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with regard to the recentlyannounced5 million package for special
january 2003 the scottish executiveannounceda 6 million funding package
the same day the executiveannounceda 6 million funding package
in deeds last october weannounceda massive investment package of
response the scottish executive 2003announcedan aid package for fishing
the package that has beenannouncedas well as the extra
the further package of proposalsannouncedby the executive on 24
the further package of proposalsannouncedby the executive on 24
package for the textile industryannouncedby the minister for small
10 million textile aid packageannouncedin june for the textiles
care package that susan deaconannouncedin october does she understand
under the rates relief packageannouncedon 28 march 2001 s1w
care package for older peopleannouncedon 5 october 2000 s1o
making process the package wasannouncedon 5 october which was
the 2002 decommissioning package wasannouncedwhen the package came into
to carry out the recentlyannouncedreview of scotland s cities
the outcome of the recentlyannouncedreview of scotland s cities
in relation to the recentlyannouncedreview of scotland s cities
to participate in the recentlyannouncedreview of scotland s cities
be included in the recentlyannouncedreview of scotland s cities
very seriously sarah boyack recentlyannounced4 4 million support to
scottish arts council has recentlyannounceda new children s creative
the future we have recentlyannouncedaction that will lead to
impact it anticipates the recentlyannouncedadditional resources for the national
the parliament welcomes the recentlyannouncedclinical trials into the pharmacological
in line with the recentlyannouncedeuropean union target ii set
materials for schools i recentlyannouncedfunding worth 5 million for
similar to the programme recentlyannouncedin england s1o 3244 18
be aware of the recentlyannouncedjoint venture called charis between
research the fsa has recentlyannouncednearly 1 million of research
the ayrshire coast she alsoannouncedrecently a 0 7 million
force which the minister recentlyannouncedwill consider the whole area
people scotland bill as previouslyannouncedamendments for stage 2 of
services scotland bill as previouslyannouncedamendments for stage 3 of
building scotland bill as previouslyannouncedamendments for stage 3 of
early as possible as previouslyannouncedamendments should be lodged with
monday 2 april as previouslyannouncedamendments should be lodged with
use of money and previouslyannouncedmoney will the minister give
statement the funding was previouslyannounceds1m 903 carrick city of
on public services as previouslyannouncedthe text of the motion
at the november convention weannounced1 5 million for recruitment
homes earlier this month weannounced200 million of funding during
on nurses the minister hasannounced5 million for nurse recruitment
release of 4 september whichannounceda 39 million cash bonanza
that scottish borders council hasannounceda further 7 million of
year the minister for transportannouncedan extra 70 million over
members of the 100 millionannouncedby susan deacon on 5
288 million for 2000 01announcedby the minister for finance
288 million for 2000 01announcedby the minister for finance
the 100 million that iannouncedlast october we will therefore
million that mr home robertsonannouncedlast week was the increase
area waste plans yesterday iannouncedthat 6 million of this
my final question ministers haveannouncedan intention to regulate on
1999 mike watson msp labourannouncedhis intention to introduce a
east lothian since the executiveannouncedits intention in august 2000
20 september 1999 my predecessorannouncedour intention to establish best
16 june 1999 donald dewarannouncedthe intention to lay a
civilised society yesterday the ministerannounceda review there is to
speed with events yesterday weannouncedthat we have rejected the
to match that the ministerannouncedyesterday to extend the provision
needs assessment process that iannouncedyesterday which is to be
the figures that sam galbraithannouncedyesterday which show that 23
development working group which wasannouncedyesterday will in august 2001
people welcomes the additional resourcesannouncedin the spending review for
people welcomes the additional resourcesannouncedin the spending review for
of the review which iannouncedlast week will examine the
disciplinary review of child protectionannouncedon 20 march 2001 is
the scottish executive that quasiannouncedreview will reach its conclusion
on the still to beannouncedtayside acute services review s1o
health and community care hasannouncedthe outcome of that review
these make clear whether fundingannouncedis additional resources or whether
a few weeks ago iannouncedour proposals through the additional
making for the nhs iannounceda few weeks ago that
snp benches that iain grayannouncedsome weeks ago that any
in recent weeks we haveannouncedthat we are going to
support two weeks ago weannouncedwith the department for work
medium nursery education 1m wasannounced3 in october 2001 for
executive how the initiatives itannouncedon 18 october 2002 will
extension of its relocation policyannouncedon 25 october 2002 covering
books and equipment that wasannouncedon 26 october 2001 s1w
chisholm on 5 october weannouncedour response to the report
under the proposals that sheannouncedi think last month is
month or so suddenly janeannouncedshe wis in the femily
sector earlier this month iannouncedthat the figure had risen
those issues in december weannouncedchanges to the tolerable standard
to accommodate changes that wereannouncedin the holyrood project over
the changes that have beenannouncedrepresent a decisive break with
the changes that we haveannouncedtoday on religion and ethnic
the changes that i haveannouncedtoday will require an amendment
the same resources to beannouncedas new funding on more
new resources that have beenannouncedfor the support of stock
beyond the inadequate proposals alreadyannouncedand returns the water industry
clear about why we haveannouncedour proposals to the commission
few months ago margaret curranannouncedthat a slice of lottery
further education funding council shefcannouncedin march 2001 6 a
the glasgow convention i alsoannouncedthe immediate funding of six
between what the minister hasannouncedand what is in the
skills that the minister hasannouncedare most welcome we have
welcome the change of viewannouncedby the deputy first minister
one third by 2002 asannouncedby the minister for children
impact its expenditure plans asannouncedby the minister for finance
improve care for the elderlyannouncedby the minister for health
of foot and mouth diseaseannouncedby the minister for rural
independent women s equality groupannouncedby the minister for social
the national theatre will beannounceds1f 2315 the first minister
framework directive the first ministerannouncedthat the directive would be
country the first minister iannouncedtowards the end of last
trunk road network that weannouncedlast week fergus ewing that
to the latest figures beingannouncedlater this week and to
enormous this week alone iannouncedthat the extension to the
quality housing last week iannouncedthe recommendations made by the
the measures that have beenannouncedthis week will mean that
may on 18 december weannounceda further round of modernising
for four operating companies wasannouncedin december 1999 and tender
sector and its affiliated industriesannouncedon 20 december 2000 and
the allocation of extra moneyannouncedon 6 december 2000 by
revenue allocations that angus mackayannouncedon 7 december that capital
whether the plans have beenannouncedon a previous occasion lodged
the scottish enterprise website iannouncedplans for developing public support
nurse work loads i haveannouncedplans to establish a group
in student bursaries which wasannouncedlast july and an end
scotland act 1982 that wasannouncedlast november we have no
the planned jobs in dunbartonshireannouncedover the last five years
that the government has alreadyannouncedand full implementation of the
building to the levels alreadyannouncedby the executive future roads
2002 03 we have alreadyannouncedthat we will make available
for the white fish industryannouncedon 11 march 2003 s1w
planned for the transport projectsannouncedon 30 january 4 march
for the british pig industryannouncedon 30 march 2000 remains
morrison on 20 march iannouncedthat loganair had been awarded
social evening 2nd march wasannouncedtreasurer absent packet secretary the
the european structural fund grantsannouncedon 5 april 2001 s1w
the original amount of moneyannouncedto be invested in the
follows [note: table here in original] the executive alsoannounceda further 450 000 to
set further details will beannouncedin the business bulletin in
this and the action planannouncedby the dti on 6
to follow the overground initiativeannouncedby the first bus group
back one of the groupannouncedthere would be dancing at
measures for the textile sectorannouncedby the secretary of state
private rented sector ministers haveannouncedthe establishment of a housing
for government which will beannouncedin the near future mr
period to 2010 will beannouncedbusiness bulletin 38 2000 wednesday
may be submitted will beannouncedby the presiding officer and
have been or will beannouncedby the relevant department or
sure i was alright andannouncedhis departure will you come
on gaelic organisations will beannouncedi will be present in
for the consultation will beannouncedin due course robin harper
for subsequent days will beannouncedin due course the deadline
is giving to local authoritiesannouncedon 26 june 2002 will
this guests will not beannouncedon arrival there are 372
scheme the fact will beannouncedpublicly and the clerk will
lord justice general will beannouncedr s1w 19417 bill aitken
s drug problems will beannounceds1w 10878 brian adam to
of its survey will beannounceds1w 23036 pauline mcneill to
for health and community careannouncedthat there will be 1
do so we have thereforeannouncedthat we will guarantee a
as members will recall iannouncedthe setting up of the
national central heating installation programmeannouncedby the scottish executive on
of the national qualifications heannouncedthat the executive would consult
national work force statistics areannouncedtomorrow however we must step
mcleish 12 september 2000 iannouncedthe names of the four
in the important new initiativesannouncedby the lord advocate for
year the new opportunities fundannouncedthe award of some 87
new assisted areas map wasannouncedthe new map covers much
new qualifications and he alsoannouncedthe setting up of the
the inquiry into their safetyannouncedby the european commission s1w
in scotland since membership wasannounceds1w 19421 michael matheson to
proceedings are expected to beannounceds1w 32357 bruce crawford to
as publisher this news wasannouncedto the joint council in
is the european trade commissionerannouncedat the beginning of february
in scotland the scottish executiveannounceda grant of 80 000
attacked what the executive hasannouncedno one has undermined in
1st 2004 the scottish executiveannouncedthat it was investing an
the scottish executive when itannouncedthe formation of the sustainable
result in may the executiveannouncedthe postponement of the phasing
on poverty and deprivation asannouncedby ms wendy alexander in
simply follow the shabby compromiseannouncedby the government at westminster
10 rise in rail faresannouncedby virgin trains believes that
ended strangely with results beingannouncedfollowing by three greeks who
tonight by the seƱora danielannouncedleaning a little back in
in the bill we alsoannouncedthat there would be a
untenable and a general electionannouncedthe first polls this morning
when the administration has justannouncedthat it is to implement
the winner was to beannouncedat the scottish er central
allocated have yet to beannouncedbut at the press launch
that are still to beannouncedi wrote to you convener
arbuthnott games day it wasannouncedover a horn that we
000 job losses have beenannouncedsince then like the whisky
length of road and haveannouncedthat a route action plan
for the eydp were subsequentlyannouncedon 23 january 2003 in
o c b mr [censored: surname]announcedthat the memorial service for
to address those ross finnieannouncedon may 17 that the
objective performance ltd which iannouncedin the chamber during the
superb vista of valldemossa whichannouncedthat i was back on
just before christmas jackie baillieannouncedthat the housing scotland bill
consents to grants as iannouncedin november we estimate that
modern safe road and asannouncedon monday we are to
aboot the gills as heannouncedthe dance we the band
the tender was i believeannouncedon a friday afternoon in
result of the vote isannouncedjohn young west of scotland
when the preferred bidder wasannouncedi appreciate that the question
games in 1914 it wasannouncedthat the 1st world war
sleeping beauty the prophet muhammadannouncedthat the best grave was
the rates quoted as iannouncedin a written answer this
any details of the seminarannouncedsuch as the location the
that my colleague angus mackayannouncedbefore christmas is part of
life s pleasures instead heannouncedsternly one day that it
corporation after the company hadannouncedthat an audit found 27million
vote of thanks the presidentannouncedthat dr [censored: surname] had applied
maria s bathroom mirror heannouncedthat he would submit to
education europe and external affairsannouncedthat he would take forward
resemble war zones the bbcannouncedthis morning that a twentieth
the lavvies is flooded sheannouncedaggressively fit are ye gaun
parliament is dismayed at theannouncedclosure of penninghame open prison
parliament is dismayed at theannouncedclosure of penninghame open prison
seated the fairberry s hroannouncedi ll start the video
the proposal s being formallyannouncedkeith harding said something important
the shape of jim wallaceannouncedthe establishment of a committee
divorce her mother had incongruouslyannouncedthe words coming out of
took when you arrived heannouncedin broken english holding up
your dad out mrs macdonaldannouncedto a startled margaret i
fur choring a giro heannouncedenthusiastically built like an irish

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