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an excellent poem and theanalogywith degas absinthe drinker was
in the rule beginning youranalogythe main subtendents being the
extend the analogy the poeticalanalogyfor i have something of
just about to extend theanalogythe poetical analogy for i
in the rule beginning youranalogyat the main subtendent seeing
and to return to myanalogythe attraction of a sewage
aitken 1980 mcclure drew ananalogywith the norwegian experience in
for similar reasons and ananalogywith such spellings we might
final result the football matchanalogybreaks down because in a
each man drew on theanalogyof childhood but whereas smith
experience in creating nynorsk thisanalogyis perhaps misleading since it
i like i like thatanalogythe difference between stupid and
issue let me give theanalogythat we are walking in
split infinitives were based onanalogywith latin even though english
answer micht be suggestit bianalogywi thi auld english period
that is a very interestinganalogythe air traffic continues but
what is going on theanalogythat came into my head

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