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drames atwein hirsell an theantrinaventurs at shae feired wesna
truckin da ruckly strae anantrinflooer you mak girse grow
ruckly uneven strae straw stubbleantrinoccasional flooer flower girse grass
the flouers aff gied anantrinan unco odour at waashed
at lochranza and pirnmill translatitantrinchaptirs for the daily prents
govrenment b tae gie ootantringovrenment leitratur wrutten in scots
the disjasket mene o thisantrinveisitar hechtit taills o tryall
whiles twid reest in theantrinthroat that gart it craik
jist makkit dae wi theantrinbidie in an vrocht aa
war gart gree tae theantrinjoab myndin the crèche mebbe
an a wheen o oorieantrinthochts kep on fleein in
concerning aneuch enough anither anotherantrinoccasional areddies already asyde beside
allagrooze grim sour anaith underneathantrinoccasional arles earnest money at
over against concerning anerlie onlyantrinoccasional athourt across all over
an fro an bagged anantrinane or twa but my
scoofs o lager or theantrincrunch o crisps naebody spied
fusky bottle will kittle theantrinblether pairty fur fower her
an fires burn high anantrinbogles glower inbye an leaves
puils o tar and theantrinmavis wis scrattin in the
deed salmon grey wi theantrinstraik o yalla far the
air here an yonner theantrinbirk or rodden warssled tae
an shelts an even theantrincar cam fleein doon fitehaa
an tatties an fyles theantrinleprachaun fitiver there wis in
e caa caa o anantrincraa an e iverlaistin sangs
the daffies powkin frae theantrinsheugh yarkin their yalla powes
anaith e rug an eantrinfedder flufferin doon till e
powe an cleuk dunts theantrinleaf awa nicht growes langer
hid ma faither tho theantrinleaf frae his buik o
war bartok chopin brahms theantrincaird ye sent took pride
a widda wummin liked theantrindram her hats were braw
frae neebors bairns tae theantrinbody wintin a sofa tae
fur ae wheen days itantrintymes the glendinning s wur
an phaisants pairtricks an anantrindeer but nou i spend
i guid jobs a makantrinveesits owre yonder tae sei
fur the beasts at theantrinhoose a draiggle o dyeuks
wis whan hei made hisantrinootins tae hawick hei likit
noo tae tidy up anantrinwird arisin oot o es
micht ging hame fur theantrinwikkeyn it wisna a punishment
some ethnic cleansin wi anantrinpuffie o gas i niver
though ere s aye anantrinchiel at ll be ower
its cleuks meg cast theantrinluik at the clock on
s closed cept fur theantrinmeetin nae doot thar ir
fur his supper at theantrinsoiree the lairds pyed weel
ere mith a been anantrinrat tee an i ve
auld jude alang wi theantrinsang an tale tae gie
em in nests bit eantrineen on e slopin platform
they tastit fine though theantrineen wid turn oot tae
little winner they wheekit anantrineggie hard times right enough
aff fool feet an eantrinmummifeet flee or bottler in
like doorstops perched on theantrinpost there far i d
a valuable asset is inconsistentantrinan should be taen as
maistly on an individual anantrinbasis an the pairlament sae
ship shape wi aye anantrinthrough gaun binnin stane tae
think o this as anantrintruibil it is nae mair
wey but this is anantrinusage in scots an gif
tae the squeak o theantrinhairst moose in the riggin

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