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have to apply for anamericanvisa i can do that
have to apply for anamericanvisa i get about a
ve applied to renew myamericanvisa in case i decide
and i ve received myamericanvisa in case i omitted
applied for and received myamericanvisa so it s all
al and one from theamericanuni in cairo acknowledging my
to apply formally to theamericanuni in cairo auc to
of bumph through from theamericanuniv in cairo calendar application
of cairo and also theamericanuniversity in cairo asking about
received some information from theamericanuniversity in cairo it doesn
of cairo and also theamericanuniversity in cairo to see
varieties of english such asamericanand australian during the modern
tourists of different nationalities australianamericanbritish brazilian were balancing precariously
is no less comprehensible thanamericanor australian english douglas 2000
over time and space intoamericanor australian or indeed scottish
that this study reinforces severalamericanand canadian studies which have
that this study reinforces severalamericanand canadian studies which have
which means i m crammingamericancanadian poetry and criticism this
oz british standard measuring cupamericancanadian pt is 16 fl
last but whit aboot theamericanboat the indian girl she
american indian was to theamericandescriptivists 214 thus there is
teenage english brown corpus ofamericanenglish kohlkapur corpus of indian
monument is his handbook ofamericanindian languages 1910 many contributions
an anthropologist who worked onamericanindian languages amerindian saw anthropology
lost frae the north westamericanindian tradition translatit inno inglis
the london school what theamericanindian was to the american
rice for west indian andamericanplanters that noble and virtuous
sale on at the angloamericanschool for diplomats weans so
simply an english or angloamericanstory in the early decades
tradition and from the angloamericantradition to be properly represented
m964: [cough] f965: with americanamericanairforce people here f963: mm
yeah m964: [cough] f965: withamericanamerican airforce people here f963:
w- the american plane theamericanboats used to come in
promotion of american tv includingamericanhome delivery pizza ads at
in fact then w- theamericanplane the american boats used
a long tbs promotion ofamericantv including american home delivery
minority if these british andamericancompanies acted like this in
fuck what these british andamericancompanies do abroad even if
care about what british andamericancompanies do in other countries
what our great british andamericancompanies do in these countries
girls employed by british andamericancompanies get kids hooked on
mean i much prefer theamericancop novels to ehm british
talk to my british andamericanfriends to help him leave
lisa [censored: surname] on british andamericannewspapers i met lisa in
some jurisdiction over british andamericanregistered companies surely they could
nation state is pleased thatamericansamoa aruba bermuda the british
good morning scotland that britishamericantobacco marketing teams have been
s1m 1200 nick johnston britishamericantobacco that the parliament notes
full of sad tales ofamericantourists returning frozen from british
for five weeks andy theamericanboat i took it we
than the crew of theamericanboat in the harbour at
out in his dinghy theamericanboat was just about to
mr keith raffan s1m 3086americansociety of the university of
mrs lyndsay mcintosh s1m 3086americansociety of the university of
english department at a northamericanuniversity i ve been asked
found himself at odds withamericanand english missionaries over the
articles about him in englishamericanand german periodicals up to
the onslaughts on english byamericanand sundry other forms of
dost and the dictionary ofamericanenglish 4 this phrase was
2 adapted from the africanamericanenglish ma lord he lowsit
1 adapted from the africanamericanenglish rowl jordan rowl rowl
wrote for james macmillan anamericanchoir wants to perform it
the rev billy graham theamericanevangelist 1956 james stewart had
library having just finished anamericanpoetry seminar on james dickey
at first reverts to moreamericanwhen he realises james has
invention consolidated in the northamericanacademy after world war ii
after all the average northamericanknows burns s version of
little is recognised by northamericanscholars in particular as having
writing the work of northamericanscholars such as leith davis
hours playing baseball that northamericanvirility ritual with about 15
to the false values ofamericansociety where symbolism is substituted
more than anyone else setamericanlinguistics on its course for
eagle is the symbol ofamericanpower the rain of course
but of course we damericansouth africans everything m608: mmhm
quite interesting i found thatamericanuniversities were offering that course
dumplings is a very typicalamericandish f965: we have dumplings
redneck is you know somethingamericanto do with [laugh] f965:
little it s a goodamericancomedy with some teeth i
these little items that myamericanfriends pounced on with most
felt that all was wellamericangardens usually run to little
travelling companions joy [censored: surname] anamericanand 6 or so of
chance to hear how genuineamericancb ers sound mrs [censored: surname]
ve learned how they playamericanfootball it s all over
world shaking to make theamericanpapers people all over the
the ages varied from severalamericanteenagers over in sweden on
ago i used to watchamericanand european on er television
he used to have anamericanembassy map based on satellite
to be used by anamericanlady puppeteer in the event
a lot of them wereamericanimports like perry mason f963:
in the us the nativeamericanmovement f963: mmhm mm m762:
clearing silicone despite pleas fromamericandoctors not to take risks
take and finally notes thatamericandoctors were so concerned at
her to take into theamericanembassy when she turned him
a viable project from wealthyamericanfoundations they would take responsibility
efforts today to convince theamericangovernment to take the same
i ve also got myamericancurrency and today i ll
century it also appears inamericandictionaries with the same meanings
pounds and i got someamericancents in change i got
showing some good old europeanamericanfilms this term i went
placid scene burst a youngamericannoam chomsky with some revolutionary
story widely reported in theamericanpapers told of some glaikit
be put into immediate practiceamericanexperts in civilian clothes visited
into a mirror image ofamericanpolitics where all you ve
and i ran into theamericanrafters their aloofness melted partly
and that s where theamericanboats come in too loaded
come out in gritty muscularamericanteenage talk gritty muscular that
aye m608: why did theamericanwhy did the americans come
s nothing like a namericandonut shop just like 50
[inaudible] f1023: is it notamericanf1026: like males will talk
arcing and flapping like anamericanflag flump i am a
huge apartment blocks rather likeamericanlife insurance buildings built in
were rapidly disappearing like manyamericanlinguists who came after him
duffin eydp sounds like anamericanmedical soap mr paterson so
like er what are thoseamericanones that are so lovely
city at night i seeamericanstudents leading lives like children
the spanish version or theamericanversion i like that kind
speaking of rowland who theamericanbeaumont aye you should hear
this this really really richamericanguy in the 1920s who
an opposition made by theamericansociolinguist dell hymes who distinguished
buy i was with anamericanwoman who had heard that
him speaking of how theamericanfolk rowland is he in
method and motif in contemporaryamericanwriting or how freud helped
method and motif in contemporaryamericanwriting or how freud helped
mr adam ingram s1m 1899americanstrategic missile defence system lodged
were to rely exclusively onamericanimports probably we would start
treaty were somewhat unrealistic theamericanposition has been much criticised
licensing laws were changed theamericanpress came up with more
the sun as usual southamericantime stretched but we were
one of my essays backamericanlit and i got an
all been speaking of ouramericanfriens then that editor chiel
egypt is the most proamericanof all the mid east
it ll work it samericandod got it fae a
tapping each hogshead butt oramericanbarrel individually to detect leakage
i know that s actuallyamericanbelieve it or not mad
bathroom or restroom now faeamericanf1027: mmhm aye f1054: programmes
or forgotten in 1911 anamericanhistorian hiram bingham was led
physically or financially to anamericanled attack on iraq a
did archibald macleish the greatamericanfrustration in reflections on wildness
and form factions as lateramericanlinguists increasingly did if you
her tom selleck fantasy aboutamericanguys in hawaii it s
as muckle work intae theamericanas weel but ye haveny
deen captured a german spyamericanaccent armed with nothing but
with inane presenters very oldamericandramas steve macqueen in wanted
her extensive correspondence with theamericaneditor of burns s letters
languages and they do haveamericanpublishing deals eh suddenly there
one must do it theamericanway if one is to
in this category is theamericanbeat writer william s burroughs
think that this kind ofamericancairry on will get by
of this deficiency in theamericanclimate the first winter which
species in britain is theamericanmink mustela vison this is
this it s that damnedamericanship that s in for
so the f606: yeah m954: americanmodel appealed to me ehm
i gave on monday onamericanpoet elizabeth bishop so i
sometimes ye d the oddamericancomin in tae but of
well ye d the oddamericancomin in wi planes m608:
selection o choruses war aaamericandeep in the hairt o
americanism there are obviously antiamericanfactions in egypt and muslim
place had almost an italianamericanfeel to it created in
in washington in the morninamericaninterlude the mall sat at
a lifetime in scotland altogetheramericannewspaper readers must get the
apollo soyuz capsules commemorating theamericanrussian link up in space
scotch in one of theamericans rooms and that plus
lost their lives in theamericanterrorist attacks mr michael mcmahon
close they changed that inamericanto fleshmarket alley f606: uh
aaready even though they reamericanan split new the japanese
agin the bandicotts a veesitinamericanarchaeologist an his son wha
she described esther andrews anamericanartist acquaintance of the lawrences
deliberately engineered structural unemployment anamericancolonialism an japanese industrial pre
meadows and stephanie shepherd anamericancouple founded alma concerts at
to be out of anamericanmid west painting i was
at the first interval anamericantourist complained to the italian
whose children go to theamericanuniv is an extremely sensible
people clustered round a bigamericancar seems to be only
days by a lot ofamericancop no- i mean i
still a big bottle ofamericancream soda long spoons and
is fairly awful lots ofamericangarbage dominates the network i
americanism for the result ofamericaninfluence is two fold it
the rest of europe theamericanmink became established following escapes
the advent of the newamericanpresidency given that both the
as the rapid changeover ofamericanpresidents and their points of
erm the character of theamericanprivate eye f606: mmhm m954:
of the brazilians a tallamericanstripped down to his green
that as a sort ofamericanterm but but you know
then ye ll ken theamericancrew hae been raising a
i think it s theamericani think it s the
yeah the australians and theamericanaccent and that that you
the harry potter series theamericanedition has different slang and
and erm they are hearingamericanerm songs and rhymes and
presentations on elizabeth bishop foramericanlit and on paper next
m605: if you go toamericanliterary studies right m741: uh
is often referred to asamericanstructuralism as opposed to the
bein socht bi the auldamericanarchaeologist when we had to
tool o thae agents oamericanimperialism somethin they cud use
because they felt that noamericanwould know what a close
famous quip often attributed toamericanblues singer big bill broonzy
to undergo yet another namericancultural experience namely watching the
exchanges to two middle agedamericanfulbright professorial couples there was
hand her letters to theamericanprofessor j de lancey ferguson
alane steenhenge aye bit theamericanembassy disnae see it thon
candy floss it s veryamericantoo it s worth seeing

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