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the soupil brechams at cananerliepul the laid thai maun
awner and tae the awneranerliethe shae was the taken
ma dochter at is maanerliestell an prap nou at
bogie pit up hiz haunanerlieti stell the treffik an
wald be fause for itanerlieeeses lallans in the by
1950 sin syne a veanerliebade i the waittergate fur
tae saivrel waittergate jockie hedanerlietae walk mebbies threi myle
the young laird yid isanerliethrei yeir ma junior megstie
telt me bot it wesanerlieeftir a laed skuil ahent
aye sleipin ye l cananerlieprink yeirsell ahent ma kerr
o me whan ah manerliea fremmit body quo boaz
preincipil ti wir fremmit veisitorsanerliebout gates he collogued wi
sae a thocht a cuidanerliechap a wie cunyie aff
on hir lei lane wianerlietwa wie pokes the wie
aw ae kin o cattilanerliemuived bi the slaw tids
muives the seistem he maitsanerlieon drappit nirls afoir thai
mither s hert whan hiranerliedochter is in gryte daunger
the haill bible in lallansanerliea wheen buiks hae been
wur it at tyme naeanerliethe laird an fermer o
liggs in jizzen sae langanerliesall he be tint tae
fowk sall mynd o usanerliethrou this daith are we
cried ti be muckle mairanerliethrou oor daith cuid we
ti hushie us fir ayeanerliethrou this daith is oor
wis jessie forsythe an thairanerliebairn wis thair dochter lizzie
ti the darg wi theanerliegear we brocht wi tristan
the support o publict silleranerliethe kirnel staitiouns cuid supplie
ain gairden ma ferm isanerlieten acre lyke the ferm
bi yin syne the gressanerliethe fogg bade on maet
concludit at thare liggit thairanerliehowp thai dovered ower juist
an thrawed bot the douglasanerliemed shair at the raips
douglas fur halp bot heanerliesayed gie r the nem
crak ower the weirs hizanerlienedecessitie wes a fou flaik
hiz cuttance the morn wianerliethe wake pouer frae the
although anenst over against concerninganerlieonly antrin occasional athourt across
gang oor ain gait thinkinanerlieo oor ain wants wi
whiles we dinna mind thinkinanerlieo the dule wanhap and
a maist byordinar omnigadderum nanerliewes the r thair ain
wis ae callant thar wuranerliethe ae hoose it elrig
it weel for we dinnaanerliemind it frae oor bairntime
thaim bease ay yin hesanerlietae read aboot hou watt
haud back yer son yeranerlieson that in sainin ah
o youth heid the wesanerlieae flie in the eyntment
huleh and galilee but rinsanerlieintil the deid sea it
naething by common and wasanerliea peerie pairt o the
lyke thay haed never beenanerliethe rain bydes the same
the tyde rounabout thon wesanerliethe stert o d the
the merciment o god wasnaanerliefor the israelites but alsweel
we ken like paul thatanerliethe micht o god dings
maitter o his shoon isanerliea survivance o a wont
up tae 1924 efter 1939anerliethe fower gospels hae been
c and anaith prep beneathanerliea only aneuch a enough
onie peter uill i fyfeanerliecoll an oneste lawbour the
run squilein doun the pethsanerliethe gaits hauddit a caum

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