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is stapped wi fowk likeaipplesdooked at halloween they bob
the quinie tae dook furaipplesblinfauld efter the dookin wis
neep an the dookin furaipplestae come because aa bairns
as yin o thae craibaipplesthat noona dungarees turned intae
breists nae mair nor unripeaipplesblaik suede buits cam up
thocht ahin the spukken wirdaipplesgie me the pip an
miracle braith the spitfire vegaipplesgie me the pip i
in yer cheek geans anaippleson the bough heilan kye
gweed riddance a bowl oaipplessat on the glaiss coffee
wheen o the meenister saipplesa dinnae suppone at the
aipple weel for me hisaipplescan stick on the tree
a bed or picked tenaipplesaff his tree bit then
his heid tae pick theaippleshe d nae need tae

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