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by the banes o sanctandrocam til amalfi in italie
frae the samyn scriever thatandrowas missioner til the fowk
hae a particleer loe forandrowham they believit was their
hecht peter and his britherandrocuistin a net intil the
day the rude o sanctandrowe jalouse frae the samyn
me the banes o sanctandroliggin thae twa hunder and
in the kirk o sanctandroneist we hear o the
weel the banes o sanctandrowere brocht til constantinople and
scotland it has aye beenandrooor kirks in fremit kintras
the tale o andros daithandrowas gruppit and crucified in
robert the bruce thocht thatandrowas wi him at bannockburn
we maun follow his ensampleandrowas a douce kindly man
man we speir wha wasandrogey little is scrievit anent
18 25 the caa oandropeter james and john jesus
it was tae this thatandrotestified whan he brocht men

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