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better alan milburn the odiousalanmilburn as i think john
they will do much betteralanmilburn the odious alan milburn
manson scottish executive development departmentalanmckeown convention of scottish local
clearly in the financial memorandumalanmckeown convention of scottish local
find that hard to believealanmckeown everyone supports the principles
drawing up the financial memorandumalanmckeown i know that cosla
with a better financial memorandumalanmckeown that is a difficult
causes concern for any organisationalanmckeown the biggest uncertainty is
the city of edinburgh councilalanmckeown the housing development officer
costs are such uncertainties unreasonablealanmckeown the short answer is
the delivery of the billalanmckeown we could probably do
with evidence if you canalanmckeown we have tried hard
financial aspects of the billalanmckeown yes that is a
financial issues cause it concernalanmckeown yes we have made
intend to achieve such savingsalanfraser all the projects that
to the modernising government fundalanfraser although we have the
yes the convener i thankalanfraser and jim kinney for
projects that come to youalanfraser at the moment we
consequentials from those two sourcesalanfraser from memory it is
islands enterprise july 1999 21alanfraser head of enterprise and
we will hear evidence fromalanfraser head of the 21st
what you have in mindalanfraser i am not sure
the budget document was printedalanfraser i appreciate your point
for making a local contributionalanfraser i hope that i
to the young scot cardalanfraser i mentioned proof of
authorities in england and walesalanfraser if i may i
the target has been metalanfraser if we have a
projects that fit that patternalanfraser in the second round
dumfries and galloway by 2004alanfraser let me take a
the dialogue youth card thatalanfraser mentioned which has been
scottish executive for that initiativealanfraser my unit is responsible
broadband by a certain datealanfraser no elaine thomson is
that area is that correctalanfraser no our reference to
might not happen in futurealanfraser our main communication is
develop that point a littlealanfraser said rightly that the
is not the driver asalanfraser said the back office
murray scottish executive development departmentalanfraser scottish executive finance and
which we will ask questionsalanfraser scottish executive finance and
they will soon become essentialalanfraser that is right the
they have passed into adulthoodalanfraser that is the potential
use is transferable between authoritiesalanfraser that might be the
be able to get onealanfraser that target means that
to get using the cardalanfraser the card is the
only for purchasing local servicesalanfraser the potential is very
will it provide for citizensalanfraser the project builds on
rather than reinvent the wheelalanfraser the project has been
would make their use compulsoryalanfraser there were two points
modernising government fund i invitealanfraser to make a short
even more on another bidalanfraser we tried to fast
in the south of scotlandalanfraser well yes i suspect
the strategy making good progressalanfraser yes it is on
learning department responsible for thatalanfraser yes that department leads
is that a contractual obligationalanfraser yes the convener i
bill can match that claimalanferguson a number of things
fuel poverty if so howalanferguson as it stands the
before we move to questionsalanferguson chartered institute of housing
ellis scottish executive development departmentalanferguson chartered institute of housing
that those objectives are achievedalanferguson i hope that the
task force backing up whatalanferguson said i think that
in the single housing budgetsalanferguson that goes back to
problems in connection with thatalanferguson the co operatives you
your view on ring fencingalanferguson the institute has argued
not pursue housing stock transferalanferguson the institute has argued
have any observations on thatalanferguson there are a number
the question of private tenantsalanferguson there is a major
that money should be spentalanferguson there is already a
majority holder in the stockalanferguson we must consider how
proposal to create such budgetsalanferguson we supported the idea
scotland we have with usalanferguson who is the director
in that sort of arrangementalanferguson you are describing shared
is necessary is important professoralanmiller of the scottish human
officers in scotland and professoralanmiller of the scottish human
our concern about civil libertiesalanmiller pointed to the categories
directors of social work mralanmiller principal reporter scottish children
we heard evidence from professoralanmiller who represents the civil
of offenders against wildlife legislationalanis also a member of
prevention of cruelty to animalsalanstewart tayside police wildlife liaison
we go on to questionsalanstewart tayside police wildlife liaison
groups paw my colleague isalanstewart who is the wildlife
smoorikin alan fine dat taealan25 july 2002 my dear
iddir lookin forward tae italanfae alan sent wednesday july
best an a peerie smoorikinalanfine dat tae alan 25
forward tae it alan faealansent wednesday july 24 2002
millar broadcasting head of broadcastingalansmart deputy head of broadcasting
provided by tayside police throughalanstewart and me that is
spent working with the communityalanstewart intelligence gathering in relation
issues and has had successalanstewart it is certainly a
ask members to listen toalanstewart s views on the
of controlling the fox populationalanstewart that is a possibility
to disclose information to youalanstewart that is a real
the police gain that informationalanstewart that would be the
that question from personal experiencealanstewart yes but before i
officer scottish natural heritage professoralanalexander chairman scottish water geoff
of scotland water authority professoralanalexander chairman west of scotland
the water industry from professoralanalexander ernest chambers and charlie
enterprise university of glasgow siralanlanglands chairman scottish institute for
aa da best christine faealansent friday july 19 2002
event on 23rd july hialantinks du wid we need
campbell acting chief executive mralanbowman head of financial administration
am time for reflection majoralandixon assistant to the scotland
manager rosemary everett education officeralanmcclosky assistant education officer jackie
water industry scotland bill fromalansutherland water industry commissioner for
in scotland martin bell andalanwilson scottish council for development
42 reserved signs for seatsalanb will act as front
included in the programme introductionalanb will bring a float
bring glasses cloths and napkinsalanb will pour wine and
into eighteenth century use viaalanramsay s collections of sixteenth
she has merriet a scotsmanalanmackenzie bit she has suddenly
christine quoting cdeluca [censored: emailaddress] helloalanfoo is du i hoop
an whit shapes wis robertalanjamieson is included an sae
baith bi mesell an robertalanjamieson transcript is a online
the historian of the comynsalanyoung is of the same
the two till ten andalangets to work ma twelve
union scotland dave morris andalanblackshaw ramblers association scotland george
only left with the libraryalantaylor the printer from laurencekirk
for that bold desperate customeralanbreck was the real bonny
they were apprentices was italan[censored: surname] f1026: that s a
gravy was there anyway causealantold me later that erm
cheap seats uh huh andalancanlish f638: went wi us
and like the climber inalanbennet s take a pew
shell fisherman s association mralancubbin director of quality and
laird o hoscote mr ralphalanstavert whae deyd i the
[inaudible] m1048: erm but nowalanwants to swap with [censored: forename]
film in canada it starredalanalda of t v m
her hauns alec airchie arthuralanalbert alister staun up on
policy unit iain hay andalanenglish feudal reform working party
society bernard harkins branch secretaryalanmarshall treasurer and debbie hilton
pm to 4 00 pmalanritchie ucatt lisa manus ucatt
ehm yeah norway [inaudible] likealanwent to norway and he

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