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lang fur lochan s cweelanetha heilan star they gar
glisk and glent birks cweelanetha rainbow tent a kelpie
o froth an sweeshlin breeaneththe cweel bit shade o
wid ye see the speeritaneththe skin mr macnormal or
time tae mend fur aaaneththe sun oh winnlestrae s
the streets new life sanethher wing flags lilac lavender
at the auld chiel fraeanethma broos i didna like
brocht oot the meen glimmeredaneththe lilac buss gowd starnies
snochered an shauchled its wyeanetha pykit weir fence that
hae haen she wis stauninanethan aik a lang green
say ye saw her stauninanethyon aik he speired arthur
tree cairryin a meikle gourdanethher airm up yon tree
as he tuckit his wifeanethhis oxter or he widna
bit it wiz rowed upaneths oxter an e wis
3 a time fur aaaneththe sun the heivens decreed
laboratories inno the whales skeletonsaneththe sea tae bigg colonies
an unchancy place like thisaneththem the quarry lochan luikit
greater nur ony pan yestreenaneththe meen in the starn
o blaik silk nippit shortanetha skinny rib tap that
as a wolf the furanethhis sark blaik fuzz wad
blaik shags on the cliffanethrankled their tarry feathers like
ernes staunin inbye the bigginsanetha cross the signeeficance o
like forbye they tuik yeaneththeir wing as patrons an
on onything moveable or immoveableaneththe canopy o heiven nur
kher yalla dug yalla duganeththe staas foo d ye
o ivy happit the dykeanethhim minnie luikit ower tae
whaur it traivelt i hidlinsaneththe grund doun an owre
grund doun an owre oraneththe pit wheel at gaed
scholar after alojz gradnik 1882anethi finn the solid grun
air their reets rin deepaneththe grun ben the braid
grass mowdie is a moleaneththe grun is underneath the
o soap war still weetanethhis lugs far he d
the fleas frae their lugsaneththe cweelin bough o an
me on tap an himanethjist as weel cause whiles
tickie o saut an inaneththe caul water tap jist
a shotgun inno the cubbieaneththe stairs he wyled it
blinkit at her mistress fraeanethher lang fair lashes minnie
if fitba is tae bideaneththe category o sport still
me in the warld bideaneththis reef yer the youngest
yon a cuddy muttered daanethhis braith we ve swacker
like yon auld hydro pylonsaneththe furlin ribbon o steel
noon there s riftin taedsanetheach tree an turtles hotchin
a shout frae the parkanethseen gart her steer fur
hill owerluikin the hairst parkanethshe sat still an serious
a brig on the parkanethwi a fit in twa
the reamin chunty that sataneththe fermer s bed afore
skweel tae licht the fireaneththe muckle biler tae mak
a muckle r r tounaneththe north sea bit til
in lang hose tucked inanethhis knee length breeks an
roon an e craaled inanether tae see fit wis
young rhubarb lay curled upaneththe yird gaun roon tae
lowpers fae the sea tounsaneththe oceans wi eneuch oxygen
her feet back an foreaneththe table duntin the table
she jalouses that the sananethher feet is rael gritty
gorse and stappit it upanethits tail weel it didna
and gaed forrit tae staunaneththe pupit the beadle gordon
an fin trains passed inanethloons eest tae pit their
pittin her hett taes fraeaneththe cosie sheets ontae the
happin in case the crocaneththe bed sud slidder oot
wis here in the stableanethaa that wis left tae
flytit an smooriched aa nichtanethher verra neb wi the
wi rosit heistit his fiddleanethhis chin duntit his fit
tickelt physog an derk shaddasanethher een her claes war
pairish o steenhillock raxxed ootanethher like a chessboord on
sgian far twa watters meetanethmeenlicht we ll foregaither at
famous man played wi himselanethhis desk rattled his ain
aathegither wis dr tammas laggerananethhis heidship the septiles fared
jesus king abeen an hereanethgrant faan they tak their
men nerra airms that powkitaneththeir wings an a human
the peint wud bogles roaranethit the lowe o dispossession
pictur o the proceedins creepaneththe bedclaes an wyte till
indwell the lan o aquasaneththe ocean ilkie man gull
an the mavis takk shelteraneththe rubbery leaves o a
sooker an stuck it backaneththe wee postcaird o the
yonner the hazel sprig sanganethma tongue its wauchtit sweetness
the stage landing me inaneththe cheers the bruises hae
m hung like a haggisanethmy kilt which i ayewis
s lambs on the fermlananeththe rigs hid bin drawn

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