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8th century 22 a warldapairtchang chih ho ca 750
ho ca 750 a warldapairtthe leddie muin is ma
they re aa a breedapairtapairt she kindly thocht ye
re aa a breed apairtapairtshe kindly thocht ye d
yet minnie hidna sterted unpackinapairtfrae her flannel goon the
heivin an yird can fawapairtafore a eat ma meat
aw the warld can fawapairtfor me to messenger c
file aboot hauf a fitapairtthe sicht o thae wee
m no german at awapairtfrae the dour stubborn wey
sook the young achilles liesapairtfae his armour an ileman
a enough anither a anotherapairtadv apart areddies adv already
semed the automatik duirs sklidapairtat the tap flair an
a serious tall man stauninapairtfrae the claik o the
lug wis twice its sizeapairtfrae thon aathin wis fine
considered awmaist as a raceapairtfrae the rest o oor
was different it held yeseapairtand ye realised it was
howff bi the trak sydeapairtfrae a rid het stoiff
na ti dae ein thisapairtfrae fowk kythin i thair
they hae tae keep itapairtfrae him or the tolbooth
hirsell i the feinish jekapairtfrae hir yowlin an skraichin
wis fit set the fermerapairtfrae his cottars fur a
that no mony o usapairtfrae scholars cuid unnerstaund the
us haund an fuit butapairtfrae that in this toun
lay ye past freenships prevailapairtfrae that ye cost a
a toukit the mukkil drumapairtfrae wir freins an a
he s dane aa yearapairtfrae wreckin the art room
hail o thae twa yearapairtfae aboot seeven weeks wis
in ither things as faurapairtas cairds an kings tam
nicht a l haud masellapairttill supper tyme sae a
afoir thai tillie hewit itapairtan tuik it outby throu
were betraisit taen an rivenapairtthrou the lang years i
steenhive are rich an puirapairtsae if yer family s
an clours thegither a dayapairtwis sair tae bide sae
yer load tae faa affapairtfae e extra wirk an
that iver happened tae himapairtfae gaun tae sea wis
case it wis vibration butapairtfae that they didnae find
werena sae ill for faainapairtfin ey were set up
the days we ve binapairtare as they d niver
da twa ends owre farapairtta hadd tagidder dat day
the fish the gutters rivedapairtwar speecially bred in fish
in twa raas wide enyeuchapairttae let e traivellin mullie
whan ah dream o yeapairtah howp the dawin wul
put them a wee bittieapairtthat s it right so
he bene seik wes rentapairtan hiz memore o rosie

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