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and lauderdale ld kerr mrandyeast kilbride lab lamont johann
east scotland con kerr mrandyeast kilbride lab lamont johann
and lauderdale ld kerr mrandyeast kilbride lab lamont johann
east scotland con kerr mrandyeast kilbride lab lamont johann
and lauderdale ld kerr mrandyeast kilbride lab lamont johann
east scotland con kerr mrandyeast kilbride lab lamont johann
east scotland con kerr mrandyeast kilbride lab lamont johann
and lauderdale ld kerr mrandyeast kilbride lab lamont johann
and lauderdale ld kerr mrandyeast kilbride lab lamont johann
and lauderdale ld kerr mrandyeast kilbride lab lamont johann
and lauderdale ld kerr mrandyeast kilbride lab lamont johann
east scotland con kerr mrandyeast kilbride lab lamont johann
east scotland con kerr mrandyeast kilbride lab lamont johann
and lauderdale ld kerr mrandyeast kilbride lab lamont johann
and lauderdale ld kerr mrandyeast kilbride lab lamont johann
and lauderdale ld kerr mrandyeast kilbride lab lamont johann
and lauderdale ld kerr mrandyeast kilbride lab livingstone marilyn
east scotland con kerr mrandyeast kilbride lab livingstone marilyn
east scotland con kerr mrandyeast kilbride lab livingstone marilyn
and lauderdale ld kerr mrandyeast kilbride lab livingstone marilyn
works of maintenance are mrandykerr 10 in section 11
insert their section 11a mrandykerr 11 in section 11a
of authority section 18 mrandykerr 12 in section 18
11 leave out attributable mrandykerr 13 in section 18
subsection 1b section 19a mrandykerr 14 in section 19a
scottish parliament section 23 mrandykerr 15 in section 23
subsections 5a and 5b mrandykerr 16 in section 23
fire occurs section 7 mrandykerr 17 in section 7
be 18 section 25a mrandykerr 18 in section 25a
3a 9 section 25f mrandykerr 19 in section 25f
or otherwise section 25g mrandykerr 20 in section 25g
in particular make provision mrandykerr 21 in section 25g
case after section 25i mrandykerr 22 after section 25i
scottish parliament section 25j mrandykerr 23 in section 25j
made to local authorities mrandykerr 24 in section 25j
made to local authorities mrandykerr 25 in section 25j
1 b of that mrandykerr 26 in section 25j
made to local authorities mrandykerr 27 in section 25j
fit before section 26 mrandykerr 28 before section 26
into force section 27a mrandykerr 29 in section 27a
subsection 5 section 29 mrandykerr 30 in section 29
parliament after section 29 mrandykerr 31 after section 29
under section 1 above mrandykerr 32 after section 29
that respect section 30b mrandykerr 33 in section 30b
to subsection 5a below mrandykerr 34 in section 30b
of the scottish parliament mrandykerr 35 move section 30b
section 25j section 30c mrandykerr 36 in section 30c
act 2002 asp 3 mrandykerr 37 in section 30c
insert subsection 1 above mrandykerr 38 in section 30c
to subsection 5a below mrandykerr 39 in section 30c
of the scottish parliament mrandykerr 40 in section 30c
stage 2 section 6 mrandykerr 41 in section 6
expenditure insert reasonably incurred mrandykerr 41 move section 30c
with section 1 and mrandykerr 42 in section 6
section 27a section 30d mrandykerr 42 move section 30d
section 25j section 30e mrandykerr 43 move section 30e
40 and insert it mrandykerr 43 move section 6
section 27 section 34 mrandykerr 44 in section 34
section 23 section 9 mrandykerr 44 move section 9
section 30 section 23 mrandykerr 45 in section 23
act 1967 c 77 mrandykerr 45 in section 34
to subsection 6a below mrandykerr 46 in section 23
and insert part 1 mrandykerr 46 in section 34
under section 21 above mrandykerr 47 in section 23
after 2 insert 4b mrandykerr 47 in section 34
scottish parliament section 34 mrandykerr 48 in section 34
insert and section 23a mrandykerr 48 in section 34
stage 3 section 11 mrandykerr 49 in section 11
stage 2 section 6 mrandykerr 49 in section 6
stage 3 section 10 mrandykerr 5 in section 10
relevant profit sharing agreements mrandykerr 50 in section 11
case may be 18 mrandykerr 50 in section 6
those operations section 23a mrandykerr 51 in section 23a
be 18 section 9 mrandykerr 51 in section 9
may be 18 above mrandykerr 52 in section 23a
may be 18 above mrandykerr 53 in section 23a
above after section 25e mrandykerr 54 after section 25e
fit after section 31 mrandykerr 55 after section 31
stage 3 section 11 mrandykerr 56 in substitution for
to society section 33 mrandykerr 59 in section 33
time amended section 11 mrandykerr 6 in section 11
or divided section 34 mrandykerr 60 in substitution for
matters and section 23a mrandykerr 61 in substitution for
transport authority section 35 mrandykerr 62 in section 35
words which follow it mrandykerr 7 in section 11
35 leave out or mrandykerr 8 in section 11
be provide a service mrandykerr 9 in section 11
central scotland ld i thankandykerr and kate maclean for
comments that were made byandykerr and kate maclean the
committee following the appointment ofandykerr as the minister for
bill s1m s1m 2674 mrandykerr budget scotland no 3
this course s1m 2626 mrandykerr budget scotland no 3
4 bill s1m 3785 mrandykerr budget scotland no 4
4 bill s1m 3886 mrandykerr budget scotland no 4
eadie robin harper janis hughesandykerr convener des mcnulty murray
brian monteith s1m 3203 mrandykerr criminal justice scotland bill
brian adam s1m 3102 mrandykerr debt arrangement and attachment
achieve a level playing fieldandykerr doubted that local authorities
colleagues will join me mrandykerr east kilbride lab given
the snp 10 01 mrandykerr east kilbride lab i
jackson glasgow govan lab mrandykerr east kilbride lab mr
west of scotland snp mrandykerr east kilbride lab mr
roadmen and the fencers mrandykerr east kilbride lab rose
north east fife ld mrandykerr east kilbride lab shona
private sector shona robison willandykerr give way mr kerr
given with great passion byandykerr he expressed no faith
maclean dundee west lab likeandykerr i find the decision
scotland bill supported by mrandykerr iain gray allan wilson
in the name of mrandykerr insert at end but
in the name of mrandykerr insert at end but
approach s1m 3228 2 mrandykerr investment in public infrastructure
amendments s1m 3228 2 mrandykerr investment in public infrastructure
two and a half yearsandykerr is widely recognised as
irene mcgugan s1m 3652 mrandykerr local government in scotland
to it supported by mrandykerr lodged on 29 january
mr murray tosh convener mrandykerr michael russell mr gil
trish godman margaret jamieson mrandykerr mr kenneth macintosh tricia
question s1w 33523 by mrandykerr on 14 february 2003
by cathy jamieson and mrandykerr on 15 november 2002
question s1w 30870 by mrandykerr on 15 september 2002
question s1w 20339 by mrandykerr on 17 december 2002
question s1w 28604 by mrandykerr on 17 september 2002
question s1w 25820 by mrandykerr on 18 june 2002
10 march 2000 and mrandykerr on 20 february 2003
question s1w 30906 by mrandykerr on 21 november 2002
2 genetically modified organisms mrandykerr on behalf of the
than happy to write toandykerr on behalf of the
comments of kate maclean andandykerr on that point it
in the name of mrandykerr on the financial resolution
role that the previous convenerandykerr played over the past
scotland bill s1m 3224 mrandykerr public appointments and public
scotland bill s1m 3729 mrandykerr public appointments and public
scotland bill s1m 3349 mrandykerr public appointments and public
john mcallion alex neil mrandykerr r elaine smith robert
questions that arise from itandykerr referred to the tendering
robin harper can we acknowledgeandykerr s contribution which was
everybody s support i commendandykerr s honesty it is
talked about the honesty ofandykerr s presentation and called
in i pay tribute toandykerr s speech it takes
june supported by scott barrieandykerr s1m 33 richard lochhead
to it supported by mrandykerr s1m 3806 national holocaust
peter peacock s1m 2625 mrandykerr scottish public sector ombudsman
authority bill s1m 2884 mrandykerr scottish qualifications authority bill
correspondence on the matter asandykerr succinctly put it the
budget bill introduced by mrandykerr supported by mr jack
the house schedule 2 mrandykerr supported by peter peacock
line 5 section 3 mrandykerr supported by peter peacock
of scotland schedule 2a mrandykerr supported by peter peacock
paragraphs 3 and 4 mrandykerr supported by peter peacock
end of line 9 mrandykerr supported by peter peacock
those terms schedule 3 mrandykerr supported by peter peacock
end of line 10 mrandykerr supported by peter peacock
lines 36 and 37 mrandykerr supported by peter peacock
and insert are repealed mrandykerr supported by peter peacock
in a material regard mrandykerr supported by peter peacock
to 23 section 15 mrandykerr supported by peter peacock
line 18 long title mrandykerr supported by peter peacock
section 18 section 19 mrandykerr supported by peter peacock
and 2 schedule 1 mrandykerr supported by peter peacock
section 19 section 21 mrandykerr supported by peter peacock
section 17 section 18 mrandykerr supported by peter peacock
committee is repealed and mrandykerr supported by peter peacock
line 11 section 13 mrandykerr supported by peter peacock
as regards the code mrandykerr supported by peter peacock
stage 3 section 2 mrandykerr supported by peter peacock
section 15 section 16 mrandykerr supported by peter peacock
leave out line 31 mrandykerr supported by peter peacock
14 5 section 23 mrandykerr supported by peter peacock
lines 21 to 28 mrandykerr supported by peter peacock
specified authorities section 4 mrandykerr supported by peter peacock
end of line 32 mrandykerr supported by peter peacock
schedule 3 schedule 4 mrandykerr supported by peter peacock
section 16 section 17 mrandykerr supported by peter peacock
conveyancing and executry services mrandykerr supported by peter peacock
i remember some of whatandykerr talked about under the
i note that my colleagueandykerr the minister for finance
government fund s1m 3150 mrandykerr the modernising government fund
reduction scheme s1w 19634 mrandykerr to ask the scottish
development s1o 3778 10 mrandykerr to ask the scottish
should follow the approach thatandykerr took with a relatively
peter gibb robin callander andandywightman land reform scotland professor
main thing as for youandyandy i ken mr beaumont
the day efter the mornandybut sir beaumont the day
she follows jack beaumont sinkandycomes in from outside andy
deana adopted daughter of beaumontsandydockyard foreman caird beaumont s
beaumont betty mrs beaumont orandyeither beaumont andy whit do
beaumont how do you meanandyeven an auld working man
bottom wi all hands beaumontandygod be here whit gars
co operate you get feartandyi am feart mr beaumont
beaumont angrily whit s adoandyi just wanted to ken
thing as for you andyandyi ken mr beaumont i
to say beaumont hm weelandyi m heart sorry that
her sewing andy comes inandymorning sir beaumont good morning
can quit this very minuteandymr beaumont hae ye ever
taen a strunt at themandymr beaumont i m nearhaun
caird oh you re thereandymr beaumont sent for me
the day efter the mornandymr beaumont ye micht as
surely you could see byandys looks beaumont andy s
by andy s looks beaumontandys reassured me completely i
the indian girl will sailandythe morn beaumont aye andy
andy the morn beaumont ayeandyvery weel he nods and
me tell me mrs beaumontandywas as feart as i
the parting of the waysandywe re no parting beaumont
the poor humble folk beaumontandywe ve been ower all
beaumont or andy either beaumontandywhit do you ken o
guid and proper weel goodnichtandyandy good nicht sir and
goes out with her sewingandycomes in andy morning sir
andy comes in from outsideandyexcuse me sir can you
the parting o the waysandyforgie me please andy whit
and proper weel goodnicht andyandygood nicht sir and thank
i want andy i wantandyi can hear my daddy
with my fists i wantandyi shout i want andy
andy i shout i wantandyi want andy i can
s yer name he askedandyi whispered back andy whit
i whispered back andy whitandyrobb listen then yer name
asked andy i whispered backandywhit andy robb listen then
ways andy forgie me pleaseandywhit but the ship didny
wi your place in societyandyit s no that sir
s to be done richtandyit will be sir and
a trace of menace sirandymacphail is coming round if
mastering courage sir i saidandymacphail sir no no no
no think o that cairdandydisny hold wi capital mr
ask such a daftlike questionandyi want tae ken mr
he exits in one directionandyin the other mr rowland
why i sent for yeandymr caird said something yesterday
scotland mr ian fraser smithandyo neill cosla pat watters
the mattress miss wood sendsandyback to his seat fiona
perfect but even bigger fionaandycan see has finished a
arrives at the door carryingandyfiona turns her head with
shutting the gate so thatandyis well past fiona s
see your little friend fionaandylets himself be dressed without
has almost bitten in halfandylooks to his left fiona
my thoughts about fiona seventhlyandymacphail i feel bad about
back to fiona at onceandyrefuses to part with the
say goodnight to fiona saysandys mother be a good
maker smack smack repeats fionaandys shoulders can be seen
beside fiona and let weeandysee her he carries on
no strap at sunday schoolandysees the pencil fiona gave
all copy cat whispers fionaandysits down that s guid
glances at fiona and geordieandytries several deep breaths as
so will fiona and weeandyunder the duvet they ll
themselves be honest fiona butandywhy did i tell mournful
of smile and becomes weeandyagain where has this magic
into her canvas holdall weeandyand i twist our necks
and i can hear weeandyapplying himself to his rhythmical
fists and then producing weeandyas if she was shelling
mum suddenly i hear weeandybawling i wake and find
known very well as weeandybryce o the [?]seabies[/?] hotel
then to the ladies weeandydoesn t mind when i
careful not to distract weeandyfrom his exertions the tee
now i am bouncing weeandyfrom side to side as
red ring on which weeandyhas been chomping his gums
again close up against weeandyi m not sure if
at this precise moment weeandyinterrupts by snorting and twitching
far as we know weeandyis entire and hetero you
as i write that weeandyis learning that his mother
look and see that weeandyis playing a game a
i can ever remember weeandyis positioned between us armed
away from her ears weeandyputs his thumb into his
the hummock that is weeandyputting out the rubbish bags
my feelings and probably weeandys and the studio and
all is not eden weeandys eyes are darker every
to plan except that weeandys eyes open just as
are yer kids then weeandys in australia very busy
too my responses to weeandys raging being more complex
to i go to weeandys room and he is
from the direction of weeandys room the noise is
and takes them into weeandys room where there is
across the studio to weeandys room with one hand
hands are over ears weeandysees her and reveals that
attempts are interrupted by weeandyshowing signs of having finished
rocks if they did weeandysmells okay missing his bath
re arranging ourselves and weeandystarts his rhythm again he
all round i bring weeandyto the table sit him
says to me instantly weeandyturns to her voice his
anything else is unthinkable weeandytwitches again turns towards his
velux window and hold weeandyup so that he can
jejune she said but weeandywas home from australia and
that i never could weeandywee drew melanie klein and
i actually threatened our weeandywith oot the windae before
and juice while mother sitsandyfirmly on the floor he
change your underpants says motherandygoes upstairs and sits on
mother returns to the sinkandyputs his left thumb in
and it stops mother inspectsandys head and knees for
have to complains mother forandys rhythmical sucking can be
oh no shouts mother forandys stink is indeed filling
back father doesn t smackandysays mother hastily he just
open tin selfies says motherandyseems to ponder for a
phimister can t write butandytakes no notice mother says
hesitating then goes quickly afterandyas if to call him
tell the rector about himandygoes blind and deaf with
the cross goes away andandygoes on thinking about his
and stand on the floorandygoes out and stands by
the door on the leftandygoes to knock on it
thing and gives it toandywho goes quiet she strokes
she goes past looks atandywith wide open eyes is
can see it she saysandycan t tell how angry
writing jotters she says itandyis good at writing not
late for school she saysandyrushes off one hand in
guid says geordie looking atandys apple and dribbling his
wood says wake up robbandystands up but he has
hurry there s your oldandythen he says trying to
that yourself says miss woodandytries still holding his breath
edinburgh i m scared tooandybut not so scared i
too like a school jotterandydawdles along opening it and
too but there are limitsandyhow dare you give it
coming over the partition butandyis in too much of
usually the glasgow bulletin andandyisn t too happy about
ll be too stewed forandynow and i ll go
her fat legs moving fastandyruns too he can t
and koo stark too somehowandys foetid nearness and our
slip down and run afterandytoo he is dodging and
like those girls i believedandytoo when he started to
a lady smell too soandytries to hold his breath
to settle in the newandyusual all too familiar routine
irrelevant too but comforting ohandywe are going to see
runs away home still holdingandyaway from her as if
dead obviously they ve takenandyaway so the other bed
brother has just shoved himandygallops away to where geordie
her shiny pen knife sharpensandys pencil and moves away
big brother away much quickerandysees a gap under the
feels so he turns awayandysits up as properly as
bear thinking about right awayandystarted to work up some
away and looking uncertainly fromandyto me i m awaa
i widny care to nameandyaye it s true enough
have for this creature ifandyhas a name for it
listen then yer name sandymacphail that s whit us
legs is the polite nameandys parents and older brother
yer name s macphail randyandythat s me i said
seeven whit aboot me demandedandyin a squeaky voice ach
she always knows christ saidandywiping his bum whit s
wha s forced my handandyyou re asking for whit
hair and said nice workandyafter looking confused for a
businesslike well after midnight dearandyi don t know what
geordie turns and runs andandyruns after him the pain
geordie sits down he givesandya dig with his elbow
on to her second calmlyandyalso starts on his bs
bell it must ring soonandybreaks his pencil again but
they had been switched offandybrushes his lips across the
his tennis ball faster thanandycan run weaving in and
him round his neck isandycatatonic i whisper of course
front of the class soandyfinishes his line of 7s
to join me in thankingandyfor his substantial work on
and dirty and sun burnedandyglances down at his own
cry then i see thatandyhas longley under his arm
his big brass bell andandyhas to fight for his
of his jotter and writesandyhe does it again and
somebody s great granny nowandyis glad to remember his
it s easy to spellandyis lost in his secret
his pee make a frothandyis sure that geordie s
sighs he smells of vinegarandylifts his hand off the
to be seen in itandylifts his head and toddles
under the desk at playtimeandyputs his note book under
if he had clean underpantsandyremembers his saturday penny and
you supposed to stay saneandyrubbed his arm and grinned
a special favourite of hisandyruns as fast as he
of capital a so doesandys big brother his big
t be in his bookandys mind if that s
it s home time andandystraps up his school bag
boys in class by classandyswings his arms very stiffly
pocket in his khaki jerseyandytakes it it smells nice
his pencil my big brotherandythinks writes his figures very
it sounds awful as ifandywas going to die his
and got a haud oandywe went out in his
miss wood who made himandywishes with all his heart
the tin from him butandywraps his arms tightly round
solemn still the same oldandyeffect you look stunning in
he is still a friendandyhasn t dared to tell
loo still taking no noticeandymutters the archetypical obscenity a
last glimpse and whiff ofandystill sitting on the po
am and maybe both togetherandythe hard man i still
me reminding me somehow thatandywas still locked up in
stood still fir chris sakeandywe ve nae time tae
be there she s pregnantandyyou still there yes i
s gone they start againandyhas got to pee so
the front again watching herandynotices that her long thin
answering again works she givesandystewed apples and creamola another
you 5 35 a mandyyou again writing to you
now at last mummy catchesandyand carries him past our
arms round him she likesandyand wants to steal him
giving him a few shakesandycontinues to kiss the face
to hop and skip andandycopies him the pain just
gladys i thocht mary mairriedandyfarquhar him that played golf
na he used tae takandyfarquhar roon wi him when
on me she picks upandyround the waist holds him
jean at all she takesandys haipny and gives him
words at a meal beforeandythe other two call him
farquhar roon wi him whenandywas a loon bessie oh
wha d shopped him whenandywent on to moan about
considerable in a formal wayandydid an extremely good job
why dae ye dae thatandyfor the good o the
is up to he writesandyis a good boy right
about jesus dying for usandyis not good at listening
ve not had that yetandyit s a good one
her head through and shoutsandyrobb is no good chop
the good friend he isandystarts to read but not
executive s proposal to nominateandybaird proposed by stuc professor
executive s proposal to nominateandybaird proposed by stuc professor
upside down by one legandycreates a diversion he throws
by yet more screams fromandyhe is trying to wrench
usually bide by my wordandythen by the morn i
t want me to seeandyany more i don t
get to know the newandybut i haven t summoned
grown ups have boring secretsandycan t run as fast
it worked very well asandycouldn t thole any silence
expression or saying anything butandydoesn t care the note
the other two mind youandydoesn t like being laughed
wet get a biccy yourselfandydoesn t understand he knows
one of their tea breaksandydoesn t understand the jokes
i haven t forgotten aboutandyeither i start to shout
very angry if she caughtandyfighting she doesn t even
for security mum pondered andandyfor kicks i wouldn t
the man wasn t lookingandygives up the chase and
doesn t care every timeandyhas to turn a page
but you can t seeandyhe s being a bad
no i m not protestedandyi bet she can t
don t understand i wantandyi say quietly but loud
who won t like thatandyis a bad boy i
t tell cross my heartandyis forced to tell it
course because of the strapandyisn t noticing that he
i probably caught it fromandymacphail if it isn t
pencil but he can tandyneeds to go to the
is daddy long legs butandypretends he can t say
can t teach you muchandythe point of your shoulder
i wasn t the rightandythen what would happen as
don t believe it butandywas street wise i m
and i love you saturdayandywhy didn t you just
didn t look at youandyyou remember morag i said
very unhappy i must seeandyi throw myself out of
put yeah f1054: very sedateandyyeah eh what aboot er
through in a satisfactory mainnerandyyou gied me very little
i ll swop her forandyand ee do jobbie comments
will have her eye onandybecause he lost the place
and takes out her strapandycan now see and hear
her that was mairried taeandyfarquhar gladys aye bessie she
have had miss wood andandyfeels safe enough in her
continues quietly with this gameandyis glowering fixedly at her
her along to see howandyis okay give in to
boss in her own classroomandyjust carries on writing it
forward and counting the pencilsandyknows from her strict voice
sweet smile on her faceandyknows that it is not
she murmurs disengaging her legandymakes a half hearted attempt
on to the handle whileandyrushes at her as fast
she is stuck up butandysecretly worships her he wouldn
her steady slobbering of itandysits and glowers at her
aye been a guid maisterandyall the waur for me
planning deep down inside meandyi called out come on
told me to tell yeandyi d raither see the
your reliability what with brotherandyletting me down and mum
be gieing you your booksandyme laughs you re joking
else to say to meandynaething else i ken o
me on my mattress toandyon the loo which of
me it canny be doneandywi the number o men
that if i were youandyye couldny turn me aff
you re a thrawn manandyyou re standing forenenst me
mind i said kiss meandyyour face was plastered with
be nae progress at allandyi want progress as weel
i want to meet themandyso we had that quarrel
quarrel you re a liarandymaybe i am why can
you think you can promiseandythe indian girl will be
easy man to work wiandythe palm tree can sail
round capital a a forandya for apple he writes
white glare ye re noandyat aa he cried the
true he s fashious isandyaye steirin up trouble but
when he speaks to cairdandybetty less so with jack
hear he s my businessandybut if i agree to
pencil in the top cornerandygets excited for he realises
bocht that he asks yesandyhas to answer ye re
a real hot rod ehandyhe asked eagerly monosyllables seemed
from my going out withandyhe s like left over
yer face tae the waaandyi did as he commanded
will break up the communityandyi dinna mean what he
what about joe you askedandyi said he was my
your profile he s theandyi ve always known but
square coloured paper drawing booksandylooks at the drawing he
bed here s the realandymcphail he tumed to my
my alter ego this isandyrobb he s been mistook
of the sweetie shop attractsandys attention and he forgets
with first of all wereandys complaints he was full
of biscuit crumbs and slimeandys glower becomes inward he
geordie takes no notice ofandyso he gallops on but
about letting the class outandythinks he is going to
an hour late that sandywhere was he supposed to
who were the hardest menandywhoever he was came from
are going to a funeralandywishes he could hide them
scheme it s your choiceandyah weel if that s
to your lean and alabasterandybut what will dad say
as weel but ye havenyandybut ye could pit your
go up to your roomandyclimbs the first few steps
not raising your head butandyi could feel tears coming
play a learie nancy willyandylily bring your whip and
enough of your dirty waysandyputs the smacked hand to
then back at miss woodandydrifts off into a day
s hats and everyone butandyhas gone back to them
back at the the placeandyknows what she s doing
s back and picks upandyquite roughly but she doesn
the two mothers look atandys back which conveys to
go mad first back toandys chatter the more i
should learn to write properlyandysnatches it back and crawls
better than flesh and bloodandyand you re insisting on
man okay ye re randyandythat sexy ye cannae wait
need to tak anither gaitandyye dinny mean ye re
cannae yaise that nooadays listenandyye re no to think
o things at the yardandyyou re nae further forward
group of girls who seeandylooking and turn to each
hall in glesca tae seeandywilliams in concert at the
it s time you wentandyi said saturday 6 a
silly i said you knowandyindeed i do she murmured
eh afore ye were mairiedandyhow would she hae described
when will she move anotherandyinto the other bed i
write apple underneath she asksandyis not happy about this
be ready will she noandyshe ll be ready but
kind of an affectionate oneandyshe s nuts she is
swop the little b forandythe day she s born
ribs but oh my darlingandyi was also desperate to
call you anything in particularandym1014: no but that s
an enormous slamming noise andandynearly faints but it is
just talking about them makesandys fingers seem smaller but
going out to ballyhillock withandythis morning but there was
up and gives it toandyand the screams stop as
up giddy up giddy upandyis not allowed to go
up there is no choiceandys like a brother you
letting go of the handleandystops screaming reaches up and
pilot began to girn soandysummoned up the smeddum in
to have a fierce friendandythinks getting fed up with
it will be safe forandyto walk up and down
cases outside the grand cinemaandygallops in and out of
gives the magic signal andandymarches out with the others
it out and hide itandys commode would be a
way of overcoming it whichandyam i writing about there
these kinds of questions aboutandyand not all of them
ve been ower all thatandyaye then the indian girl
that solution myself especially theandybit i m not that
what i m thinking oandyfor it would create ill
4 50 a m dearandyi have changed my mind
saturday 5 15 a mandythat phone call yesterday was
july 4 45 a mandywhy the hell did you
goods or music hall jokesandyhas another go at sucking
now as you well knowandyhas been misbehaving ha ha
everybody in the whole worldandyknows that there has been
fashion has been heard tellingandythat it must have been
faced skinny carroty curly hairedandywho has been such a
and reaches for the handleandywho has been watching intently
the men on saturday eveningsandyi thocht my free time
plenty oh my innocent innocentandyit s not as simple
daddy wants to know ifandyis all right now as
it could if it wasandyrobb morag s wasted no
like being touched girls continuedandywere snobs if they did
f1054: where did you goandym1014: i went around the
who should go and chaseandythey were so angry with
for its nasty nuances foetidandyand i had another silence
i share with the currentandyand two other ancients it
wait till doomsday and beyondandybroke the silence i wish
is going to bed withandyi really truly wish i
peat smell sexy now ohandyi whispered trying to dry
it i have tae sayandym1014: been on holiday yes
aboot a kit of toolsandym1014: i ve just got
any ither bother bein understoodandym1014: oh often yes i
video the modern equivalent ofandystewart i am not envisaging
the yard for five weeksandythe american boat i took
caird i canny credit thatandywid dae sic a thing
wives and their queer waysandywillie i mean adds a
joe i answered it sandyyou i snapped irritated at
removing beastie s lacy knickersandycrawls behind the sofa puts
the twa lassies gladys naeandyfarquhar s wife bessie na
let s start wi youandyfor that m1014: for what
into a kind of dareandyknows it s a dare
parked outside somebody s houseandylikes cars much better than
when it s raining heavilyandym1014: oh it s pourin
what a tide mark isandys feelings are confused they
impatiently wrenching the tin fromandys grasp and putting it
comes into the room withandys outdoor clothes come on
nicer than the effluvia fromandys rotten guts and from
on or off the throneandys voice was high pitched
you are a quiet childandys wailing crescendoes to a
repairs hae been done richtandythe weather s guid and
asked for our just desertsandycomes in from the garden
learned it from that wetandyrobb room at the top
rowland is reading to themandythe foreman from the shipyard
friend from down the streetandythe stick insect is standing
had to be you grottyandyrobb of all people as
wha- when dae they graduateandyyou ve seen it all
being dragged through the glaurandyit ll no harm you
listen there is no problemandymay be like a brother
it ower looks like newandyhad been working on it
wheen o scribes went hungryandywould you hae been pleased
only twelve of them includingandyand geordie and of course
at the class room doorandybreaks into a run and
macafee dauvit horsbroch gavin falconerandyeagle er ian parsley and
books and find the placeandyfinds the right page puts
lucky not getting the strapandyforgets the girls and the
really must selfies selfies shoutsandygrabbing the plastic potty and
muckle time reading and thinkingandyit ll dae ye nae
the insanitary and obscene objectandynever shows it any attention
streak and a long stalkandyopens the dusty little crayon
neither of those we dandythe brawler and desmond the
tools skills and feeling smallandytries to copy the figure
perfect red heart and asandywatches writes a l p
clobber and dance along toandywilliams and shirley bassey desperate
continued until the late 1980sandywinning butcher and game dealer
might just say it toandyas a sister to brother
eh f1054: just keep fillinandyuntil [inaudible] m1014: nothing else
while they are at schoolandyretires behind the sofa clutching
inch long stub properly sharpenedandytakes it not looking at
bright yellow pigtails together ohandydo you have to complains
speak aboot gutties would youandym1014: pardon f1054: gutties gutties
maister wants you to hearandythe maister wouldny hae put
o those you know theandywarhol marilyn monroe thing m942:
other girls join in soandyruns to the front of
dashes mum mutters gabrielle grumblesandyasks what the time is
wire helen tells morag blackandyis three days drunk aucholzie
that the stalk is greenandystands there unable to think
in a tv thriller heyandyc moan in shouted a
gate in the privet hedgeandyslows to a walk that
adult in the building whenandywas admitted jimmy a queer
enterprise john mason scottish executiveandybishop scottish executive claire smith
it a l p meansandyloves pamela girls are always
aboot the opposite lackin moneyandym1014: pardon f1054: lacking money
10 other members were professorandymcmillan of the mackintosh school
eddie bain cosla legal adviserandyo neill cosla policy officer
it must be nearly overandyremembers that it will be

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