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soliony recites don t beangryaleko away away with all
not so don t beangryaleko toozenbach whit haes aleko
ll happen he ll gitangryan when he s angry
we got for annoyed ohangryangry mmhm bilin angry [laugh]
f1114: yes ruby s gettingangryf1113: ruby s getting angry
angry f1113: ruby s gettingangryf1114: just clean up just
angry maggie angry i amangrygordon angry that i don
angry an when he sangryhe kin be cammy looks
smiling and starts to beangryhe s never been angry
you should be angry maggieangryi am angry gordon angry
oh angry angry mmhm bilinangry[laugh] mm that s what
gordon angry you should beangrymaggie angry i am angry
got for annoyed oh angryangrymmhm bilin angry [laugh] mm
f1041: really angry well justangryor as you say annoyed
ti git yi angry reallyangrypause what yi done wi
bj need ti git yiangryreally angry pause what yi
angry i am angry gordonangrythat i don t have
[laugh] aye just f1041: reallyangrywell just angry or as
angry he s never beenangrywith me before don t
ye did aw right gordonangryyou should be angry maggie
f1113: [exhale] ruby s gettingangryf1114: yes f1113: your nose
yiv seen yiv seen edangryafore dimps fuck this yi
mi stew yiv seen edangryafore where when water starts
yiv every right ti beangrydimps aye aye in a
er annoyed m1019: bilin ermangryballistic that s a contemporary
re annoyed m1017: roosed lowpinangryf1054: good ones m1015: rattled
i just say i mangryif it s annoyed i
the deep end for beingangryor annoyed m1022: another thing
be sorry when ed getsangryeasy strokes feel how yi
that that micht mak umangryyi heard what della and
fi what really makes yiangryyou ken what ah m
telt yis he d gitangryed ed say something ed
can hear my daddy beingangrybut i can t stop
before my daddy might beangryhe told me once that
room daddy horse would beangrywith me if i tried
vous ĂȘtes un ours gettingangrygin ye want ti speak
like that awa gladys gettingangrythey have i tell you
excuse muriel getting suspicious andangrywell far are they dod
[laugh] f1121: she s gettingangrywi you she wants you
dimps aw aw are youangryat your mother cammy aw
daniel that makes me soangrybut still it s a
m so glad you reangryit makes me feel safe
howkers mother would be veryangryif she caught andy fighting
andy can t tell howangryshe is his fingers are
chase andy they were soangrywith each other they couldn
wicked song she ll beangrypause what if the coffin
m999: if they re reallyangryaboot something f1001: mmhm m1002:
really f1025: aye f1023: quiteangryabout it but i mean
is going to be reallyangryso me and beastie quietly
crossly she is not reallyangrythough she reaches into the
you know they re reallyangrywith you cause you know
we do is this oneangryf1121: has she got an
f1121: has she got anangryface f1122: look f1121: she
she would she would beangryabout the fires and you
swinging as she turned herangryback on me i smell
the grave she d beangrymicht even curse us zeb
toys with it she looksangrymoula enters moula whit s
she is forceful but notangryor unpleasant she rather enjoys
but she is disturbed byangryshouting in the courtyard below
she s going to beangrywhen she finds out that
she ll be a bitangrywith us [laugh] she won
mess his mummy will beangrywon t she f1114: yes
and she thought of theangrywords waiting for her at
she comes tae grief adamangryyer impidence is fair disgustin
ye see i m notangryi m just upset i
up i m to beangryif i want to be
up i m to beangryif i want to be
like me when i mangrym1090: ehm i would like
wrote refuge because i mangrythat such safe houses are
side and i m notangrywith him about the thrift
permissions for me to beangryi am entitled to my
because they are frustrated andangryand want some evidence to
it you re to beangryif you want to be
up i wasn t evenangryabout being the beast of
that shocked i wasna evenangryi was staunin in front
spontaneously combust scalding passion whitangrybut i cannae change it
the water when he sangryhe says things bad things
her wayward spawn lips thatangrytight way they go when
the attendant one got veryangrywhen i tried to walk
ain argyments bizzed oot inangryfyke if i cud be
auntie [censored: forename] would have beenangryif he d been throwing
that i would be veryangryif people had known it
devils the devils are veryangryin the jungle for there
hope you will not beangryi have followed you home
taxi said he d beangrysaid he d punish her
re in a nightmare agnesangrynaw an you mind this
stalwart fellow and with anangryshould he sprang to his
bursts out of her carolanneangrywe should call the police
influence because i was erangryer and it kind of
spine to stiffen into thatangryarch but it doesn t
t have all the answersangrythat thousands of women have
jolted into adulthood by anangryjealous husband surely the worse
into graham s chest theangryprodding seemed to pep him
ti think there is anangryshout from offstage eilidh goes
s gonna dae he sangryhe s gonna bite his
the widow s voice isangrygirl for shame your child
hardly cover your bloomers angelicaangryneen o that mak s
was terrified as well asangrywe were both choked up
[laugh] f810: i was soangrythat guy was so rude
hae left i was mairangryat masel than i was
you i felt masel gettinangryi says that s no
fit ye were deein dodangrywith her lack of sympathy
acting the part of anangryhusband lover but what is
an they did meantime theangrygroom strode doon the road
is settled down fasht isangryupset raise up is rose
own ways gladys feels obscurelyangrypeggy feels intensely concerned but
presence could exacerbate the situationangrynaebody s expected tae rescue
the high sierras like greatangrygods and rain much needed
rls was trapped in anangryhelpless state of child like
the black isle are extremelyangryand frustrated given that highland
for them liza is fiercelyangryand one of the women
it to king who isangryturns over and dies the
the noise from the mysteriousangrybeastie in the jungle all
set til yeir bairn thorfinnangryah regret naething as ferr
onions wept the parsnips grewangryand punched the courgette the
of disapproval from the customersangryat having had their privacy

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