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aboot ten tymes andrey serghyeevichandreyin the first place ye
brither andrey serghyeevich vershinin vershininandreyprozorov wipes the perspiration from
ceivil aneuch aboot ten tymesandreyserghyeevich andrey in the first
an ee on sofochka anandreyserghyeevich is gaein ti tak
olga this is ma britherandreyserghyeevich vershinin vershinin andrey prozorov
characters in the play prozorovandreyserghyesvich natasha natalie ivanovna his
yoo hoo are heard enterandreyand ferapont ferapont wad ye
enter andrey followed by ferapontandreycrossly to ferapont whit dae
bi godol silence silence enterandreyfollowed by ferapont andrey crossly
enter ferapont with some papersandreyma wyfe is ma wyfe
ferapont eh whit s thatandreyraising his voice hou hae
the pram ferapont appears ferapontandreyseerghyeevich the papers ir no
down on a swing enterandreywith the pram ferapont appears
us for love alane laughsandreycrossly wul you stap it
cum up natasha goes outandreybending over the candle she
out into the drawing roomandreyfollows her andrey please natasha
m that worrit aboot himandreyhe s awricht natasha the
in wi sae monie gentrieandreyhou yung ye ir natasha
officers and seeing natasha andandreykissing stand and stare in
drawing room andrey follows herandreyplease natasha never you heed
by the door leading toandreys room natasha whit ir
andrey wul you please cumandreyoffstage juist cummin enters and
no the clivverest olga impatientlyandreywul you please cum andrey
stage with the pram thareandreyoor dear brither aw oor
richt mistress takes the pramandreyshamefacedly ah wes speakin quaet
stap me chebutykin oh ahandreyah winna play at the
luiv chebutykin comes up behindandreyand puts his arms round
twal areddies shakes hands withandreychebutykin gie me a meinit
on ma road the mornandreyfor guid chebutykin ah dinna
goes out olga richt aneuchandreylat s leave it or
wife olga olga serghyeevna oliaandreys sister masha maria serghyeevna
it s an awfu businessandreyawricht ah didna ken tell
you a bad wee laddieandreyglancing through the papers awricht
aweill he can juist waitandreyah think it s immoral
raither they didna cum andraeandreyaweill ah dinna ken whit
kynd o ill o hearinandreyaweill gin ye coud hear
cairds again ah hear tellandreylost twa hunder roubles masha
fetchin masha looks bonnie taeandreymicht be weill faured but
off stage masha that sandreyon his fiddle he s
masha walks up to himandreypasses across the stage pushing
nou juist you cum hereandreyjuist leave me alane please
ye sign thir papers pleaseandreywith irritation leave iz alane
the hat and the capeandreyenters he is pushing the
your dreams during the conversationandreyenters quietly with a book
left a licht on oniewhaurandreyenters with a book in
his paper in his handandreythat s aneuch less o
it disna maitter a demnandreycum on lat s git
ti see ye anent sumthingandreyyawns tell him ti cum
calls through the side doorandreyyou cum ben here wul
the baby off stage enterandreywearing an overcoat and hat
kisses irena sleep weill guidbyandreyah soud leav thaim the
me areddies irena juist lookandreygied me this little picter
irena ti tell the truithandreyis gittin ti be shallae
papers for ye ti signandreywhit a pest ye ir
her face with her handsandreyma dear lassie please please
hurry the r plentie tymeandreyah m feart ma wyfe
juist dinna ken onie mairandreylat s gae oot throu
onie meinit nou toozenbach embracesandreylat s hae a drink
wes lyke that wi andraeandreywhan ir they gaun ti
think a im a pauseandreywhitfor ir ye no sayin
didna mak thaim up masellandreyai whaur haes aw ma
ma heid it s abootandreydae ye ken he haes
ma heid ma sair heidandreyhaes lost at the cairds
lyke nicht this haes beenandreyin great embarrassment dinna mismak
it cheremsha stinks lyke garlicandreyimploringly wul ye drap it
happy lucky burds goes offandreyoor houss wul seem fair
and a violin is heardandreythe toun wul seem fair
ye r no sayin oniethingandreyah wes ferr awa for
tell ye the r twaandreynever mynd mak it thrie
r no ti cry meandreyseerghyeevich you caw me yeir
gang til oor sleepin bedsandreythe r juist the yae
r twa universities in moscowandreythe r onlie the yin
onlie sleeps thare a pauseandreyye r no sayin oniething
unnerstaun perfitlie weill onie roadandreyah l tell the sairvants
juist drap it the nouandreywe l speak aboot it
ti offend ye ma dearandreys voice offstage anfisa mimics
ah canna richt mynd nouandreywith sudden emotion ma dear
pairtie ower the houss doorandreyirresolutely weill it s really
to her husbands s roomandreys readin in thare better
whit aboot the carnival pairtieandreyembarrassed ah dout the carnival
down whit tyme is tandreyglances at his watch quarter
in nae hurry thinking thatandreyhas said something whit s
ears muffled in a scarfandreyhullo auld yin whit did
said something whit s thatandreyturns over the pages of
the side of the roomandreywhit a terrific bleize it
wes whit he said onieweyandreywhit haivers reads his book
the toun til the titherandreywhit wad that be for
yin ti me sits downandreypasses across the back of
can ah gaun awa nouandreyay awa ye gae guidby
alexandr ignatyevich cums frae moscowandreydae ye nou man congratulations
the book and a letterandreythenk ye that s fyne
ma puir heid sits downandreylost twa hunder roubles at
a richt wee suburban housswyfeandreygoes to his room on
doun afore ah forget itandreyhas left the room unnoticed
s gey queerlyke goes awayandreysae ye winna heed me
ye read the inglish thenandreyoh ay ma faither god
mither an she wes mairritandreya bodie soud never mairrie
wes a military man butandreyhae chuisen an academic career
it wes ower monie onieweyandreyye can sit aw yeir
degrees o frost in petersburgandreyah hate the lyfe ah
athoot ye ah l gitandreyan his auld fiddle ti
aboot aw this cairrie onandreyan the doctor gaed til
inby me here looking atandreywho again crosses the stage
the lot o ye toandreyandriusha gin oniebodie speirs eftir

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