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sua exaltit deprevit discrivis describesanenand gud what is significant
and virtiuss men discrivis foranenye lad end iss non
depravit i t describes discrivesanen'ane-' eh ant i m
eh ant i m sorryanenanent and good g u
ll be boarn a cafflickanenda goes ach shut yer
scream yes ah wis boarnanenthe wins ripped the angel
an gied thum some scrananenda gote a skelp oan
we poalished aff wur breakfastanenset aff we gote intae
some photies through the watteranenah went ootside ae the
photies tryin different lens settinsanenwe traipsed aff again walkin
rollin summits crowned wae firsanenstoaped wher the mountains rose
the err it burled roonanendrapped an cloacked sister josephine
an the queen s viewanenjimmie drapped us an drove
narra path through the treesanenatween big rid fallen boulders
gonnae huv a wean helpanenevrubdy crowdit roon but there
the wean s heid appearsanenma wife ll manage fine
higher an us wae itanenda an mr gobbs led
aboot thurty odd years agoanenah goes whit d ye
and everything will be fineanenmaw startit haein me she
oh man whit a miracleanenit boonced up oan the
a big splash aff itanenwe heard spencer shoutin oot
waitit fur aboot a minuteanenthe fish came back the
staunin ther prayin tae godanensome bigot balloon frae oor
that wid dae fur nooanenwe did a great hing
bluebell wids an ower windyhillanenturned oantae the stockiemuir road

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