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to read you know obviouslyalicein wonderland alice through the
s debate is not analicein wonderland debate but a
today we are having analicein wonderland discussion in which
right what one next f1122: alicein wonderland f1121: mmhm alice
was i kind of fromalicein wonderland it kind of
alice in wonderland f1121: mmhmalicein wonderland you ve never
know obviously alice in wonderlandalicethrough the looking glass i
over alice knight s opinionalicehas lived here for thirty
i asked him to telephonealiceknight and laid the receiver
after new year spent withaliceknight and louis and liv
to end this self absorptionaliceknight came over to deiĆ 
struck me as ironic thataliceknight had gone to scotland
struck me as extraordinary thataliceknight had gone to scotland
map that the house ofaliceknight lay somewhere there the
to take me into exilealiceknight phoned the next day
the port i mull overaliceknight s opinion alice has
a newcomer to the areaaliceknight wanted to join them
home of a mutual friendaliceknight we d planned our
in mallorca daniel hartmann andaliceknight were both engaged in
like knocking at her dooralicealice let me in and
knocking at her door alicealicelet me in and she
the mouse f1114: where salicethe skip alice the skip
where s alice the skipalicethe skip f1113: eh she
opposite side of the valleyalicecame to stand at the
out on the road toalices valley presumably by horse
in your class peggy peggyalicegladys i think so peggy
wrote down your phone numberaliceand other numbers of friends
we packed up to goalicewrote a note for mike
among them who were theyaliceasked the man was driving
us stood among the throngalicewas greeting her neighbours introducing
to hope for disappeared whenalicefirst became pregnant and never
months later it became obviousalicewasn t going to demand
macqueen in wanted dead oraliceoccasionally enlivened by a good
were in the moneyed groupaliceand i are jogging along
and i are jogging alongalicemisses her country dancing class
slowly [laugh] f122: aye wellalicecame early cause i was
came back from his travelsaliceled me through an olive
over the next few daysalicepulled out a book from
life next morning i leftalices flat and walked down
crucified christ i re readalices instructions as we neared
puerto soller and the mountainsaliceleft off hoeing the almond
bag i had left atalices house she encouraged me
it in plastic bags whichalicecollected in her jeep later
legs over the edge asaliceand i walked away from
dreams i glanced over ataliceas if to say please
morning we drink rum toddiesalices favourite to life then
mallorcan delicacy i listened asalicespeculated about what life would
sun in shafting fracturing concentrationaliceeyed me we don t
and thought failed then untilaliceprompted me back they told
new year s eve inalices town following me on
visible from the kitchen wherealiceserved me tea glad rags
opened still carrying his briefcasealiceshowed me into a strange
jolly hard into the bargainaliceis working away but she
everybody else never trusted thatalicewith her hoity toity accent
had a marvellous holiday alasaliceand i are out of
and retired to my roomaliceand i had time to
garden and i realised thataliceand i had used the
not been able to joinalicefor hogmany but had arrived
arrived at ca na gaiaalicehad been sanguine about my
that childhood sense of wonderalicehad embarked on a process
a sad season for youalicehad not been so well
song he is her fatheraliceconfided in my ear they
strong enough to respond toalices invitation to visit her
and a doubly enchanted placealiceexclaimed you sure chose the
star designated lugar encantado whichalicetranslated as enchanted place galatzo
woman worked the signal boxalicem642: cause i tried it
an ambulance i looked atalicei feel spaced out i
of late afternoon sunlight andalicewas sorting out supplies between
that one a munter andalicesaid what s a munter
a dictionary for that saidalicethen no wait hang on
strutted their stuff gitanos saidalicethey are gypsies the vibrant
an abiding richness then asalicecontinued perhaps it was the
goings on behind his backaliceattractive worldly wise and bored
good one the other nightalicemy daughter s in a
not provide the same protectionaliceand i do not care
dear joan what a shockaliceand i got to hear
managed to be with youaliceand i would like to
uncertain fate at this pointalicerebelled even now i see
before in the square ofalices town i studied the
boxes were all vandalised andalicefound it impossible to get
shadows of the almond treesalicetold them about the drama
up in scotland is requiredalicejarvie of seniorline in scotland
becoming a threatened species echoesaliceunder the floodlit cathedral in
in a navy blue skyalicewas priming the enormous swedish
that and the consolation thatalicewould be missing him and
uncle tom married to auntalicetheir two boys graham m

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