See this word as a collocate cloud

f643: i mean it sallall of these alternative therapy
ones like anita desai andallall of these people you
these and the material coveredallaspects of national regional and
is prohibited these animals includeallbats the otter porpoises and
noo f1104: aye f1103: theseallbetter f1104: yeah f1103: yep
fruit and vegetables these provisionsallcame fresh from their own
midden m1108: [inhale] is itallclean f1107: fitt m1108: these
or even insurance these arealldeducted from my monthly salary
salukis may course these arealldogs that hunt by sight
and blood these interacting forcesallemanating ultimately from the peculiarly
happen rather than preparing foralleventualities muir russell these assessments
these days is it afteralleveryone is short of cash
say f1038: so f1037: weallget these things you know
these cigarette girls dressed upallglamorous and sexy ply addictive
er think these guys wereallgoin to hit us you
you think aboot it theyallgot all these things got
most of them now haveallgot these modern boxes so
a marathon and we veallgot these on and we
i know that like theseallhad different names in different
to aberdeen and the tenementsallhad these toilets outside i
hair cream these typographical featuresallhave implications for the phonology
provided on our website theseallhave individual facilities and provide
as she has been doingallher adult life with these
north these days he spentallhis time in palma networking
inward scream but these daysalli can recall is my
these aren t me atalli paint direct from life
of combinations these were anallin one garment that combined
these papers your interest aboveallin this is the message
drain beans and stir theseallin too season with pepper
came up and they realllike just poppin all these
animals our minds and matterallmatter any matter these stones
rock these days it sallmetric oh it doesn t
these days besides i neededallmy powers of observation and
roles should be common toallnational park bodies these are
wattie howie these men wereallnatives of the town that
edition of the poem 2alloccurrences of these words were
sites was seen as offeringallof these advantages selection of
i mean it s allallof these alternative therapy courses
touched it s great knowingallof these artistic people is
respect some candidates qualify underallof these categories if you
whose parents wanted it nowallof these children around 100
used loved ones waiting onesallof these draw our attention
there were f963: mm m762: allof these influences i i
the expense of gaelic insteadallof these languages should co
like anita desai and allallof these people you know
is complying with the lawallof these pieces of legislation
and other stories in 1985allof these plus somewhere beyond
edinburgh dundee and aberdeen notallof these sites are the
how to use a dictionaryallof these skills are equally
the games for some yearsallof these sports had a
as the city so ermallof these stimuli looking back
torture in a medieval castleallof these things situated in
uh huh m605: marked itallout as in in these
these people coming together fromallover the country and then
these autumnal scenes they areallpainting why i am sure
obviously these brewers distillers areallpart of conglomerates m608: aye
throughout britain these accents areallregional with one notable exception
to irvine so these wereallspring wells but in process
ack guns and searchlights andallthat so these ch- soldiers
makes all these presents forallthe bairnies mind [censored: forename] and
is that [laugh] but theseallthe dolls that are out
all these great plans forallthe reading and all the
we come across these momentsallthe time erm becoming quite
and used to play theseallthe time you know f963:
of these women is forallthe women of scotland to
sources for these terms inalltheir variety general histories of
yes mmhm mmhm yeah andallthese all these m762: erm
filled them full of ehallthese ammunitions and ra- eh
to be the feeling thatallthese beautiful things belonged to
sensible i mean leaning overallthese beds an f1025: [inaudible]
the menus and the breakfastsallthese beefsteaks an what not
me is they ve gotallthese big screen tvs everywhere
uh huh m642: to seeallthese bikes comin off f643:
[laugh] what [laugh] aye m815: allthese blind children and dogs
an we were to watchallthese boats they came from
aviary so you could watchallthese bonnie birds [laugh] f1023:
if only lori could seeallthese brightly coloured labels tess
all was all these de-allthese buntins and lights and
gonna rule the fuckin roadsallthese cars will be oot
to work and there wasallthese council nurseries where babies
teachers of english to provideallthese critical skills m741: mmhm
f637: oh aye ye f638: allthese days things f637: but
here he was all wasallthese de- all these buntins
the physical attractions o wimmenallthese delicht bit present him
standard english though i meanallthese dialects m605: and a
quite cosmopolitan really just withallthese different cultures coming in
m762: yeah f963: there areallthese different sort of genres
turned around you don tallthese different things and there
f963: mm right m762: soallthese different voices pour into
s he s drawing onallthese different voices that i
m762: without being influenced byallthese different writers at an
ehm m865: [laugh] i meanallthese difficult questions [laugh] yeah
you going to do withallthese dirty clothes are you
with all these eh a-allthese distinguished experts in the
about dolls [inaudible] you getallthese dolls and it s
will there be room forallthese dolls and us f1112:
saut tae dysart eh withallthese eh a- all these
or will take advantage ofallthese electronic aids it also
of the european union takingallthese elements into account i
universe revolving round her distressallthese emotions have one thing
in er america you hadallthese er associations like mothers
as a royal banquet atallthese events i was delighted
g ðgewσde l 227 inallthese examples the words happen
have i have to eatallthese f1121: well you don
are you still gonna keepallthese f1122: oh a card
m642: right you ve gotallthese f643: [?]pruch![/?] [laugh] m642:
total trouble for telling likeallthese f814: re teachers tend
you know that there areallthese f963: mm m762: and
in the country erm withallthese facilities was just amazing
rattled away leaving me withallthese feelings i ve been
from dover the twickenham andallthese ferries were up from
how tae fly planes andallthese fly th- ye know
in full flow look atallthese fuckin cars it s
and people like bono andallthese fuckin tossers goin about
fantastic f807: [laugh] f806: andallthese girls went they just
driver know where to goallthese gravestones look the same
up m816: and you veallthese great plans for all
to the widest cultural contextallthese he considered essential to
tae the school board anallthese high heedjuns ye know
that you know he hadallthese hopes and dreams and
other half better half girlfriendallthese i ve heard m1007:
and probably has contacts thereallthese ideas are yer actual
i talk to them aboutallthese important things they don
mmhm f209: because of courseallthese irish navvies th- they
considering petitioning the european parliamentallthese issues are interlinked bse
like shavin cream and andallthese kind of things stuff
partly is why there sallthese kinda additional names cause
m811: yeah f813: and likeallthese kinda like f812: it
and stuff like that thatallthese kinna scottish language meetings
street you ll aways hearallthese languages and you know
galician and spanish in spainallthese languages came from shared
danish with spelling variations inallthese languages it means the
owls to athens and amongallthese learned owls of scots
right it s hours sinceallthese liggers crammed every downstairs
such a serious face andallthese like erm there was
good or bad you getallthese like kinna reactionary people
i was so annoyed [laugh]allthese little eleven year olds
uh huh m762: there areallthese little k- negotiations that
f631: mmhm f634: and thenallthese little minnows squirming in
a bit more respectful thanallthese m1055: but m1007: eh
the class room they dallthese m608: mm f637: pulleys
mmhm yeah and all theseallthese m762: erm f963: english
like pure tumbleweeds floatin aboutallthese m811: [laugh] f814: discarded
nme every week and seeingallthese m959: yeah f958: gig
me ages to realise whatallthese marks on the pavement
me sit down and doallthese maths things ma brain
and i canny help myselfallthese memories flood back things
you know you were doingallthese milk monitor things was
be hammered home but afterallthese months i still don
it down to just likeallthese new influences f1151: mmhm
within their own speech communityallthese nonstandard dialects are perfectly
[laugh] he came up wiallthese not me [laugh] f1025:
ehm did mastrick and ehmallthese other areas open up
find that out but soallthese other things i did
speaker as she looks atallthese out of date artefacts
so you [inaudible] influx ofallthese out- outwith f1018: mm
his money he s gotallthese people after him and
eh do you know likeallthese people an like th-
would imagine m642: there sallthese people are lined up
pals tonight she d askedallthese people back to the
trying to stay away fromallthese people cause there was
about freshers flu and howallthese people coming together from
or how could you accommodateallthese people sorry to hear
and then you ve gotallthese people that have been
there was anything we sawallthese people there an [laugh]
they so th- there wereallthese people wandering through that
f1121: right are you turningallthese pieces over [censored: forename] [censored: forename]
re all like just poppinallthese pills and just givin
given a grant to takeallthese plants oot and the
me people like you knowallthese pop stars and people
another shilling being united withallthese possessions was rather fun
that s where he makesallthese presents for all the
m the man that bochtallthese properties lilian you jack
intention i meant to keepallthese properties myself and i
childrens hymn but we hearallthese quavery voices old voices
you should have asked yourselfallthese questions f1150: mm f1151:
back or you know makeallthese relationships it s interestin
jack naked so there areallthese resonances in the title
and you know there wereallthese restrictions because to them
the wall and you hadallthese rhymes f963: yeah [tut]
window on my side withallthese routine caring gestures finished
erm because you ve gotallthese schools er very good
we re having problems havinallthese scottish names we re
james robertsons of winning squareallthese shops were called on
so i was exposed toallthese songs you know which
[laugh] f689: they ve gotallthese sort o they ve
[inhale] really f689: an likeallthese sort of page boys
than that than y- havinallthese sort of yuppie bars
stephen imrie i understand thatallthese ssis are negative instruments
[laugh] f1077: and there wereallthese strange [laugh] people on
end of a phone soallthese support strategies erm i
if you ve heard ofallthese supposed libyan assassins who
go forward to ensure thatallthese targets are delivered i
you have to ask donaldallthese technical details [laugh] i
in different ways eh throughoutallthese these these writers erm
mmhm m762: where there okayallthese things apply but that
you mean he he hasallthese things are absolutely true
association for scottish literary studiesallthese things are arts council
with the same question soallthese things er were completely
everything whereas now they haveallthese things f1023: yes yes
f606: [laugh] mmhm m954: aboutallthese things f606: yeah and
kind of germanic mythology andallthese things for for you
aboot it they all gotallthese things got thingmibobbed in
er i i was scanningallthese things i had left
from his master ann sawallthese things in him but
blitz you know we lostallthese things in the blitz
such a muck up oallthese things [laugh] f1049: [laugh]
elizabeth and you know andallthese things were sort of
wife and a mother andallthese things you know people
sold eighty thousand copies ofallthese titles that was until
toys the eastern trips broughtallthese toys alive western civilisation
this makes him turn againallthese turns have been on
a kid you would getallthese vibes from you know
european languages it s gotallthese wee rules and the
it was february erm mmallthese weird people m1078: no
conscience good night take awayallthese whigmaleeries this is no
it me and like changedallthese wires about and just
on an s- he gaveallthese words for eh for
in in in in inallthese words in in final
thump me because i learnedallthese words off by heart
absolutely monumental cause you hadallthese workers comin in from
a good one m1015: yeahallthese yeah f1054: comin doon
he talked aboot the nedsallthese years ago and i
ehm her first boyfriend fromallthese years ago and they
was my home for forallthese years and the nurses
to go back agnes afterallthese years everything we ve
still read the signs afterallthese years it must be
if i haveny seen youallthese years lilian i can
for our national bard forallthese years many people criticise
are still in my headallthese years on i ll
help rich pensioners well yesallthese years since 1997 rich
to block that memory outallthese years too only now
had f745: she gave usallthese you know erm sheets
paible and eh donald knewallthese you know he knew
can t follow you atalltoday these enormous communities you
mornin how here he wasallwas all these de- all
think of these poor menallwent down f746: oh f978:
over good time had byall15 monday lagging inspectors exam
been almost counterproductive it isallare you over 65 and
my doorstep it would haveallbeen over by the time
ferries crossing over to yellallday two and eh they
not given over they arealldrinking yet child 187c but
the dining hall and fulfilsallexpectations the covering over it
the bastard auld mithir theyallfall over laughing loudly berna
have marched together have tackledallforms of discrimination over the
over 600 from the districtallfrom word of mouth sources
a great big man andallhe did was put over
has been given prominence overallher associates in the kingis
before he left us butallhis troubles are over and
so much trouble over meallin all we had known
management very generously included themallin the prize over the
s cried over it tooalljust to keep me alive
scottish executive over what timescalealllocal authorities will be expected
had fought over a bucketallnight filling it with their
national struggle over electoral reformallof this scarcely registers in
will be up and thenallour worries should be over
as specified in the dittayallover a period of more
thirty eight and families fromallover aberdeen arrived in middlefield
pan turning constantly until brownedallover add red pepper and
nonsense and start the processallover again 10 36 donald
would be better to startallover again derek miller i
ll just call us retardallover again f943: aye and
him go and do itallover again i m not
waits a year and startsallover again one of my
bit will we do themallover again right f1126: yes
of broom and being stungallover and had to be
until i have goose pimplesallover and his thumb has
ear and then it sallover and i m his
you need to turn themallover and then you pick
only antrin occasional athourt acrossallover athort across awesome inspiring
tiring day my bones acheallover best wishes to all
people that have arrived fromallover britain f606: mmhm m845:
different so you actually findallover britain there s river
in inverness young people fromallover britain who had won
painting green paul bunyan feetallover campus paul bunyan is
words that s the sameallover eddy just means when
about eighteen and i livedallover edinburgh and er i
i start living in digsallover edinburgh and today i
people came to philae fromallover egypt and from far
number of scottish cops fromallover ehm the regions of
from all over the [inhale]allover europe and when you
leader but they were fromallover europe i remember thinking
language which can be usedallover europe mmhm f950: well
the event was to transmitallover europe the message that
festival which attracts musicians fromallover europe to play classical
down barriers and building bridgesallover europe where previously suppressed
just fine okay scrub inallover f1112: i m going
and will you spread itallover for me f1122: mmhm
s coming across people fromallover france she s getting
awareness of the litter problemallover glasgow and that if
f1054: mmhm m1004: it sallover glasgow [laugh] very common
he is shivery and blueallover he must have run
purple and he is stiffallover he s nearly catatonic
cover and my fingers areallover her face her black
s got lots of bubblesallover her hasn t she
did you notice the lipstickallover her like take away
weatherly had petty thief writtenallover him if he d
bear it there are tearsallover his face mummy you
mile off antennae danny boyallover i growl macho mister
sunburnt nose today i acheallover i ll have to
one i tell the barberallover i m smirking at
at school we say kidsallover i used tae teach
and i m glad itsallover i will be getting
were pictures of ex presidentsallover including a really good
drip drippin off yer faceallover it i think i
f643: ye ve got paintallover it john m608: it
three little words it sallover it s all over
s all over it sallover it s all over
it s got g77 writtenallover it the double bill
little girl painted blue flowersallover its shell but as
f1093: eh right turn themallover m1094: gonna get a
calmly i ve got bruisesallover ma fuckin heed give
s all over it sallover margaret left the hospital
of them disturbing twitches occurallover me the worst on
cause you keep putting paintallover me wanting green there
s funeral with a skinheadallover mister derek s lips
urgh yuck urgh you sneezedallover mum [inaudible] are you
every day you and dannyallover my bed like measles
right glad when it sallover only the occasional visits
changed glasnost is bursting outallover or maybe it isn
after the big fella peedallover our party plans again
feels like home again snowallover plumber the hold up
fragments of scots wha haeallover scotland and argued that
ehm and that i travelallover scotland and i found
word however it was usedallover scotland as long as
of paper flying in fromallover scotland as soon as
the big word which happensallover scotland but apart from
to send patients not onlyallover scotland but down to
will draw in waste fromallover scotland fail to meet
opportunity to make people fromallover scotland feel comfortable with
children primary school children fromallover scotland have been in
work is integrated roads officersallover scotland have said that
lallans scots speech lives onallover scotland in lively dialectal
scots speech lives on todayallover scotland in lively dialectal
the nhs to ms sufferersallover scotland in order to
the sunday mail and peopleallover scotland in raising funds
september which involved participants fromallover scotland including some young
was a general clan gatheringallover scotland people with the
year in partnership with councilsallover scotland that policy has
her hair was that thinallover she was practically bald
the sports events took placeallover shetland from aith to
jumper with fair isle patternsallover snorie ben a toy
water cause it s goingallover that s it right
to m1004: she was knownallover the area not just
look she s making pawprintsallover the carpet and all
so because children come fromallover the city and also
were transported to it fromallover the city erm the
disabled friends went to schoolsallover the city integration is
cross but flies and runsallover the common looking for
that there are parliamentarians fromallover the commonwealth who would
er bits of information fromallover the country and erm
s been setting up computersallover the country f889: uh
to many different volunteers fromallover the country who carry
arbuthnott he used to cycleallover the district looking at
to spill that filthy stuffallover the floor again i
f1091: mmhm the water sallover the floor and there
sink in case it goesallover the floor f1114: [inhale]
there s paintbrushes and paintallover the floor [inhale] look
[?]waiting[/?] oh it s goneallover the floor m1094: but
[child noises] f1113: case it goesallover the floor we ll
like s- f1155: it sallover the galloway news [laugh]
[inaudible] and there s bloodallover the hallway f1154: oh
the central belt but alsoallover the highlands and islands
spoken to many people fromallover the [inhale] all over
christmas eve service in churchesallover the island and the
too and sales of landallover the island have made
mind exactly that was bethiaallover the lassie was funny
keeping spilling litres of fostersallover the pages [audience laughter] but
huh f1091: the water sallover the paper look and
f1091: and the footprints areallover the paper m1092: [inaudible]
and it is now lyingallover the place again another
at her feet muddy feetallover the place and she
beautiful roads and we goallover the place and we
aboot the hoose er charginallover the place and where
where buildings are going upallover the place and where
france f963: mmhm f965: andallover the place did it
m827: well they say itallover the place don t
yeah m845: they are ehallover the place eh within
was using words from kinnaallover the place er you
to lug them with youallover the place every day
m845: so eh yeah buildingallover the place f606: yeah
when she sees her sketchesallover the place hands off
seem to be sprouting upallover the place i notice
languages and dialects i travelallover the place i think
folk they re they reallover the place if ye
prices the situation is nowallover the place in effect
huh m1048: shards o glassallover the place like right
watch [censored: forename] dinna start jumpingallover the place m1096: this
it was coming in fromallover the place m194: [inaudible]
open and spilling their loadsallover the place that would
it must have been askedallover the place then [laugh]
notice boards that it hasallover the place those would
m605: yeah m741: just kinnaallover the place [?]tried usin[/?] old
course folk tales have travelledallover the place you know
s watchword that has creptallover the policy statement accessibility
help you oh it sallover the table f1125: haud
make the american papers peopleallover the u s got
all over the carpet andallover the wallpaper and she
community now it s spokenallover the world and therefore
is now taking over erallover the world as a
internet to the website fromallover the world ehm and
aye he [?]pruched[/?] them fromallover the world erm the
people there s folk fromallover the world in helensburgh
that there are burns suppersallover the world like fergus
to find lots of peopleallover the world locked up
the scotsman sixty experts fromallover the world signed an
diners and tourists travel fromallover the world to sample
name or connections came fromallover the world to their
m sure there are blogsallover the world waxing lyrical
so that the chocolate sallover them f1118: it s
squeeze their faces and trampleallover them with my feet
he erm is very muchallover this book because when
can carry out we areallover those issues all the
play american football it sallover tv just now and
younger before the internet explodedallover us we kept diaries
drones then alleluia it sallover we re walking out
just quite commonly used m1004: allover yeah f1054: mmhm m1004:
you know when it sallover you ll ha e
f1135: you ve got chocolateallover your hands right here
now come here it sallover your head and over
mummy f1117: [inaudible] it sallover your nose now come
testing to over half ofallpensioners with time that proportion
hypertension in older people thatallpeople over 75 who have
an annual health check onallpeople over the age of
put it over there andallright which one do you
is built up equally overallsectors for example we have
to develop relationships with themallsometimes over many years when
over the separate stretches inallsorts of weather digging draining
look over here look atallthat ones look at all
really big over here withallthe 100th generation oirish who
the banffshire coast fringe overallthe county of aberdeen except
you actually receive this letterallthe fun will be over
that it was worthwhile onceallthe joys of wrestling over
t want you [laugh] f965: allthe ones go over there
papers here we went overallthe outstanding issues the time
no you need to turnallthe pieces over first so
middle bit f1093: right takeallthe pieces over so we
s government and calls forallthe powers over the rail
want to read it overallthe same as the words
are all over those issuesallthe time dr jackson would
the ones go over thereallthe twos and they re
laid one over the otherallthe way up the finished
he gave me power overallthings mitchel struggled to overpower
explored will vary but overallthis sort of text centred
over m1004: i think weallwant one f1006: ehm near
throat a soon over pleasureallwashed up on the rocks
trouble over me all inallwe had known each other
f978: came up and weallwent with him right over
over it it takes youallyour assurance disappears you know
to live for people ofallages that includes those who
importance of self restraint weallagree with those statements they
usual give my best toalland take care in those
available for those involved withallaspects of deliberate self harm
address the issue we areallaware except those on the
those little kiddies being neglectedallbecause of you mumsies and
asked those chaps who hadallbeen in jail how they
undermine those projects but weallbelieve that more than that
t a taxi driver atallbut one of those unsavoury
luxembourg sweden and austria areallcertainly better off than those
just get those outcomes atallcosts never mind how you
the summer those changes arealldesigned to reduce unnecessary demands
rich and poor and giveallequal say but those distant
about such discussions we areallfamiliar with those members of
pleased at all i seeallfifty of those envelopes have
electrocardiogram and echo ultrasound ofallfirst degree relatives of those
ask those questions that isallfor this morning thank you
those of english children theyallgo through the same universities
one again as those areallgoing to be thought out
simpson would endorse those areallgreat initiatives and there are
think all those familiar facesallgrown up and on this
i might mention it afterallhalf of those in the
teaching that extends and challengesallincluding those gifted in language
than one so mentioned inalllists within those paragraphs a
free to have opinions inallmatters affecting them and those
not say those words untilallmembers had been sworn and
issue is not difficult forallmembers particularly those in my
to such measures i urgeallmembers to discuss those recommendations
we allow a free forallmr mcaveety those points are
are those snh recommend forallnational park authorities are as
will be better for usallnot least for those in
hearts of the peoples ofallof those countries my last
of the future to beallof those four things successful
diet we are working acrossallof those fronts and will
i might add that almostallof those people are younger
witnesses have experienced one orallof those problems as individuals
related precisely to income notallof those whose income entitles
continuity i am sure thatallof us echo those sentiments
for all those members ofallparties who have campaigned for
not go away those wereallraised and the sqa took
rates in such cases acrossallscottish hospitals particularly those with
speech are aspirations that weallshare not just for those
carefully at those because th-allsubject areas their contribution to
those who are retiring todayallthe best for the future
for quoting the scvo afterallthe executive looks on those
those areas they are afterallthe focus of the bill
ecosse too often that isallthe french that those of
you most honey tongued ofallthe kin of romulus those
by those local authorities notallthe materials are used the
captain in royal crescent likeallthe officers and all those
there look what happened toallthe other ones those chuppa
will question my intentions lilianallthe same there are those
those people have worked hardalltheir lives they have put
those increases hit worst ofallthey hit those who do
and inhibit those volunteers afterallthey know best cathy peattie
of course try to hitallthose 5 14 targets with
value principles local authorities haveallthose advantages so i am
the puppet and animation festivalallthose are examples of increased
conduct or no regulation atallthose are the three choices
the patient s journey acrossallthose areas civic government scotland
agreement is being delivered inallthose areas i checked this
1998 to get returns fromallthose areas muir russell that
not sure that i acceptallthose arguments because in some
nursing home places immediately forallthose assessed as being in
how it will ensure thatallthose assessed as needing care
m815: [inaudible] [inaudible] m816: [?]bet you[/?]allthose beaches along saltcoats ardrossan
would have wished to seeallthose cases disposed of within
and a single needs assessmentallthose commitments will make a
of the water and congratulatesallthose committed to the principles
on right to the endallthose conferences have been helpful
deal of good will fromallthose countries i have served
take effect the assent ofallthose countries of which her
take effect the assent ofallthose countries of which her
friends and good neighbours forallthose dear god we ask
can be found again forallthose dear god we ask
play an active part inallthose discussions in any event
mm f1121: you re keepingallthose f1122: aye look [?]a bonny[/?]
sixty five years and countingallthose faces and other faces
the scottish executive has consideredallthose factors and that is
standards and outcomes for expenditureallthose factors will be added
fun don t you thinkallthose familiar faces all grown
truth more seriously is thatallthose figures are estimates and
it was a change fromallthose fur clad proto communists
forty six bus he wroteallthose he was a mixed
older residents the closure ofallthose homes will be traumatic
seventeen and thruppence for workinallthose hours eh m608: mm
as the national average congratulatesallthose in the community who
how access and opportunity forallthose in the deaf community
on record my thanks toallthose in the equal opportunities
our responses will demonstrate toallthose interested in the future
and what the conclusions ofallthose involved in its enquiries
support and best wishes forallthose involved in the 60th
i repeat our thanks toallthose involved in the construction
the bravery and heroism ofallthose involved in the dunkirk
and offers its thanks toallthose involved supported by mr
we shall take on boardallthose issues and we intend
the chamber this afternoon onallthose issues because we owe
the working group will considerallthose issues brian adam should
is my full depute acrossallthose issues she will have
to have a velodrome thereforeallthose issues start to link
a plethora of issues ifallthose issues were brought before
process to obtain its licenceallthose issues will be considered
could you possibly have doneallthose jobs but i was
windows or the sight ofallthose kids peacefully sleeping i
and you know clinics andallthose kind of thing there
especially pleasing to listen toallthose kind words when i
s own area or elsewhereallthose layers of work have
breakdown of the destinations ofallthose leaving each new deal
most useful tool possible forallthose likely to be users
under s47 that is currentlyallthose listed above except the
mummie s favourite words dollallthose little kiddies being neglected
and he d cast awayallthose lives caird he said
at the dump but forallthose living along the roads
well settled route for handlingallthose matters 14 30 iain
not it is right thatallthose matters especially the weighting
to that in early courseallthose matters might have been
the law of the tenementallthose matters will have an
difficult we ll never eatallthose maybe i ll try
learning accounts and so onallthose measures are covered by
are addressed once and forallthose measures will create greater
it represents a triumph forallthose members of all parties
think f1122: i m keepingallthose mm f1121: you re
member we waited for duringallthose months he has turned
parties in the sense ofallthose msps supporting the government
yeah m1174: er we hadallthose news articles in urdu
and i am grateful toallthose noble lords who have
as in some senses representingallthose not supporting the government
vertebra in her neck onallthose occasions the nurses were
like all the officers andallthose on duty on the
elected in a poll ofallthose on the register of
i think we ve doneallthose ones m1015: mmhm f1054:
research council for several yearsallthose organisations have made representations
the british government will addallthose organisations to the list
you know f746: [laugh] f745: allthose other people have already
celebrating its silver jubilee congratulatesallthose parents and children who
go oh m1090: look atallthose pegs f1089: i know
if we have to bringallthose people together into one
slap in the face toallthose people who have worked
interferon is made available toallthose people with ms who
for example we can addressallthose points by saying that
parliamentary corporate body will listallthose present at the meeting
between academic and vocational educationallthose principles are important and
for older people must meetallthose priorities i remind members
mr swinney if we haveallthose problems that raises a
we should not insist thatallthose professions must be graduate
implement free personal care forallthose proposals will allow every
it is accepted that notallthose proposed shall be endorsed
might have been avoided forallthose reasons the story of
in the daily record ifallthose reports were wrong how
back to 1855 they haveallthose responsibilities they know their
local authorities to ensure thatallthose seeking a probationary year
take you through the formallthose skills had to be
m1163: so i came throughallthose stages working away and
to mind not to mentionallthose that i have been
were er as well asallthose things and so f963:
the department we bid forallthose things but i am
me put it this wayallthose things do not represent
which provides more information onallthose things finally the committee
20s 30s and 40s becauseallthose things have largely disappeared
hands off she says getallthose things out of my
our garden gate and rememberallthose things that got broken
and when we ve wantonedallthose thousands wreck the tally
his idleness and dissipation 33allthose weaknesses constituted the hyde
for thought and challenges toallthose who are involved in
provoke across scotland and congratulatesallthose who by speaking out
the report i also thankallthose who gave evidence and
the knowledge and commitment ofallthose who gave evidence scotland
s intimations the president congratulatedallthose who had competed and
will deliver improvements to benefitallthose who have a stake
are keen to hear fromallthose who have an interest
partnership is made up ofallthose who have an interest
11 am in memory ofallthose who have been killed
of the scots language andallthose who have given freely
what the names are ofallthose who have served as
of the roman empire applaudsallthose who have worked often
and watch the faces ofallthose who loved to make
we have been assured byallthose who presented evidence including
of courage and determination toallthose who presently work for
more progress first we wantallthose who qualify to secure
the report i trust thatallthose who read it with
the quality of life forallthose who require long term
centre the official report andallthose who supported the development
available members will remember thatallthose who were consulted by
for facilitating those meetings andallthose who were engaged in
are in between i thankallthose who were involved in
sketches the overall effect ofallthose windows is vertiginous i
about what went on hereallthose years ago time he
i was assistant governor hereallthose years ago what with
you thought you still hadallthose years ahead of you
not even well off afterallthose years of work luisa
say a little bit aboutallthree of those areas as
an important lesson for usallto learn however those who
and the environment those areallvery good things we also
those present he especially welcomedallvisitors members spouses and partners
am just curious that isallwe will ask those questions
god we pray first forallwho suffer loss especially those
re like atween those wiallyour imaginin s fancies and
compensation for what is afteralla disease among their stock
languages because gaelic is afteralla european language too a
forty it was not afteralla high profile job it
add to the drama afteralla man as single minded
of alex salmond leave outallafter as soon as and
of alex salmond leave outallafter as soon as and
delivering a better life forallafter debate the amendment was
mr jim wallace leave outallafter established to end and
he had been mistaken afterallafter so many years mitchel
to be worth it afterallah cannae believe they make
halve my residence fees afteralland hopefully i ll be
was his favourite season afteralland there are many vivid
in our schools who afterallare tomorrow s tartan army
language in the census afterallas irene mcgugan said scots
with hope i might afterallbe luckier than ruth might
he expecting from them afterallby saying hey i m
calls for forcible ejection afterallby this time ksenia had
difficult for ross finnie afterallcharles kennedy his uk leader
church to the park afterallcheers grampa dan sherry that
after them come citizens ofallclasses as many as the
whom the woman had afterallcohabited for 10 years the
that i thought they continuedallday but mm then after
wandering minstrel who is afteralldependent on the good will
after ourselves and they banalldrugs or they consider us
dinna need a whisk afterallf1126: [?]i look[/?] is i- f1125:
so it was you afterallf965: and i said that
safety matters to ensure thatallfirms look after their employees
her boney little mit afterallfor a woman in her
t have much sleep afterallfor at three forty five
eh had problems landing onallfour feet after a jump
say she couldn t afterallget hold of a car
and monitor it precisely afterallgiven your husband s er
has done an that afterallhas been the responsible body
she said carrots onions tomatoesallhas no taste after the
go elsewhere couples will afterallhave a choice they do
catch up with her afterallhe knows that he can
the half scottish princess afterallhe reported she was the
the others get changed afterallhe wouldn t be missed
far off the mark afterallhellery in shetland very likely
character for an instant afterallhis mother was a sunday
mister blaikie s antics afterallholden was able to describe
i m not laughing afteralli am his princess and
get a tax rebate afteralli can t remember if
he would grunt plaintively afteralli do dig the garden
for my teaching assistantship afteralli found out on friday
dad god is good afteralli get cupboard nearly finished
s life swamped even afteralli had chosen his book
he didn t come afteralli hardly knew him i
not a fait accompli afteralli refilled our glasses to
to receive a compliment afteralli suppose you think you
ve got my pride afteralli winna sleep with ony
him up easily enough afterallif mr glasgow s circulatory
what would folks say afterallif they discovered that big
and peace to take itallin after a while i
in after making sauce layerallingredients sauce ending with cheese
cotgrade s cotgrave s afterallis a dictionary of french
style language cotgrave s afterallis a dictionary of french
opportunity seriously his concern afterallis for the governance of
of her profession who afterallis probably no better than
us that we are afterallis said and done less
his inner world such afterallis the hope that every
beans about you and afterallisn t it better to
i got the job afterallit s wonderful isn t
off with a warning afterallit was a first offence
they were only paper afterallit was cool and clean
the sheriff pronounced judgment afterallit was entirely the weatherly
contact with that football afterallit was sauntering almost casually
just a big city afterallit wasn t really a
said after seeing what yalljust saw that here was
parties in the uk afteralllabour campaigned against membership in
this weekend after feeling lowalllast week dizzy spells sickness
going to be black afteralllook she s had a
rafters with glum faced commutersallmaking their way home after
into an election period afterallmy office was keen to
king the very epitome afterallof official consciousness get thrown
was the scots attitude afteralloh yes it would be
mr wedderburn who is afterallonly one man defending his
chaos our universe is afterallordered however the random factor
ve got to look afterallour teeth baby ones and
ve paid after working itallout at the overseas office
been a political struggle inallparties in the uk after
as a last resort afterallpolitical and diplomatic channels have
glasgow s gothic architecture itallquieted down after that until
see how they run theyallran after the farmer s
mice [humming] [laugh] f1105: theyallran after the farmer s
the hut finished job looksallright i am sure after
holiday there too after itsallsettled about blackrod i now
formality a fait accompli afterallshe was well qualified and
ain t so bad afterallso i m slowly re
he s so socialist afterallso m741: mmhm m605: we
a long tiring journey afterallsome days later she returned
schools there has been afterallsome emphasis on enjoyment and
real estate this summer afterallstill i m keeping my
so it seems right afterallthat a girl regrets her
after the sutherland report andallthat has been done i
all the electric cranes andallthat tae look after m608:
mmhm m194: so ye dallthat tae look after m608:
ways f807: [laugh] f806: afterallthat time the climax f807:
unspeakable thing it was afterallthe 1950s when most mothers
getting and i mean afterallthe arts cooncil is there
able to market shakespeare afterallthe average north american knows
just have to look afterallthe big ones have to
running of the event afterallthe build up plenty of
on the head and afterallthe bunting has gone back
to an empty house afterallthe bustle here especially as
the winter supper held afterallthe corn was in the
called harrowing this happened afterallthe dreels were dug up
is a diversionary tactic afterallthe executive has not committed
supported that more strongly afterallthe executive will have to
a bit of enjoyment afterallthe gloom of the past
oh listen to this afterallthe hair has been placed
spread manure after school washingallthe homeknitted stockings and socks
cult of christianity after destroyingallthe known gods created in
away after we ve driedallthe other dishes m1094: [?]how come i have[/?]
land scaped in 1980 afterallthe owners agreed to have
know what to do withallthe palaces after the revolution
mmhm m017: of macbeth afterallthe play s supposed to
in houghmagandie that is afterallthe plot line of the
decisions after all this timeallthe reviews and all the
of good will today afterallthe sniping that we have
suddenly losing her temper afterallthe stress an nor will
developed after about 1707 andallthe surviving dialects such as
morning after pill in shortallthe things that you have
my back is sore afterallthe thumps she gave me
a wee bit disheartened afterallthe trouble 5 thursday [note: line scored out]
after that it was downhillallthe way my leg muscles
he s a boy afteralltheir brains are in their
wee dram or two afterallthen who knows anyway enough
careful you see because afterallthey were going to have
and governments make decisions afterallthis time all the reviews
habit of a lifetime afterallthis time my leg screams
do that david mcletchie afterallthis time of commissions reviews
devils a second thought afterallthis was my first holiday
needed a rest too afteralltime to think sew sort
culpability will be plain forallto see and after that
entirely unworthy of me afterallto the committee well gentlemen
deprivation and rural exclusion afteralltransport and access to facilities
sitwell s spell rls afterallwas four years younger than
already 21 the eb afterallwas only at the letter
her the grand seigneur afterallwas used to matching houses
is acting so coyly afterallwe know that she is
do not currently exist afterallwe must not inhibit their
benefit scotland the scots afterallwere now in charge of
was prepared to take afterallwhat was one day out
such a bad place afterallwhen without warning it happened
half my residence fees afterallwhich is a bit of
a number of schools afterallwho is the future of
that of page boy afterallwhy does titania show such
it was friday night afterallwhy dwell on things he
information as the ussr afterallwider access to our papers
after examination by forensic scientistsallwill be reburied at a
arrived down from old killieallwould be well after this
control of our impulses afterallyears ago if i may
questioning for another day afterallyour table on the experience
totally different things it sallb- it s all water
many things agnes still anallbetter n she was here
m1015: mm m1017: eh justalldifferent things cardigans jerseys jumpers
of wee things first ofaller just watch for spikkin
like trellisy placemat things likeallf1155: oh right uh huh
won t take long atallfor things to calm down
shower water and things itallhas to be the same
as well you know weallhave things goin through our
to keep a burp countallin all things are going
ehm but ye- you getallkinds of bizarre things people
my mither tied up inallkinds of reckless ventures things
at runnin call centres andallkinds of things so f785:
[laugh] and everything you knowallkinds of things so f963:
recognise two things first membersallknow anyone who denied this
blend in and things justallm762: totally totally well i
the other things with whichallmembers in the chamber also
he meant all things toallmen fergus ewing claimed burns
huh that s [?]what they doed[/?] gotallmy things oot f1111: oh
you know which meant notallnice things you know but
need to really think aboutallof the things that she
just things an we dalloutside lavvies ye know there
how things fathom but f632: allsorts of bizarre stuff f646:
city council is talking aboutallsorts of exciting things such
who is suspected of doingallsorts of naughty things the
potential lockouts from meetings andallsorts of other things everything
i i i ve doneallsorts of things and then
tension 24 hours later miscellaneousallsorts of things for sale
his own letters and doallsorts of things he can
business cases are produced forallsorts of things i will
shots of the band andallsorts of things in one
be knock on effects onallsorts of things including taxation
kids do dance aerobics andallsorts of things indoors f963:
there were copyright issues andallsorts of things it was
ages and she was doingallsorts of things like caribbean
interesting to read and containedallsorts of things that relate
mildly did not make thingsallthat easy for our parents
the horrible things f1037: yesallthat s right [laugh] f1038:
that up the loft asideallthe baby things f1111: okay
we can learn her aboutallthe different shapes and things
uh huh uh huh m1163: allthe different things and if
you ve got to doallthe final things but i
yeah f1038: having to doallthe horrible things f1037: yes
umbrella that says here areallthe important things that affect
ban on television advertising fromallthe other things that are
arrest that person and doallthe other things that constables
terms of our time givenallthe other things that we
meet other priorities and doallthe other things with which
and see things cause oallthe people queued f1049: uh
that many people least ofallthe rich did things out
all the right things toallthe right people everyone smiled
managed to collect and deliverallthe right things to all
but of the cooking andallthe sweets and things that
now i ll just [inhale]allthe things back it wouldn
ally laughed thinking back toallthe things mrs laurence had
planning roads fire and policeallthe things that are being
infrastructure systems to track downallthe things that might have
outcomes statistics pass marks andallthe things that schools are
the puns the slang ehmallthe things that that make
placed in the context ofallthe things that we said
but do you not thinkallthe things they sell on
and have a look atallthe things you can do
given things well theatre ticketsallthe time for all the
eit bread ill ail andallthings are ane eik from
a burp count all inallthings are going quite well
without it being lit soallthings considered getting our flat
aunt who was fond ofallthings growing in the kitchen
you have an interest inallthings horticultural apparently they d
away erm so as withallthings in life we you
from that primordial forge whereallthings living end and start
was the true champion ofallthings that slither and moulder
bamming before the beginning ofallthings the entire universe was
our head i can doallthings through him who strengthens
burns s panache he meantallthings to all men fergus
sher a black preacher ofallthings to east dereham on
erm so again as withallthings we set up er
f1112: we d better getallthis things oot f1111: why
things out and link themalltogether er on paper but
things possessed silver and goldallturn to rust others will
bathroom room and bed alcoveallvery luxurious except that things
things like that it wasallvery sort of f965: exactly
i m no pleased atallwi the state o things
so what does shoogly meanallwobbly an things an so
that will say things areallwonderful or you ve been
three things so we wereallyou know we knew all
f1121: [inhale] look here sallyour baby annabel things you
washed in the machine butallyour bottles and things had
that cannot be done inallareas it might be unreasonable
enough for 3 portions canallbe done in one pan
well done you did itallby yourself f1122: can we
three sign stands for thisallchecking in to be done
could move in [note: photo: 'david and isabella murray with two of their eight children, thomas and elizabeth - parkside, 1910.'] cookingallcooking and heating was done
for the future they havealldone a great job bill
ding ding ding f1113: okayalldone [censored: forename] f1114: [inaudible] f1113:
the last game it salldone f1113: aye and then
sit oh right f1114: lookalldone f1113: mm right that
f1113: righty ho you realldone f1114: mm f1113: fairly
s it nearly done nearlyalldone f1114: there oops next
i like them are wealldone f1121: [inaudible] for you
clean clean clean clean cleanalldone f1121: well let me
i think that s youalldone f1122: ah i have
winnie the pooh bear rightalldone f1125: that canna be
isn t it we realldone f1126: a blu- f1125:
world well the training isalldone in house there is
machines or anything it wasalldone in long hand m608:
special f1117: [inaudible] f1118: ohalldone [inaudible] f1117: auntie [censored: forename]
t it yeah it salldone [inaudible] toilet good right
it yeah [audience laugh] you vealldone it what this means
done [rustling noise] f1089: is thatalldone m1090: mmhm f1089: fa
f1093: now we re nearlyalldone m1094: because this one
m1094: why f1093: it salldone m1094: what is coming
do it f1093: is italldone m1094: yes will you
unloading the ships which wasalldone manually they used to
one f1122: mum it salldone mmhm f1121: right fitt
f1099: no that s italldone nae mair left tae
f1093: cause that s usalldone now say bye say
other m1108: if i malldone playing crash bash can
you say m1090: is italldone please f1089: oh dinna
why f1093: cause we realldone pour it out whee
f1113: right there we goalldone right you watch that
m1090: [rustling noise] that s themalldone [rustling noise] f1089: is that
your dad is that italldone that one f1122: mum
now all mum s washingalldone that s it m1098:
the shopping m1094: is italldone the shopping f1093: uh
at [inaudible] f1113: it salldone they re little babies
i think that s italldone what other ones have
more f1091: that s themalldone will we will we
it m1094: [inaudible] i malldone with the basin next
here we here we goalldone yes [child noise] f1125: right
be done and dusted foralleternity i am sure that
side we ve done themallf1121: we did them all
done [censored: forename] f1114: [inaudible] f1113: allfinished do it again tomorrow
done we ve done themallhave we done all the
he s done naething wrangallhe wants is tae be
get the essay done butalli ever seem to do
it have we done themalli think we have m999:
have to know that whenallis done there is proper
of legislation which will whenallis said and done balance
right i mean it sallit s done is prosi-
it was done up andallit would be a lot
done anything wrong pause theyalllook at each other maggie
dishes done nearly washed themallm1094: we have to dry
what the government has doneallmembers welcomed susan deacon s
you have to eat nowallmum s washing all done
in dunbar i have doneallmy life ehm three children
have we ve done themallnow m999: i think we
i think we ve doneallof them actually right main
now what they ve doneallof them is to pretend
bein done just now isallon schoolkids er so m605:
if i d done itallout in the open there
done you got the gameallready mm m1094: mmhm i
ll come to grief aforealls done harry och havers
she wasn t of courseallshe d done was remove
is done voluntarily so weallsort of donated our time
but in the light ofallthat has been done in
and eh uncle robert doneallthat m608: so there was
i think we ve doneallthat one splendid what you
that done the disclosure scotlandallthat yeah you know m608:
making is now done byallthe 15 member states and
it now that s nearlyallthe dishes done nearly washed
fixed like they ve doneallthe fire bricks and the
ve i ve done likeallthe interviewing and looked at
i must say ehm ofallthe jobs i ve done
he s done it furthermoreallthe masters students i ve
them all have we doneallthe pairs m1094: let s
oh no it wasnae m1021: allthe talkin was done in
of the work done byallthe unpaid volunteers throughout society
blessing on ourselves and onallthe work that is done
manila in the philippines andallthe work was done there
think we ve done themallyeah we would just talk
us is done to usallyet in 1989 the district
get the job done quicklyallyou need to do is
goodbye lilian thank you forallyou ve done for me
don t understand this atallyou ve not done anything
what is this one allallabout what is this one
all housing tenures and toallages and types of house
ladle counting out the dropsallall has gone to wrack
the mothers against metal andallall of the various associations
reforms are not the bealland end all they are
i mean [inaudible] they reallawful they re all a
all said hola buenos diasallbut one a silent solitary
of all wars are religiousallday there had been check
they all did a theyalldid a a different job
ever be she s gotallher fingers and all her
fancied a walk that sallindicates beth she all right
s all joined together m1096: alljoin- f1095: i think that
all knew what this messageallknew what it meant that
we had some drams andallnight we could sing all
all houses [inaudible] make [inhale]allof the house all of
mothers against metal and allallof the various associations and
to tell you is inallplain rectangle triangles and all
he says all p- allallpopular prap- propaganda must contain
so it s all dau-allsisters she s got f606:
all sorts of reasons andallsorts of fun with it
with f718: [inaudible] m734: allallthat s good and i
it s going knock knockallthe it s going all
fa- m1090: fall f1089: fallallthe kings m1090: all the
all the it s goingallthe people f1113: another bonny
it s got all theallthe standards [audience member says 'go on'] i came
on [inhale] and we allallwe heard was this patter
of the athenaeum they areallyoung and they are all

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