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d heen a camera framedamone trees wi glinties o
mak ye feel at hameamonem i ve heen e
likit or no i rakitamone metal wi e nyeuk
nyeuk in e open spacesamone trees on banks an
lot aboot onywye ey reamone girse an e flooers
sprinklin o heich yalla tansiesamone girse jist a richt
a lot o cattle lyinamone girse o e roadside
as a smaa bairn lyinamongirse ma heid rale close
led till e same spotamone snaa ye d a
boddem if ey did atamonsnaa fit did ey dee
d been an aafa traffaickinamone hares eir tracks wis
wallin timmers e fowk livedamonwid it wis eir servant
widna a likit sittin doonamonem ey fairly took e
e hoose hingin em upamonclyes drappin em in ahin
wis yokin tae get inamonem an maybe try oot
be stung an i mamonem eence fin i wis
picters teen some bonny lassesamonem i did sen em
skyte skytin wi eez tacketiesamone muck an strang an
at e vrocht wis scatteredamone patches held be eez
ere wis some fite bittiesamone tarrie steens tee bit
tee it wis chappit inamone tatties till e hens
o branch o jesse signamonthe nations afore you kings
months later i wis kirninamoncarboord boxes an books in
heicher up oot o sichtamone trees wis e mountain
if ye wis brocht upamonparks an trees an ye
a buddy disna bide langamonsic neebers simmer wore on
t we howkit hyne doonamone rubbish cowpit wir load
fit hid tae be deenamone beas an back in
god kens foo mony maivesamone bran as lang s
richt enjoyable here we wisamone gannets at s richt
for t nae tae smoreamone plyter jesus roared e
tae syne quarriet a fileamonma byeuks or e phone
james coutts who sell tamonbicycles and douglas did most
up some folk pat fuskyamont fin they were haein

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