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pe 23 by save wemyssancientcave society calling for action
pe 23 by save wemyssancientcave society calling for action
i worked with the wemyssancientcaves group i visited the
pe23 from by save wemyssancientcaves society calling for action
is from the save wemyssancientcaves society it concerns access
23 from the save wemyssancientcaves society the transport and
it concerns access to wemyssancientcaves the petitioners are asking
the royal commission on theancientand historical monuments of scotland
insert royal commission on theancientand historical monuments of scotland
the royal commission on theancientand historical monuments of scotland
had had enough of largeancientmonuments and went to marimekko
and guides to incredibly remoteancientmonuments which might one day
the far south west hasancientcultivation terraces striping its sides
build mostly now dominates theancientterraces which survive on either
a curvilinear pattern like theancientterraces with moorish style houses
buddhism this was developed fromancientchinese models in the fifteenth
of poetic expression deriving fromancientchinese models was perfected by
of poetic expression deriving fromancientchinese models was perfected by
in literary scots from fiftyancientchinese poems by david purves
renderings in scots from fiftyancientchinese poems by david purves
from versions in english ofancientchinese poems recorded as far
versions in english of wonderfulancientchinese poems were first published
of the scots language withancientchinese poetry is no doubt
from the chinese kennawha veryancientmulberry road the sun ryses
universities is the distinction betweenancientand chartered universities the various
and st andrews the fourancientuniversities have their compositions governed
originally formed part of theancientkingdom of northumbria this area
in life and gaelic theancientlanguage of the scots kingdom
language eventually replaced gaelic theancientlanguage of the scots kingdom
level of support for theancientlanguage of the scottish kingdom
j s the royal andancientburgh of stranraer1617 1967 2nd
and gentlemen proud members ofancienthouses who really spoke scotch
reveals a row of traditionalancientwash houses the maids from
bird claw mouse fur theancientchase low in the earth
dwelling with earth floors soancientthat the building had almost
her was history particularly ofancientand prehistoric times she used
solemnly about the people ofancienttimes and then went down
be countenanced in scotland inancienttimes the free and warlike
history covering the period fromancienttimes through to the present
any of the writers ofancienttimes whether slavery is good
this country bsl is anancientand indigenous language it is
say that s an anancientlanguage eh but some people
use means for eradicating thisancientlanguage from the highlands of
language or based on theancientlanguage like for example that
f950: mmhm is that anancientlanguage or m865,: well i
of an artificial language fromancientroots in scotland a national
of bsl which is anancientsophisticated and evolving language and
an odin or frae theancientwelsh language meanin land of
palermo constantinople and alexandria thatancientcity is intact more or
or so it will beancientcity of anuradhapura that still
city which stands on theancientruins of thebes during the
ultimately lose our culture theancientegyptians were well able to
institutionalised national culture supported byancientliterary and folk traditions indeed
logging of the world sancientforests notes that most terrestrial
world of nature very veryancientin celtic of of holy
its key role within theancientmediterranean trading world the identity
the proportions of a smallerancienthouse in his remodelling of
he had pointed out theancienthouse where he d once
mantlepiece filling the house withancientlamentations examining their breakages their
the leathery compression of anancientaccordion murray aye does scots
all vestigial local dialects ofancientscots so what would this
1 mulberry road kennawha veryancient2 baurlie do first century
oor road painted green yonancientgreen jist like ma gran
very keen to preserve theancientdrawings unless we sit up
of la lonja palma sancientbourse i would walk through
poked through the thatch likeancientmarkers in a kirkyard on
increasing traffic absurdly pushing throughancientnarrow streets mallorcan families aspire
our scottish fame fareweel ourancientglory fareweel even to the
under is some even moreancientmetaphor which survives only in
of the small cleft anancientstone which even today marks
it flew in from anancientrhyme what s this story
from the cisterna and theancientwell provides an essential back
justify my dragging out ourancientfound on a skip twin
me how fiddle with ourancientwireless to make it work
asylum seekers the ladder isancientat its rickety feet dragons
kitchens and living accommodation theancientfinca attunes visitors to its
feeling the weight of itsancientwaters turning round in its
miramar the place where theancientcollege of miramar was established
place for oor maist humbleancientrace ye cannae think tae
the cloistered courtyard where fourancientdate paims yearned towards the
the streets were busy hugeancientand brightly painted dodge buses
and sand were studying anancientmap of the island as
described the picts as anancientpeople who were apparently an
buddhism were also introduced theancientruined buddhist capitals to the
stood up and stated howancientthey were and that they
parade the tooth at anancientceremony which has been held
was battened down under anancientfelt hat she looked thought
similarly moved on encountering theseancientcities how strange it is
fifties and sixties these reallyancientcomics it s like the
of their ways of pursuingancientpolicies that date back to
the stars that reassert theirancientrights as landlords with the
minotaur when i m anancienta caged cockatoo with nothing
photographing thatched roofs with myancientcamera this was in 1959
navy blue briefs faded andancientlooking and with a hole
paws with killing stride herancientskills rehearses true and tried
and weaving feltmaking is anancienttextile skill with endless contemporary
of flats the architecture bothancientand modern completely dwarfed the
c landscapes d areas ofancientand semi natural woodland e
historic town and visit theancientcastle one of scotland s
but when i pull theancientchain the sound of rushing
a god one of thoseancienthalf animal and half human
vivacity was a feature ofancientmediterranean markets in 1281 mallorcan
of god himself out ofancientmoorish sea walls the cathedral
on the formulaic composition ofancientoral poetry and the application
child of the bog theancientotter threading my fish fuelled
later formation of aetiological mythsancientreligion was so entirely ruled
files of newspapers act asancientrocks containing the marks of
that the fundamental idea ofancientsacrifice is sacramental communion and
sign of this substitution theancienttotem meal was revived in
a china man s kiteancientturtles of cliffs rear wizened
of eyes for it isancientvenomous and wise the last
on the shore an anancientcathedral pilgrim s wish is
moon the loch is anancientcradle balloo balloo it has
and rothes stir up anancientepisode by bringing mitchel into
forcing her to sell anancientmosque undisturbed and unused in
warmed back supported by anancientolive tree whose gnarled boughs
in one comer reclined anancientteddy bear regarding him glassily
i think it s anancientword it s f951: it
executive must decide whether thoseancientdrawings are worth preserving for
but otherwise there was thisancientclothes horse it was right
got a friend who didancientgreek actually she was probably
no it s it sancienti- it was actually the
asked john once because theancientname for the island was
that can be described asancientaberdeen edinburgh glasgow and st
bear became a predominant religionancientawe and inspiration continued until
secrets nae man kens oancientcurses kills and rings o
there to the o- theancientgreeks and other peoples you
residential property and a scheduledancientmonument in november 1998 the
o african nations as wiancientnations permit and justify the
and affection feel for thatancienttime worn hand polished reed
close behind him tread theancientmariner roll up roll up
joan christie drove to theancientdisused kirkyard on the fringe
carefully arranged cowrie shells reflectancienthuman awe in the face
in the cuitadella de mayorqueancientpalma for a long time
the gloamin wi a muckleancientroman eat a doremoose for
a conception not foreign toancientsacrificial ritual contained the germ
s f951: it s tooancientfor me [laugh] m865: yeah
it cannie a smaa kailwormancientstanding stone climbing it carefully
school we re no thatancientbut er they must have
going to make me soundancientbut f963: [gulp] f965: frowned
oh phhh but you reancienteh i f637: [laugh] m608:
we drove off in yourancientmorris you didn t act
funding to projects that destroyancientforests while providing funds logistical

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