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would tame the very loftiestambitionthe metre of the poem
factors notably that of socialambitionher research was the result
ronald jack suggests that theirambitionwas to create a golden
out of keeping with theambitionof the votaries for poetic
rechannelling it was our impossibleambitionwell you could have made
but at the lack ofambitionabout the tools that are
irish village social interaction andambitioned trudgill p sociolinguistic patterns
the attempt to fulfil thatambitionher contribution however differs from
would surely have been theambitionof many a young boy
matron that was aye myambitionexcept i dinna think they
s schoolfriends he had anambitionto run a hotel on
wrong class who has literaryambitionand the determination to persist
all people my secret crazyambitionis to be an art
fulfilment of a long standingambitionlocally to recognise his achievement
20 per cent is anambitiononly if the committee believes
sleeved shirt pakistani his cherishedambitionis to own a mercedes
efter ye left smittit biambitionyouth s disease i staun
s the likely fitpreint faeambitions bonnie beach an fur
seductress only thwarted in herambitionby a man who is
look before you leap butambitionlunges from its cage with
success depends not on thisambitionbut on its organization which
was a manifestation of theambitionwhich had propelled him into

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