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was framed and enacted reformingamendingchanging sweeping away or any
issue the address involves theamendingof not only one statute
there was some discussion ofamendingthe rome statute in the
do you not agree thatamendingthe civic government scotland act
flow from it rather thanamendingthe civic government scotland act
parliament and of the councilamendingdirective 95 2 ec on
communications when the issue ofamendingec directive 96 97 ec
also sets out arrangements foramendingand introducing new exemptions and
it through a licensing committeeamendingthe 1982 act is another
go down the route ofamendingthe licensing provisions of the
intention to bring forward anamendinginstrument at the next available
the executive will introduce anamendinginstrument to remove the discrepancy
is a strong case foramendingthe bill during its passage
the scottish parliament to consideramendingthe childrens scotland act 1995
the value of money andamendinga percentage of another figure
there is a difference betweenamendinga sum to take account
consideration it is giving toamendingpolice bail conditions s1o 5413
may be a case foramendingstanding orders the convener was
that you are operating foramendingamendments every member of all
a private member s billamendingthe law of the succession
to promote and support appropriateamendinglegislation at the first available
final draft however to contemplateamendingthe treaty is not terribly
we can do that byamendingthe preamble to reflect the

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