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[tapping] m1070: did you goanywheref1071: [?]zoom[/?] we goed somewhere
know it won t beanywhereit ll just be somewhere
somewhere jilly gittin somewhere leeanywherewhere ah couldnae hear the
into a gaelic medium establish-anywherein scotland anywhere in the
medium establish- anywhere in scotlandanywherein the world actually so
f638: couldnae afford tae goanywhereelse for a pair o
me but i couldnae goanywhereelse for shoes so was
i d never heard itanywhereelse f1023: kippie handed f1025:
it m055: mmhm mmhm f785: anywhereelse he mentioned the big
ve i ve not livedanywhereelse i ve erm i
in aberdeen than just aboutanywhereelse in scotland because people
dental patients than is providedanywhereelse in scotland grampian doctors
more reluctant here than a-anywhereelse in scotland so i
the castle hill not fromanywhereelse in stirling ye had
either in england or inanywhereelse in the rest of
that in the same wayanywhereelse m830: no f829: ehm
above what you d payanywhereelse saying that when the
of smes in aberdeen thananywhereelse will be involved in
information i haven t seenanywhereelse you had to look
useless butterball shouldnae be allowedanywherenear a pitch chapter 2
they don t do obviouslyanywherenear anything like enough scots
there is no such churchanywherenear here there is however
on he hadn t beenanywherenear it so i knew
even fuckin think about cominanywherenear me ya bastards we
t allow him to comeanywherenear them when they re
i ll ever be parkinganywherenear there to tell you
is cause you like travelanywheref807: mm f806: and it
travel agents they d wonanywhereon the globe under a
the registrars to perform marriagesanywherethat they felt appropriate my
you felt you could walkanywhereyou felt so safe and
right to live and moveanywherein this country as you
right to live and moveanywherein this country as you
ocht anything onie any oniewhauranywhereoor hour ootby outside ootlin
or my anything lying aboutanywhereyou know you could be
guidelines that can be foundanywherein the world for the
can provide the total packageanywherein the world that turnkey
the software did not existanywherein the world we did
be able to sleep anytimeanywhereany place nightshift is the
able to conduct a ceremonyanywherein scotland in the knowledge
like the place not goinganywherecold crows and stone grey
selfish it s not goinganywherei m not going to
was never interested in goinganywhere[laugh] f718: okay will we
really seem to be goinganywherethat that was the thing
i ll go with himanywhereany time he s trying
are when i go outanywherebecause you don t get
so did you go awayanywhereduring the summer or did
a passport ye could goanywheref606: aye m691: ye know
finished they didn t goanywherethen one day this thing
and macdiarmid and never goanywherewithout my nickie tams however
because you ll never findanywherelike f631: oh right [laugh]
couldn t find the puppiesanywherehowl howl cruel look [inaudible]
is when it s seenanywhereother than on the telly
you d probably get thatanywherethough that s the thing
and write these words downanywhereyou see words of poison
not to refer the petitionanywherebut i did not understand
or bad a place asanywherefor a prisoner to serve
i m not really hurtinganywhereand mummy would be cross
yeah you could get inanywherereally couldn t you m816:
and would not be movinganywherejust because of a licensing
the real figure might beanywherebetween 65 and 70 per
have a long relationship inanywherebetween the ages of eighteen
studying at higher education institutionsanywherein the united kingdom lodged
studying at higher education institutionsanywherein the united kingdom lodged
plays that haven t goneanywhereerm and i think i
t start here miles fromanywherewith no one to help
the same a marriage conducedanywherein scotland has that security
use you ll no getanywherewith him rowland we ll
s hard to get landanywherein shetland f961: mmhm f960:
the bottlenecks will occur almostanywherein rural scotland and in
that are available in newsagentsanywherein scotland first an edition
classrooms i have been inanywherein scotland five year olds
effective treatment for their conditionanywherein scotland patients will be
to merge local enterprise companiesanywherein scotland with the economic
they can celebrate a marriageanywhereand at any time they
does not have a baseanywherein england were to choose
why they do not appearanywherein the executive motion that
s not a swear wordanywherein there m741: yeah m605:
i would just be carefulanywhereerm where my boyfriend f1150:
granted that we were welcomeanywhereand we just were from
just oh they hit youanywhereyeah f963: vicious with where
know so is anyone goinanywheref833: [inaudible] f835: nice in
so surprised to see meanywheregirl but a serious answer
hardly a glimmer of lightanywherein this so called comedy
can be used under licenseanywherewithin the northumbria and yorkshire
na i canna see himanywherecan you m1096: nope f1095:
[laugh] when you re drivinganywheref1154: yeah f1155: that s
they can access nursery provisionanywherein the city the primary
the feet generalised to goutanywherecommon from early me also
ye didna feel at homeanywheref606: mm f828: and also
care provider that is basedanywherein britain from unilaterally deciding
being accessed by calls fromanywherein the uk from people
westminster to stop their introductionanywherein the uk give students
glasgow edinburgh borders ye knowanywherelike that the the things
terminator gene will be triedanywheres1w 14586 david mcletchie to
too was like ballindean likeanywherethere were the great and
re steamin f1054: no pissedanywherem1014: oh no no no
majorca malta the canary islandsanywheresunny i asked michelle of
of the innocents anytown anywaranywherehalf a pound of tuppeny
a fire alarm goes offanywhereon the floor it goes

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