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christianity liggsna in argle bargleanentthe ferlies o the faith
christifay liggsna in argle bargleanentthe ferlies o the fay
christianity liggsna in argle bargleanentthe remarkables o jesus or
deavin him wi wanchancie ferliesanentmakin lede intil gowd whatna
deavin him wi wanchancie ferliesanentmakin lede intil gowd whatna
the ferlies o the fayanentthe remarkables o jesus or
pairlament speir the scottish executiveanenta maitter ye hae raised
the pairlament tae dae somethinganenta particular issue or law
gaun throu the pairlament oranentan issue they are speirin
committees taks tent tae evidenceanentbills gaun throu the pairlament
that lats ye explore informationanentthe pairlament at yer ain
public libraries that hauds informationanentthe pairlament aw offer internet
uk a hantle o informationanentthe pairlament is available some
sections includes whit s happeninanentthe pairlament msps education 3
yer msps for mair informationanentthe pairlament or oniething in
weys tae get mair speirinsanentthe pairlament or oniething in
giein yer pynt o viewanentan issue a speirin or
wi this in mind speirinanentweys tae uphaud an bring
young folk an on maittersanentculture an sport an sic
consider an report on maittersanentschuil an preschuil education an
tae believe buchan wanted guileanentsexual maitters christopher harvie notes
a pause ah ken naethinganentsic maitters ma freins mebbe
education 2 1 2 speiranentthe feasibility o a centre
he gang and speir eidentlieanentthe wee laddie and whan
micht speir the scottish executiveanenttheir wark an policies in
glaur twa thochts guid fowkanentfaither damian ane gin we
glaur twa thochts guid fowkanentfaither damian ane gin we
he haed his ain thochtsanenthir unco frein wha wad
nicht a hae ma thochtsanentit but daurna speak lady
hir mither o hir thochtsanentrosie mirren luikit agley at
l lairn naething frae meanentthe hether yill nae maitter
ye must instruct yer cousinanentthis maitter it maunna be
an splatters braiths wi gowdanentthe wa a cuddy wi
sein at mirren wes kweriousanentthe caus o d its
derned it mirren interrogat himanentthe hiddil he hed uised
nicht is ti tell yeanentthis unco dreme a haed
l hae a crak thegitheranentyon unco business gin ye
that statistics should be gaitheredanenthoo mony folk speaks scots
mony voices has expressed concernanentongaun uiss an attitudes tae
108 as wi earlier submissionsanentscots an gaelic mony submissions
the mony questions an concernsanentthe leids o scotland an
wark an finnd oot mairanentit we aw maun staun
lang whyle wurd cam inanentyeir buirdlie wark agin the
ongaun attitudes an approaches taenanentlanguage in scotland specifically the
specifically the approach bein taenanentthe awnin uiss an learnin
at the wyce auld troutanenthirsell she luikit doun intil
want tae express yer viewsanenta bill gaun throu the
office wants ti see yeanentsumthing andrey yawns tell him
wants tae ken yer viewsanentthe subjects they are discussin
haed a richt guid crackanentthe ongauns in the clachan
pair o thaim sair wurrieinanentwhit haed befawn the ither
spiered gin she kent onioethinganenthis tree she wad say
gin ye contack an mspanentsomething that concerns ye they
thaim an spiert at thaimanentthe gairds that war staunin
stertit ti gie thaim advyseanentwhit objeks wes lik ti
ye gaed tae bed finallyanenta column a twa wikk
twa fremmit ploys it isanentthe link atwein the ceities
in scots the storie isanenttwa faimlies the hask grunstanes
but the war a yairnanenttwa kettrens that war hung
ain collection s raither lichtanentauld reekie yer verses aa
nar fechtin it s aaanentlandwart fowk aboot craps hairst
syre macbeth a hear rumorsanenthim in tyme a l
listen but we l speakanentthis the morn whan we
in scotland an mak recommendsanentfuture strategy 16 progress wi
the public can mak suggestionsanentnew laws or chynges tae
tell ye aw ah kenanentthe gait we mak the
s comments for mair speirinsanente petitioning please see www
ti fork out mair faksanenthir gyde the rid douglas
nae mair nor fower yairdsanentme bluidy hell i thocht
gavin wad finn oot mairanentthe intiative and report back
coamic alswa gies furder informationanentstrange weapons and stranger ways
o the 29nt mairch 2005anentjames the 11 year auld
whan we parked the cauranentthe auld mill an daunert
she maun hae fund ootanenthis joukerie pawkerie wi the
dr purves in his bladanentorthographie eeses au ah hae
first letter to the corinthiansanentvirgins i hae nae commaund
me hae ma inner doutsanentye what gart ye leave
saltire society 26 fae paperanentgaelic broadcastin for the gaelic
among anaith beneath anaw alsoanentconcerning aneuch enough anither another
a an anelie a onlyanentprep about aneuch a enough
andro gey little is scrievitanenthim in the bible we
a laddie spiered at himanenthis eirant an fleitcht him
his maister an telt himanentwee fairie wumman says he
me hear ye haiverin thegitheranentteitils an honors for a
in ti dern the truithanenthis daith frae the warld
tae ae herdin it harrotanentnew mill on ti iot
ti the peypers stertit compleneinanentthe lak o a proper
sayin ill wirds ti andraanentthe puir stait o thair
an afoir the fell nyowsanentgaitsgill wes brak the twasum
success ar ye no heiranentthe cuiverfeu than we arna
bit savendie i gied yeanentthe lochs and sea i
did he tel ye thonanentthe passenger at bad the
div ye mynd the sagaanentthor at utgÃĪrda loke he
as lyfe itsell thae leesanentmasell is aw a ve
a want o cohesive policyanentcommunity leid provision 101 ae
mirk bothie wi sairious doutsanenthiz sair lak o knawlege
exemplar o hou wir consaitsanentlanguage wis deliberately thrawn bi
and his neist o kinanentnaomi and the paffle whilk
oot the kind o wittinsanentthe languages o scotland wantit
the global mercat 25 althoanentthe learnin o modern european
tae check the dam puilanentcharlesmount hoose it wis a
wis fair trickit tae readanentmy scutterin aboot hens last
petitioner tae support an commentanentthe issues mintit in petitions
reference is routinely made taeanentthe national cultural strategy the
a wee cartoon a didanentit for pittin on the
kinna local slang this consaitanentlanguage that wis drummed intae
fairies bairns an a storieanenta fairie an the guidwyfe
licht in tone an scepticalanentpsychoanalysis baith here an i
an souchin saft an slowanentthe rowan by the dyke
relevant major weir was questionedanenthis guilt i think i
outdoors type haen screiv tanenthis mountaineerin ploys afore turnin
cauld or flu tho juistanentdaith s door we trimmle
warna kynd ah m vextanentyeir tyauvin that wul nevir
gress ablow the rhododendron bussesanentthe puil bein october we
chynge archie roylance s speechanentthe chyngin hielans is pruived
burgh records for 1523 haveanentthe flour baiks and fadges
shae didna beleve the bittieanentthe pownies baith the traivellers
for example the 1574 actanentthe puir donaldson 1974 involved
brae juist abuin the sindrinsanentthe schul biggin yonner ay
brocht up the wird forhooietanentthe teuchat s storm he
brugh was in a tirraveeanentthem and the weemen said
the skouts gie fauns reportsanentus soldier richt awa syre
ant i m sorry anenanentand good g u d
ruth algates naomi is fashtanenta paffle whilk her guidman
my harns racked my brainsanentconcerning lands tenements wynd narrow
be kepit in all poyntsanentryne breid oattes hay candill

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