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fit lay wi nit sairmaroion her an that scrawny
aroion her an that scrawnyairmstill hett wis bit the
yestrein we dandert airm inairmi the muinlicht singin sentimental
the forenicht yestrein we dandertairmin airm i the muinlicht
d be vicious skin bitinairmnippin vicious ok doc pause
callum an said pit yeirairmaboot ma shouthers brither sae
winna lat gang or maairmis torn frae ma shouthers
couldnae drink ony mair anairmin airm up the road
leg or your airm m1096: airm[inaudible] f1095: but nae if
broke your leg or yourairmm1096: airm [inaudible] f1095: but
ony mair an airm inairmup the road they rolled
a wee patch on yerairman that helps ye tae
a wee patch on yerairmcuid dae noo a days
susie it s nae herairmat s been torn tae
mum wipe it off myairmf1141: okay f1142: please f1141:
you wipe it off myairmjust now f1141: [baby gurgles] oh
secret wird she nippit herairmwi her ain sherp nails
eagle ain own aince onceairmarm airmie army airn iron
a own aince adv onceairmn arm airt n art
you say arm we sayairmyou say ear we say
s got hur bi theairmrobby leave hur be you
on the end o itsairmas the haund wis gittin
hir ticht wi hir leftairmsyne wi hir richt haund
ve got it on myairmf1141: oh i ll come
hiz guid dochter cruikit hirairmintil hiz an wes about
beddal wyted john pit hizairmroun mirren fur thai wes
d left she curled herairmthrowe her brither s hurry
thik as a man sairmthai wes ben frie scotland
an she l pit hirairmround ye an say here
aw the micht o hirairmsae that it dang the
auldest princess cairrit owre hirairmthe mukkil necklace o saft
a bonnie unicorn on thisairmand a lang lang snake
pintle as lang s yirairmcrossweys owre it wis clappit
fangs as lang s yerairmgums lik a dungcairt an
queue as lang as yerairmit wis said then a
jonsar said she hooked herairmintae jonsar eck s then
tichtened her grip on hisairman lookit intae his face
man shoved oantae the bedairmtwistit up yer back while
an noo want love anairmalang ma shouders or ma
or i ve broken anairmat my ballet class love
wis a rookie noo hisairmis stuck in stookie barred
wi you tucked under oneairman a suitcase under the
dey ken dummy under hisairmbetter git it sorted stew
o em een under eachairmey were snarlin spitin an
a wee pig under hisairmone day an a week
the poem sae raxxed hisairmaroon her she beeriet hersel
bare as licht in myairmspan t sing sae douce
he tuik his mither sairman smiled at her ye
fairm her cousin grabbit herairman trailed the fleggit lassie
a meikle gourd aneth herairmup yon tree she sclimmed
on his bosie ae thinairmcreepit oot frae the bedclaes
flat on eir stamach aeairmstracht doon e ither at
fair lyke ti chowe theairmaff onie man binna his
oot himsel an laid hisairmaboot me shooders an he
him bleed poorin fae hisairmbrobbed be the rose bush
his kiss an strang hisairmthe blin sicht mowdie turned
drouths wi bacchus at hisairmthe swalla quats the frostit
on sinai rax oot yourairman come an save us
yerk an the ettin sairmcam oot at the shouther
faalin doon bit on eairmjist fine for haddin e
o the gairden the crookitairmo the rodden wis the
beasts wi blades or clawinairmobliterate the hatchery an auld
an ugsome they didna haeairmpatches thare aither but the
gaein tae tell davie theairmreached roond an haud him
chiels hotter an bizz aboutairmt tae the teeth ettlin

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