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scottish cultural autonomy on thealtarof political expediency that is
lie flat on august saltardoggy people perform doggy tricks
s conquest of mallorca thealtarto the lluch virgin was
a romanesque interior and baroquealtara bus from the hydrofoil
light either side of thealtarof the black virgin of
table are visible my eveningaltarin the absence of solar
tae lie than on thealtarfor christ mitchel lauder observed
o zacharias crockit atween thealtarand the temple in sooth
gaitherin treetled back tae thealtarfar the fusky bottles war
is shö sits apö daaltarnoo her flicht a peerie
halflins come up tae thealtaran kneel in a circle
five heich caunils for thealtaro the mither o god
get them convincingly to thealtarit was a tale of
with marvellous mosaics and iconsaltarpieces where tsars after ivan
cod were slaughtered on thealtarof lubrication each bottle of
well prepared fur the sacrificalaltardella did she noh git
keeps her eyes towards thealtarthe grieving daughter in law
fix my eyes on thealtartoo trying not to see
the table slab of thealtarfive wounds were cut like
in white had became analtarupon which she lay as
the incense on the hiealtarthare ye wul worship god
tae their walk tae thealtarneil hid bin lanesome raised
maun bei sacrifeesed on thealtaro thaim twae saicred kye
past his love to thealtarwhere he wheeled round and
set up the makk shiftaltarfur the nicht s proceedins
priests wauk forrit tae thealtarheids bood like oxen yieldin

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