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tymes ower fur wir painsandrafeinist this wes aye the
the ither wey masell sayedandrawhan thai wes feinist nae
diamonts an emerants lauched junipereandradisted the nirls aff hiz
it aw yeirsell speired junipereandraleuchit it wes the prelatioun
did ye nem him eftirandraszkozja speired junipere ay thon
kauch tho a mynd atandraszkocja at mairriet on jeannie
fur heir get out botandradid ken whaur he wes
the machine bot naething happentandraan john tint interess an
trewth o t john anandrawuidna beleved the store bot
ti rist at its destinautiounandraraise ti hiz feit an
is that you jock ayeandracam back the reply we
ahint me there it isandrawhit says i turnin roun
monie ither mair modren teipsandrawes leised on john chyngin
befaw cheptir fower the thesaurarandrasczkozja clam abuird he wes
phone an leaves on timeandracarnegie airn maister king o
twasum skairin thair greve belyveandratirned aff the lichts an
aventurers retoured ti embro laeinandrawi thair gratiteid an guid
twenes sayin ill wirds tiandraanent the puir stait o
hae yeir nems an beisinesandras gey thrang an disna
a sad state o affairsandrawhit are ye gaun tae
an red it ti hissellandrabids ye walcum an wul
you whit d ye meanandrawhen i m for off
he ll never call meandraagain i need a hand
didna wirk onie mair explenedandrasae he bene pit in
ll hae tae be duneandrai wis staunin in the
byllies pechin on the doorstepandraah ve juist come up
up an you me anandrall come in frae the

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