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to wear tights you werenaeallowedbare legs even in the
aye m194: cause ye werenaeallowedlights or nothing and that
on the sunday ye werenaeallowedtae whistle eh you werena
werenae allowed well i wisnaeallowedto heavens my grandmother would
that meant that you werenaeallowedto use it m1020: oh
the days where you werenaeallowedwell i wisnae allowed to
prefect m811: we weren tallowedi know scum [laugh] f814:
stuff but we weren tallowedin there f940: nuh m939:
f634: and kids weren tallowedon the top they were
of course you weren tallowedon them there was a
ye wer- ye weren tallowedtae swear at all f1043:
the things we weren tallowedto bring in were oranges
them but they weren tallowedto go on the top
poultry though they weren tallowedto keep any this meant
that f963: they weren tallowedto teach spelling and things
time [inhale] they weren tallowedto wear trousers at work
days when you weren tallowedto wear trousers at work
so f1026: we weren tallowedto wear trousers f1027: oh
mcewans you still weren tallowedto wear trousers not at
hear you right i mallowedto smoke cigarettes okay i
up little girls are notallowedto smoke i didn t
on public transport they wereallowedto smoke in cinemas even
smoke in restaurants people wereallowedto smoke in public bars
in their workplace people wereallowedto smoke in restaurants people
for small children people wereallowedto smoke in their workplace
about this link people wereallowedto smoke on public transport
in attendance you are notallowedto smoke or raise your
cigarettes okay i m evenallowedto smoke them in the
ten years later we wereallowedto wear i was working
i just remember never beingallowedto wear jeans because jeans
after work so you wereallowedto wear stiletto heels but
a convicted prisoner should beallowedto wear their own clothing
on a saturday you wereallowedto wear them any other
at that time you wereallowedto wear trousers in the
leavin the grave s nohalloweddinnae leave the grave unattended
noh allowed naw naw nohallowedhur ower there ower there
ti hear wicked music nohallowednaw naw noh allowed hur
you say robby robby nohallowednaw naw punished bad fur
ah m noh surprised onlyallowedti play it oan christ
man ah d noh beallowedti show fear silence tess
yeah i m not reallyallowedalcohol not allowed any fizzy
not really allowed alcohol notallowedany fizzy juice erm f1155:
i drink i m notallowedcaffeine i m not allowed
hush beth hush s notallowedcrying s not allowed slowing
not allowed you re notallowedm944: we re not gonna
not allowed crying s notallowedslowing down becoming quieter picks
allowed caffeine i m notallowedspicy food er for two
paint my [inaudible] i mallowedto paint i m allowed
allowed to paint i mallowedto scribble [singing] f1141: is
cause then you re notallowedyou re not allowed m944:
big hoose which wasn tallowedas a rule but he
said she said swearing wasallowedas long as it wasn
families cause i wasn tallowedbarbies cause my mum f813:
first time round wasn talloweder and er i know
wasn t i wasn talloweder and i can in
my my licence wasn tallowedto drive and mr block
on me i wasn tallowedto drive i wasn t
f638: which i wasn tallowedto go for because my
with socks i wasn tallowedto have stockings until i
fire burn out wasn tallowedto keep it on over
t ehm i wasn tallowedto to look after gillian
yeah mmhm f1039: we werenaallowedtae play in the street
play football he has beenallowedto play football modals ar
tae whistle eh you werenaallowedto play in the street
where where you re noallowedto play [inaudible] the day
i mean you d beallowedto play rugby for scotland
the family you were notallowedto play sing or dance
o the street were notallowedto play wi the children
doll you were often onlyallowedto play with it on
f963: but it would beallowedto sort of play out
be overcome if hunts werealloweda lead in time for
cupboard and we were onlyalloweda tiny little bit every
they were like are weallowedboys f1037: [inhale] oh oh
them an ye were onlyallowedin on a sunday if
the only time we wereallowedin the room was when
the me- the boys wereallowedin the room you know
mm f965: circumstances we wereallowedinto the field which is
or certainly my brothers wereallowedinto the room erm yeah
left and the locals wereallowedinto the ticketed area a
which i think we wereallowedinto under some f963: mm
were highly effective because theyallowedpeople to speak more freely
the only time you wereallowedscots in this erm classroom
red apples you were onlyallowedso many each and it
were ehm we were neverallowedtae call ehm eh relatives
were always forgiven trawlermen wereallowedtae come in tak a
left the school ye wereallowedtae drop the the the
rexine an we were notallowedtae sit on it f1043:
an we were just notallowedtae sit on it ye
best clothes ye were onlyallowedthem on a sunday an
promotion and gantries were notallowedthere would be significant additional
only people with passes wereallowedthrough and we suddenly realised
but the cigarette companies wereallowedto advertise their products on
racing cars and advertisers wereallowedto advertise these little sticks
person with them they wereallowedto be at the table
of coupons you were onlyallowedto buy a certain amount
they they were kind ofallowedto come off their vessels
been left handed were notallowedto do that at school
the constitution the association wereallowedto elect an additional seven
to two volumes tenderers wereallowedto explain their proposals and
of 25 they were alsoallowedto finish the harvest before
on the top they wereallowedto go in them but
winter clothes which they wereallowedto help choose earlier before
well and workers wives wereallowedto keep a few hens
around their members members wereallowedto keep the magazine for
smoked them the advertisers wereallowedto lie any damn way
in sign language and wereallowedto move to the front
scottish election if i wereallowedto offer angus mackay the
grass [note: photo: 'bothy billies at arbuthnott home farm in 1921.] you were notallowedto sell surplus straw to
to school they were notallowedto speak it indeed many
the only time you wereallowedto speak scots was the
is why the solicitors wereallowedto spend two hours redrafting
video and they they wereallowedto sponsor it and it
and the girls were neverallowedto wander when the cousins
coaches and we are onlyallowed1 suitcase on them but
of sanctuary was to beallowedin the latter case only
grade are the only gradeallowedin the well during the
social justice agenda must beallowedit should not only carry
totally erm you re onlyallowedkids until half past eight
that and i was onlyallowedone pair of stockings a
master that he not onlyallowedthis girl to lie in
only after current projects areallowedto complete the chancellor has
al good news i mallowedto keep my job as
she meanwhile was not evenallowedto keep the man she
f833: no f834: all beallowedto keep ye know f835:
the respondents will not beallowedaudio recording to assist their
okay f1121: you re notalloweddown that way cause look
t cry crying s notallowedgoes to kitchen returns with
no special pleading will beallowedi will not go over
f1121: no we re notallowedin there darling f1122: why
this f1121: you re notallowedin there f1122: can we
building often but have notallowedmyself to take it in
there f1121: you re notallowedover there you silly billy
that such advertising will beallowedthat is not referred to
adopt if they are notallowedthe legitimate outlet that is
case that individuals are notallowedto access the guidance that
gallery that they are notallowedto applaud even in sign
phil gallie we are notallowedto be controversial or clash
my hand i m notallowedto be ill i m
member s bill is notallowedto be presented in a
reason why we are notallowedto call it a tax
place where you re notallowedto chew gum in the
test sites will not beallowedto contaminate the wider environment
but they have not beenallowedto do so and the
not you re not reallyallowedto do that any more
because they are not beingallowedto do their jobs properly
m827: [inaudible] you re notallowedto drink the water f826:
to eat anything m827: notallowedto eat anything at all
was he could not beallowedto enter no unsaved sinner
uh uh i m notallowedto get coke f1111: no
i think he s notallowedto go out himself [laugh]
pounds and you re notallowedto go over this and
giddy up andy is notallowedto go to the pictures
former proposal should not beallowedto have a prejudicial effect
but there you re notallowedto just say oh well
you are you re notallowedto leave me is his
that committees are not beingallowedto make their contribution that
things like you re notallowedto marry your sort o
naples carnival vyborni was notallowedto mix with the multitude
a child should not beallowedto participate in a class
practicable and must not beallowedto remain stationary or be
yes [laugh] am i notallowedto say that am i
and you re certainly notallowedto spit it out and
said sorry i am notallowedto take a tomato sandwich
alcohol why am i notallowedto take ecstasy why are
thing is you re notallowedto take it off even
is that i am notallowedto take them because they
age considering i m notallowedto talk about my zimmer
cases they are not evenallowedto use existing staff who
area they are often notallowedto use local sports facilities
f1121: no we re naeallowedon there f1122: why why
the cause they re apparentlyallowedsixty quid to have a
steamin yeah f1054: you reallowedtae say sweary words by
don t think you reallowedto advertise like that [laugh]
it away you re naeallowedto cross there darling f1122:
again f810: well you reallowedto say names you can
[laugh] f1144: [laugh] you reallowedto say unrepeatable words [laugh]
indoors i am no longerallowedeven to light up in
poison which i am legallyallowedto consume by my government
shouldn t if i amallowedto consume drugs that might
after i retire i amallowedto have an old people
pub i am no longerallowedto light up at work
volunteer fergus ewing am iallowedto propose richard lochhead probably
from the west am iallowedto say this it s
chamber and they have beenallowedto take photographs i am
f1134: i am i mallowedup f1133: are you it
middle class kids aren tallowedsex even when they have
such cases the relaxation thatallowedfor the original use may
1993 act the 1967 actallowedfor the use of welsh
w m2k builders are currentlyallowedto use inferior insulation standards
in some places people areallowedto use the facilities for
significant ways pupils should beallowedto use their mother tongue
rapidly if the companies areallowedto use them in a
long now until she isallowedhome hope you have got
until the discovery of metalallowedpowerfully muscular nomadic males to
warm oven until it thickenedallowedto cool and served cut
man and men aren tallowedi couldn t bring susan
working class kids aren tallowedrides in cars so they
one racing cars aren tallowedto be painted in the
t think you d beallowedto do it in the
trouble doctor s aren tallowedto indicates her feet pause
barbies or i was neverallowedgolliwogs other people had golliwogs
correct so i was neverallowedlike barbies or i was
they d never have beenallowedtae bide thegether in oor
that sucks i was neverallowedto be a prefect m811:
the fire i was neverallowedto light the fire bein
none of it should beallowedmm as i m sure
immigration so i m officiallyallowedto be a house monitor
i do that i mallowedto do it f1141: no
parliament should at least beallowedthe courtesy of coming to
paying bus passengers should beallowedto access school bus services
cigarettes surely i should beallowedto consume other drugs that
towards what drugs we areallowedto consume should be consistent
in april 2003 should beallowedto do so through a
its objectives it should beallowedto get on without interference
should be properly informed andallowedto make an informed choice
their homes people should beallowedto walk through their communities
infection across borders should beallowedwe now find ourselves in
wi um silence bj yurallowedin here pat cause o
scots tory msps will bealloweda free vote on the
the larger boll would beallowedan additional charity ostensibly to
happy powerful honoured you thatallowedan innocent man to be
aggregate useless butterball shouldnae beallowedanywhere near a pitch chapter
b how long will beallowedfor consultation responses to be
next week will time beallowedfor debate or will it
slightly longer period will beallowedfor questions we will see
a logical time to beallowedfor the approval process dr
scotland s pensioners he thenallowedhimself to be dictated to
of march 1909 john davidsonallowedhimself to be gathered within
language would have to beallowedhowever that logic is flawed
and sporting activities would beallowedif compatible akin to iucn
no relaxations whatever will beallowedin the case of new
government a government that hasallowedmore phones to be tapped
sorra and tribble be niverallowedower the length o the
shot would continue to beallowedsection 3 1 a in
technicality if i may beallowedsuch a term that is
and that ye wouldnae beallowedtae do that noo m642:
of european co operation theyallowedthe motion to be taken
notes that the executive hasallowedthe same resources to be
as the gnp must beallowedto apply for it mr
creative theory different voices areallowedto be heard notes 1
to remain stationary or beallowedto drift with the tide
foolhardy and childish to beallowedto drink alcohol and yet
that those individuals will beallowedto finish their probationary period
can or more frequently beallowedto görlach 2002 107 ensaumple
they always asked to beallowedto have a meal at
that the supermarkets might beallowedto make further inroads into
and each company would beallowedto put its receiver on
the free market can beallowedto remain unregulated and uncontrolled
the existing structure must beallowedto settle down in view
health boards and trusts beallowedto spend the resources that
whose potential creativity would beallowedto take first place in
be sort o one personallowedto take photographs ehm but
foolhardy and childish to beallowedto vote at that age
mmhm m845: ye know peopleallowedye tae be the way
every day and she wasalloweda tiny little bit of
deserted as jimmy entered heallowedhimself to relax a little
of examinations that would haveallowedchanges to take place and
took a decision that effectivelyallowedunit assessments to take place
community languages ensure people areallowedample access to their language
number of people who areallowedinto the venue is set
reintroduction of student grants hasallowedmore people from poorer backgrounds
time the east german guardsallowedpeople to pass freely between
s a prince he sallowedto stop people from doing
gave in to pressure andalloweda situation to arise in
grateful that i have beenallowedan intervention i referred to
nils burwitz to the arrivisteallowedback into the world as
appropriateness of an arrangement thatallowedcambridgeshire police to export the
colliery limited that might haveallowedenough flexibility to ensure that
have finished it the agreementallowedfor a subsequent agreement to
peace of the place undoubtedlyallowedfull scope to recollection in
reading thus after she hasallowedher conventional critic to splutter
late entry into poetry alsoallowedher to explore the experience
and a half pence whichallowedher to travel on the
pages of oed this equationallowedhim to calculate that corresponding
leeway that the presiding officerallowedi revert to the idea
nuclear warfare places nobody isallowedinto go back to writing
place where i always satallowedme to become quickly absorbed
a small rock to handallowedme to break husks and
grateful that shona robison hasallowedme to intervene the minister
or beer and has alsoallowedother countries to seek to
attitudes tae scots we haveallowedscots to deteriorate in status
clustered round common themes haveallowedsome teachers recently to stretch
sheaves in a stook stookingallowedthe air to circulate through
the increase in resistance hasallowedthe population to recover the
on resuming the convener iallowedthe previous session to run
promotion scotland act 1984 subsequentlyallowedthe stb to actively encourage
the soft english er provinceallowedthemselves to earn extra money
elizabeth the war office tactfullyallowedthis suggestion to founder on
there is inserted aa remunerationallowedto an employee by his
and that i had beenallowedto attend under age decided
on kids and they areallowedto by the indonesian government
debatable whether the council isallowedto charge couples that issue
improvised marrriage ceremony morag isallowedto collect some of the
convener if a nation isallowedto complete a trial and
crimes if accused persons areallowedto conduct their own defence
crimes when alleged assailants areallowedto conduct their own defence
party it was somehow stillallowedto continue on formula one
the one preserved the otherallowedto disappear unrecorded locked away
tenant by that time wasallowedto end his days there
saying that the minister isallowedto establish a timetable for
some cases schools have beenallowedto fall into an unacceptable
of churches which had beenallowedto fall into disrepair or
the past he had beenallowedto feed the dyeuks and
scotland if the executive isallowedto get away with that
first pay packet i wasallowedto go to the draper
one two and three gotallowedto go to the library
the policy the council isallowedto have a charging policy
sink each bird call isallowedto have its say her
from below the bruise wasallowedto heap up in the
operate say that members areallowedto lodge a motion to
proceedings in which members areallowedto participate for payment it
a venus of willendorf unmaskedallowedto peep out from the
the decision if it isallowedto proceed is disgraceful let
and yet i was legallyallowedto purchase and consume tobacco
and the local authority wasallowedto send registrars out with
is he he is heallowedto sit on my knee
an f631: yeah f689: noallowedto sort o relax an
f1149: and they d beenallowedto start a year early
no one but daddy isallowedto thrash anyone with a
the issues which would haveallowedus to come to a
lodging the motion that hasallowedus to have this debate
the organisations and individuals thatallowedus to visit their projects
say knackered an that wasnaeallowed[laugh] m1042: aye but that
f1043: we wouldnae hae beenallowedtae say ony o that
f1040: we wouldnae have beenallowedtae say that f1043: we
events involving mike tyson beingallowedinto britain acknowledges the speculation
i was erm i wasallowedhome after about a month
particularly where administrative appeals areallowedamendment 11 would make provision
possibly later if we areallowedan extension it is normal
you are getting the discountallowedfor flats which is 70
the time scales that areallowedfor responses mrs mcintosh does
much flexibility local authorities areallowedin respect of the indicative
up but yeah that sallowed[inhale] f943: [tut] are you
of the appropriate committee beingallowedin when the appropriate subject
the court of session beingallowedon a point of law
time that you have beenallowedmr macintosh i welcome the
that that wouldnae have beenallowedit was equivalent o swearin
bessie he widna ve beenallowedtae sit aboot at hame
ma an da relented anallowedhim tae come roond tae
mean we we just werenaallowedtae tae spaek it at
that in effect would haveallowedpoinding in cases of business
all subjects which would haveallowedthe awards processing system and
that if differential inflation isallowedfor the true growth in
second syllable in the wordsallowedand aloud which is longer
circumstances in which it isallowedpatricia ferguson the point refers
as the impotence of childhoodallowed28 whether we treat it
hearing requested within the periodallowedwe expect that in the
and the committee s recommendationsallowedfor a level of local
convener the marriage act 1994allowedlocal authorities in england and
it was in camera thatalloweda full and frank exchange
from the bamph she wasallowedan extra year at home
scottish executive the expenditure wasallowedfor in the budgets that
at leisure certainly none wasallowedfor in the pages of
tick as long it wasallowedthe occasional boo she pulled
officials advised that the directiveallowedfor a tiered system the
is a practice that isallowedunder the standing orders of
yer sorry sorry s noallowedin here beth exits sadie
scottish office last year budgetsallowedfor the expenditure but whether
a new public body isallowed2 years from the date
he looked at weatherly andallowedhimself the luxury of imagining
the single stage of enlargementallowedon the old 1618 measures
term of the scottish parliamentallowedfor the development of detailed
provision of this hallowed articleallowedus entry with great alacrity

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