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m deid naw the archangelgabriel diznae werr a shiny
in the saxt moneth theangelgabriel was sent frae god
of the encyclopaedia they comprisedangelark of the covenant baal
watched ower bi the arkangelee o cctv in the
angel on t fas theangelaunt minnie speired st matthew
stained glaiss windae wi anangelon t fas the angel
nurse my bones angel faceangelface short sock straicht cut
come tae mop her upangelface short sock straicht cut
she may nurse my bonesangelface angel face short sock
in the toon 7 anangels veesit rainy rainy rattlesteens
was a stained glass tweedyangelthe scratchy vinyl record of
as ye wull and theangelpairtit frae her luke ii
a well practised routine hiangelangelica lo dod they grin
his hands on her shouldersangelangelica viciously get aff he
angelica to angelica is itangelangelica wide eyed in puzzlement
a snake like you dodangelangelica ye promised me coupons
tracts oh angelica my weeangelfancy you thinking o that
anen the wins ripped theangelfrae its base bronze wings
ll clip his wings theangelfa irritates ane an aa
neep wis the divil anangeltee da she speired foo
in purgatory stuck between theangelburnt oak false legs left
this suld be quo theangeltae her dinna be feart
were gie feart quo theangeltae them dinna be feart
name was mary and theangelcam tae her and quo
hopeful as ever dod helloangelyou re lookin affa bonnie
naw aw aw silence zebangelpraise the lord i m
to that sadie suddenly anangelhuh stands i m away
yeir mither wul be anangelbi nou moula eftir the
to keep this a secretangelbut noo that your mither
ma mither ah want anangelfliein aboot wad be nae
wad ah dae wi anangelit s ma mither ah
s fate god set anangelon the gate an gied
xxii 15 18 and theangelo the lord caad tae
hirsel nichtertail and wow theangelo the lord cam tae
maitter whan ma certie theangelo the lord cam tae
new boarn wean a fallenangelan a comatose nun hauf
suffice tae keep them ootangelbut tell me god whit
tae burger meat bi yonangelan that wis the night
don t even think yonangelwis real look murray is
f1095: you re nae anangelare you m1096: aye f1095:
m goin to be anangelf1095: are you m1096: aye
be the erm nativity a-angelm1096: aye and i m
ai a wush sum halieangelwad flie ti the coort
as we took for anangeland turned out a de
f643: mm the day gloangeltook you away from it
m awoken by a beautifulangeldo you have a name
tae back ma word anangelwi a flamin sword ye
jokes in aiberdeen aboot theangelfae fraserburgh wi a devil
suddent there was wi theangela wheen o the heevinlie
that ye looked like anangelan we thocht that s
why what else would anangelhave in such a delightful
been an gone an duneangeloch hoity toity it s
at the feet of anangelto his mother she refused
to have sang play theseangelharps for me new year
s nice think o theangelbluebottles that bizz in paradise
form his first britannica articleangelhad raised a few eyebrows
the board you know theangelof [laugh] abundance would shine
he went with the whiteangelfrom the vestibule to the
special thanks to our photocopyangelrosemary of the copy print

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