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road ah want ti gangaitherthat or ah wul shew
ah want ye ti gangaitherthat or ah wul shew
an nae mair about itaitherthat or ah wul shew
didna lyke his flouer pataitheran again he cryti on
no uised wi flouer patsaitherthe r nae air in
no uised wi flouer patsaitherthe r nae air in
seen the lykes o thataithernaebodie shuirlie sen the stert
the lykes o thair daunsinaitherthe fester he played the
aboot the bairn s nameaitherwey but she lykes aye
the puddok didna lyke thataitheran wadna lat the peincess
broun princess wadna listen tilaithero thaim she haed made
get him that wadna daeaithersays zhu wu for gin
beilin fuit ah wadna forgetaitherthat ye r no sae
but ye r nae wauraitherqueen it s nae thenks
ye the waur o taithersae hou is t at
ain hamlet border lallans tungaitherhowpasley ferm geographically this ferm
soudna hae a clekkin tungaitherjuist you dae as ah
ken a wurd o taitherthat tung aye soonds ti
disna cum suin ah laitherbe deid or ah l
meinit but that disna wurkaitherwutch mebbe ye soud try
lyke ti forget ma revengeaithernaebodie soud lay haunds on
an be mirkie smaw wunneraitherthat the fairies suid suin
mirren didna hae mukkil fethaitherbot didna wiss ti schaw
thare he didna weill kenaitherbut thay maun gang an
didna hae airm patches thareaitherbut the creenge juist gaed
didna hae a pacefu nichtaitherhe leistent ti the granein
me ah didna lyke masellaithersae ah needit a favorite
didna ken whitlik ti sayaitherthe lave o the sop
stuipit an no even cleanaitheran mebbe even wicked toozenbach
guid wul cum o thataitherah dinna lyke civvies toozenbach
but ah m no haurdaithershe beckons ringan cum owre
thare haes aye been sumthingaitherye r no here or
wi the prince s treisuraithernou lat yeir sisters straik
sauf an dinna you openaitherane binna yeir hert is
even the tottiest bluidmerk onaitherane o thaim he wes
ane aa the onlookers onaitherside wir that feart for
til m wi ane ultimatumaitherthe incummers wes aw pit
gests aroun lik a hirselaitherti haud ane ei on
kist fou o breid anaithermaet sae ye wul hae
the mensefu commend ti makaitheringlis hauddit hiz coy hiz
vows a rash promise sheaithercouldnae or didnae haud til
gaun awa he cuidnae mindaitherhou he haed gotten intae
the club ah haedna readaithero thaim never read a
nicht nor his auld mitheraithernest day the twae gaed
tide gaed rowin back onaitherside an sae oot ower
george scott george scott wisaitherae son or ae brither
read a singil lyne oaitherbut ah tryit ti mak
in here an nae leafsaitheran gin ye ir wantin
ye ir no sayin oniethingaithergunnar pulls her to his
here tho the meditators onaitherside o him yerkit him
no able nou is sheaitherah dinna unnerstaun ye or
on his saet it wesaitherfortie or fiftie ah canna
thair wuts end it wesaitherin petersburg or moscow ah
hir moula ah dinna kenaitherwi his temper eilidh she
at hame till his faitheraitherdeed or wis his auld
lad s faither cam byaitherkiz he wissed ti puneish
can tell ye it wesaitherthat or naething at aw
whyllie an tak ludgins ontilaitherthe guidwyfe wes better or
an nae rent ti peyaitherthe guid lord s been
that guid at his geographyaitherwhen he wis at the
an he wisna like movinaithersae wi fause intent lu
hae nae lykin fur itaitheras the warl hes muived
us modal verbs dinnae haeaitherpresent or past participles ensaumple
hope nae poachers turn upaitheri thocht tae mysel for
luve here ava nae mensedomaitherkis his flicht is senseless
be able tae think inaitherscots or english at will
whit ye coud dae wrangaithereilidh aw ye dae is
meenister for he widnae kenaitherwid he naw cam the
the weys o ither kintraesaitherbi traivel or bi vissiein
eese tae me or youaithera sang wis made up
fair worn oot it saitherhis wyfe his houss or
or gone beyond recall oorsaitheris ours either scuddie is
d wi siller it saitheryou macbeth or else a
flouers that war growein onaithersyde hir path whan a
juggs a cuidna thole thonaitherhe says the croun deserts
fished in pairs wi yinaitherbank watchin the tither s
bodie that staunds for electionaitheras a member o a
wis quait on the burnsaitherbecause the last run o
and israel for the israelitesaitherthe michtiest o their roys

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