsof language learning in the
5 14 sets out theaimsof modern language learning as
strategy you state that youraimsfor social justice will be
complement our specific social justiceaimsi am pleased to support
design and support scottish executiveaimsof providing excellence in public
parliament to fully support theseaimssupported by fergus ewing s1m
other members i support theaimsthat christine grahame is trying
eydp set out four mainaimsthe first aim is to
and international significance the specificaimsof the centre are accommodated
in order to set theaimsof grammar significantly it is
agree with most of theaimsset out in citizens of
one of the bill saimsis to keep such matters
in the balance between theaimsof educating young people about
colin o riordan trust whichaimsto assist aspiring young musicians
a community referral scheme thataimsto divert young people away
sitting in february 2001 andaimsto give the young people
further the guidelines stipulate 3aimsas follows schools should develop
that will not advance theaimsof the bill rather than
conversion that would fulfil theaimsof the bill rather than
a spoken language the orthographyaimsto give a guide to
language such broad similarity ofaimsin english can mask quite
he supported some of theaimsof the protestant movement such
such as healthy roots whichaimsto turn disused allotment land
with the rio declaration saimsof sustainable development and application
disabled people has fulfilled itsaimsjames o rourke i hope
scottish executive what are theaimsof its proposed freedom of
that the bill meets theaimsof its sponsor and the
achievements and reflect on itsaimspeace freedom prosperity and working
not in keeping with itsaimsthe clerks agreed to prepare
its kind in scotland itaimsto build a large electronic
the british sleep foundation whichaimsin conjunction with the scottish
introduced by sussex police whichaimsto apprehend those suspected of
2001 is an event whichaimsto celebrate linguistic diversity and
response to delayed discharge whichaimsto find more effective local
s member s bill whichaimsto reregulate bus services mrs
english dictionary as consultant theaimsof the review were to
missing in relation to thoseaimsis broadband roll out if
executive is committed to thoseaimswe have tried to demonstrate
for further information on theaimsof a children s commissioner
investigation into north east scotsaimsin part to ascertain whether
is on lobbying the draftaimsto reflect our discussion of
be achieving the executive saimsanyway hugh henry if we
fronts the executive s immediateaimshave been to modernise the
unsustainable running contrary to theaimsof the executive s integrated
work in line with theaimsof scotland s health at
to leave the chamber andaimsa kick at him ringan
lordship said that the departmentalaimsneeded to be revisited the
make up the partnership theaimsof the gnp are to
city of edinburgh council andaimsto 8 preserve or enhance
in july 2001 the treatyaimsto recognise protect and promote
receives about 44 500 itaimsto reduce the effect of
of the commissioner amendment 65aimsto remove any doubt that
of the exchequer the dtiaimsto submit a report and
setting standards and high levelaimsdistributing resources auditing local management
based at stirling university theaimsof the council of europe
there are three long termaimsthe abolition of poindings and

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