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throu the warlt s ilkaairtthis is thon warlt s
marrow hailed frae the blairgowrieairtthay bade i yon hoose
whae hailed frae the newcastleairtwis the fermer whan a
arm airmie army airn ironairtdirection airtin aiming aishan issue
n armor airn n ironairtn art direction aistern a
n army airn n ironairtn direction airtilik a arty
in the 1880s that fitiverairtthe win blew fae on
wi them it s anairtwhaur fowk are needit an
the mairches it s anairtwhaur fowk s needit an
maist splendid ootlook in fitiverairtye lookit ere wis mile
doos dyke in a clartyairtliftin the tatties reets an
o a suddenty jeeled thisairtgies me the grue neist
kunlun see leukin owre ilkaairthairt lowp lowpin ay dirlin
o spring splairge in ilkaairtwi lowpin fish the blue
a sheinin luminance in ilkaairtan his prayers is effeckfu
sae finn steered nou thisairtan nou that as the
set clappies up in ilkaairthe hed his armour furbisht
fowk haes made til theairto scrievin gavin wad finn
forgaither arras faa in ilkaairtsee sodgers warslin forrit they
and aa fowk in ilkaairttae ye is born the
gin ah haedna lairnt theairto meditation hou coud ah
yird hid ay bin anairtfur war an hate an
o the yird an theairtin atween the hame o
an faimlie frae the dumfrieshireairtmuved intil pairkhill is resident
dunlop faimlie frae the harrowgateairtyorkshire teuk owre the tenancie
at cums frae the likairtas yeirsell the toun o
in the name o yeirairtwhaurever it cums frae ti
adv once airm n armairtn art direction alang prep
aften the wye in yonairtchae an winnie war far
aften seen in his ainairtmair aften in lunnon or
aff her hurdies in ilkieairtfrae room tae stair played
rowed him roan tae ilkieairtfur playin o the lion
fusperin i hae vrocht thisairtaroon ye gin ye gyang
the hairt sae leal theairtfar the sangs war born
for his apprehension in onieairta rewaird o a thousan
owre the hills i onieairtan hei wuid find i
walcome siclike dirt frae onieairtat aa sae gao the
wisna a thing in onieairtforby a stane stoup i
no a steir in onieairthaud on tho suppose it
in their hous ti beairtpairt forfautit onie at apprehends
waw at thai kent wuidairtthaim wastlins towart carlyle an
og i ve dreamed theairti ve lived in whaur
a dreich muir ah lairtma naig ti whaur the
frae the aest the verraairtwhaur easement seemed ti cum
guid dochters she leeft theairtwhaur she had dwalt and
their wae gaun fae thisairtthe toun s a dreicher
an aboot i the hawickairtowre the laist 10 15
d geddes frae the ancrumairta think it wur tuik
aye she s frae thisairtaa richt syne the gairdener
he rade on in theairtit cam frae an he
ae lass frae the holmairtjean fairish bi naem wis
gried tho shae kentna whittenairtthe win wes blawin frae
thousants o fowk frae ivverieairttraivel ti embro ti walcum
tempest tossed frae some faurairtwi heuk an threid an
o puir fowk ti crieairto birr an mense thon
the howf in thon cauldairtthe past swept by on
thay flittit throwe i thatairtae gey lang tyme syne
seemed ti ken an whiteverairthe taen thay follaed him
an e stars notin eairto e win an fit
colonial sawbeens in yon farairtan while he wis bidin
aa the wye the titherairtjist as she d telt
up in the huntly keithairtye re richt ere ma
black the hooded heidsman sairtthe boughs war bauld the
it be for me tiairthim onti the richt wey
ti the back brae tiairthim on his road an
hir men wyce in theairto medicine cam ti the
frustert i hiz skame tiairtout the ill daer an
a different fecht a differentairtfae waterloo s dragoons maleria
yonner renamed their ain bitairtefter their hame toon or
it held on in eairto e hill walkin past
lowse it shot aff eairto e cornyard wi a
the pairish their ain weeairtnae touched bi scythe or
fur their oxters anna theairto belfast we d landit
an oots o the blaikairtan aince there here meg
a great landlord o thisairtshe s an outbye wife
speak the scots o theairtthey happen to be teachin
three weird sisters in theirairtthe rain s an incantation
but i made for thatairtmysel an like a collie
an keep ye the lordairtye an gaird ye the
whilk ligs i the selkirkairtjimmy cook wis the gairdner
thocht you d come thisairtsit doun said tam on
ye did wi yer airtlessairtnew year s resolution published
must be in the wrongairtshe turned about suddenly as
shone in king s greyairtmy winsome face won mony
afore i leave the aviemoreairthaein fail t i shid

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