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to rabelais pantagruel and bothanticipatecohen s pantagruel urquhart borrows
on the recommendations made weanticipatepublishing a full response early
baillie as i said weanticipatepublishing a full response early
chase up such petitions ianticipateclashes between this committee and
insurance companies have indicated theyanticipatehave sent premiums through the
north east were adequate toanticipatethe current weather conditions and
deliver improved services however toanticipatesignificant savings as the financial
proceed straight to what ianticipatewill be a vote the
work load that we cananticipateto some degree with our
it will be difficult toanticipateproperly and effectively all the
out the background fully weanticipatethat the majority of fixed
bureaucracy and limited budget ianticipatethat the european year of
s member states identify andanticipatecrises that is important if
supply and from what weanticipatebeing able to provide on
are required we try toanticipateall the resources that are
that we are trying toanticipatecollectively what staffing levels are
versus legitimate pest control ianticipatesome difficulties there particularly with
you cannot for example alwaysanticipatea plague of rats if
could aw say that bjanticipatejilly what s hur next
in the boxing world patanticipatewhat yur opponent s next
to make clear that theyanticipatethat the fox will emerge
and private when does heanticipatethat the government s plans
come mr paterson do youanticipatethat that will help to
can to solve it toanticipatewhat may need to be
lie it is realistic toanticipatethat it will not be

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