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of writing metrically smooth versealliterationsurvived much more strongly in
of poet laureate to jamesalliterationused to be the hallmark
of vituperative barely grammatical phrasesalliterationmontgomerie s flyting sonnet against
vi other things to notealliterationthe placing of caesuras irregular
bring the text to lifealliterationrepetition of consonant sounds assonance
coincidence or the demands ofalliterationto name two possible explanations
sonnet to a lesser extentalliterationis also present in the
in emphasising the importance ofalliterationjames was identifying a distinctive
cless throu an exercise abootalliterationwe spoke in scots we
a classic example here isalliterationa computer can identify all
james models do not ratealliterationand the modern word in
scots we gied examples oalliterationin scots the bairns spoke
class through an exercise aboutalliterationwe spoke in scots we
scots we gave examples ofalliterationin scots the children responded
john is created through thealliterationof the strong plosive b
scottish and northern english poetryalliterationhad of course been the

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