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stert aboot in fricht twisanelya bawd a muckle fite
oot the hale page twisanelya screed aboot sir robert
sel as it stude twisanelybecause o neil duguid s
though in coull twis theanelytime she nivver argyed back
disnae see a citizen itanelysees a race it disnae
frae the deep he danelygaen hauf wye tae be
his lessons jenny forbye wisanelyhis hauf sister fur brian
the hauf wye merk nooanelytwa hunner fit left tae
littlin fur he d binanelya shepherd there fa d
yon fowk the yird hidanelybin fand bi the ooter
hid bin blessed cam theanelybit minnie really likit in
like any ither an theanelybody he kent that ained
cairryin fa the faither wisanelyhimsel an jessie kent fur
fin he wis wee theanelyither poet he kent bi
as it is gin yeanelykent it a warlock visits
kent fu weel it wisanelyroon the neist neuk na
seat come on staunin roomanelystep ben step ben we
cudna min whit wye furanelya dwamie memorie minded them
s he wis granda sanelyson sae yon s yer
is yon i hear aroonanelythe birr o traffic bairn
yon stramash but cammy wisanelythere sellin freendship bracelets an
vrocht ill fur ill deedsanelyguid far aa life dees
ill an sae they wadanelypit in the een be
in maist cases it wesanelywhan they got thirlit tae
in maist cases it wesanelywhan they got thirlit tae
the grazin fur sheep isanelyae nairra strip o hill
sae far as ayr theanelyhill wirth spikkin aboot in
a loon at the dooranelya seagull hashin on fur
cure fur aathing her daanelydrank strang liquor at communion
oot fur feedin beasts heanelyfussled twa tunes did spikk
fur his maisters auld joeanelyheard aboot the waddin sixth
he hidna muckle siller ananelya wee hut doon bi
jungle ringed bi tea theanelybritish neebors hyne aff up
place an a body wisanelydaein his ceevic duty bi
year the aulder neil hidanelysleepit wi twa ither quines
aa it wis bluid thingsanelybled like that fin they
glaury dubby hole mind finanelythe winos an weirdos gaed
fin i merriet yer faitheranelythey didna wint tae flit
life expectancy o ten yearsanelytae conserve resources tae replace
bit shairly they waurna theanelyten year auld bairns tae
described as wattered doon scotsanelya twa three wirdies non
the faulds o t wianelytheir twa wee nebs peekin
a nor east craftie whasanelybuiks war the poems o
scaled ooto wedlock this hairstanelydod an his wife war
needs the life cells waranelygien oot tae fit war
within fifteen fit o tanelythe faithful war lat richt
we are beggars we reanelybairnies cam tae play rise
yer germs tae yersels ianelycam in cause i lost
tho fowk said he wisanelypit yonner because the meenister
dinna see differences in fowkanelysimilarities jenny sangster pued daffies
room an noo there wisanelyane for fit lay wi
this verra efterneen an itsanelysax fit fower aff the
telt yer mither she danelyfash hersel baith o ye
the kennin yer nae theanelysoor cheese in the pantry
first aff i thocht thatanelyricht seein s he wis
there wis naethin there avaanelya scrunt o a tree
somethin even if it wisanelyblethers aboot skweel or weather
different pairts o toon hisanelyluv wis heroin the bonnie
grip ower the lan theanelysoun wis the wee sooch
o t benjy tae wisanelytholed in the gweed room
nae day nur nae nichtanelyan iverlaistin gloam far whyles
show tae me insteid abyssesanelyderk profun far div ye
an guidwull the javans couldanelysort a planet gin the
wyver nae bricht hairth loweanelya da an a stepminnie
a quaet place da widanelycause a stooshie an raise
tae steenhillock fermhoose he danelytae wauk nbeist door dod
a flame in t ananelythe ae door in an
auld joe sangster bein heranelyclose relative ayont brian the
pooch o bugs its theanelyhandwirk he s dane aa
dry girse an moss bitanelyspreid the sticky clart aa
he disna like leanne heanelyfollaes me he s nae
homer in his quaet sheenanelyhere the toun has nae
them nae tae grieve theanelysoun the beat in drum
as weel as on shoreanelya hide as teuch as
dinna ken ye canna tellanelythe snail can tell three
an flech betimes tae maanelydother i bequeath ma pelt
frae the beaks they cudanelyskirl like scurries frae the
ower its face she couldanelystrung the strings o t
shaddas lowpin like imps theanelythings steerin in the kitchie
craftie as burns bit ianelysaa crafties at wikk eyns
meikleburgh as a student kenninanelythe bare fac that he
haud wi superstitious styte ananelytholed the howkin o the
breathin broken an whizzly asanelya dreamin dug can his
wauks a trailin jungle creeperanelya grenade could bomb him
an meg said mair thatanelya clean quine cud bind
they re sayin granda bruceanelydeed five month syne an
harley davidsons thon s theanelything that micht persuade him
roose a tv king theanelyeen can cheenge the channels
oo inno a baa theanelyqueer kinna stories i iver
and the street is teemanelythe tom cats strut their

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