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the bales and fields needingangelswill lash their foaming fury
ll soar of quills andangelsdickens prior to residing in
bird man of quills andangelswaiting for a god to
bins and shop fronts masonicangelswearing bovver boots working the
aroon the skatin rink electricangelssway an blink ower union
angels how much they needangelsbut not descended from the
bide aawyes wi the itherangelsfur angels they fairly war
s head oh fields needingangelshow much they need angels
wi the ither angels furangelsthey fairly war far ower
for static glory fields needingangelskeep yesterday today horizons shimmer
heaven ti be wi theangelshe wis scared an lonely
steps dusted by night squadangelsdusky wings such a ladder
cherubs sprouting blue wings greatangelssmall ones got to arrange
politeecian while twa big gairdianangelscairt his bags an luik
there war mair picters oangelsfechtin dragon baists they jaloused
whom they pray they needsangelsof compassion who will split
was radiant bright drops ofangelsblood the worry a worry
gather wonderful posies of larksangelswould go swimming with the
an ah wondert if maangelswere feedin ma ears wi
workers hands and faces ourangelsmust resist land lust and
just like whoa hell sangelsappear [laugh] m642: [inhale] [click]
m078: th- the language thatangelsspeak th- which is the
chynge the wey ye areangelswul aye be bricht an
therefore may seem weightier nowangelswear polystyrene gowns with polyester
to run about playing atangelsin the theatre would ever
a bit mair laich thanangelsplace ye gied wi honner
afore his een war theyangelsor no michty me no
tae heiven an saw theangelso god gyaun up an
know you know sort ofangelson the head of a
on behalf of the guardianangelsformally scottish parents for a
the prayers that men andangelscan offer will not make
tae men efterhaun whan theangelsgaed awa tae heevin the
side o the line sepiaangelsbiggen a brig ower cloudy
on the side of theangelsf606: but she s learning
i let ye in bleedingangelstoday a rainbow leaked the
draw it nearer still maangelshuv shown me ahm goin
nor kings wi camels onlyangelsthe sleepin doos yet the
for the devil and hisangelsinstead of everlasting life it
the wind he maketh hisangelsspirits and his ministers a
and watching thinking about theangelsand and so on as
and fishes are there securityangelsto oust intruders illegal imps

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