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m816: i think i amapparentlyi think i am apparently
was was quite interesting ermapparently[laugh] apparently scots is a
quite interesting erm apparently [laugh]apparentlyscots is a is a
apparently i think i amapparentlythe only person that s
apart fae ready meals m942: apparentlythey ve taken the apparently
apparently they ve taken theapparentlythey ve taken the christmas
rift valley jazz café f1155: apparentlya woman from the dumfries
right [laugh] f1154: he sapparentlyleft glasgow and f1155: for
where [inaudible] f1155: or s-apparentlyone of the newspapers said
chat f1155: mmhm f1154: ermapparently[sniff] erm he said yeah
the redecorating [?]kinda[/?] f1154: yeahapparentlythe garden s looking really
horrible f1155: i know butapparentlythere was like f1154: i
f1154: no i missed themapparentlythey were down to see
i mean m816: eh appa-apparentlyit doesn t travel well
the back room m816: ayeapparentlyjasper carrott s banned from
s not arrived yet butapparentlym815: no m816: they re
a pal o ronnie woodsapparentlym815: the comedian m816: aye
and m816: th- that sapparentlythe what they say yeah
m815: to get the m816: apparentlythere s one tribe now
it doesn t travel wellapparentlyit doesn t travel well
an mmr m815: no causeapparentlyerm it only started when
interesting and the cellar doesapparentlyresemble the one in the
in the stylistics dept allapparentlycalled tania i received my
her mother called it boysapparentlycarried it wherever they kept
called to give evidence heapparentlycaused much amusement by relating
now called and in factapparentlyhe was or some- they
got into trouble that nightapparentlyerm from [censored: forename] cause one
so we flew there andapparentlyerm [laugh] my parents had
that one cause it sapparentlyf1151: erm i watched his
ll have a great timeapparentlythe school erm they take
to everyone f1149: mmhm f1148: apparentlythey took me to erm
m608: mmhm f643: erm sheapparentlywent over to france once
erm [tut] when i wasapparentlywhen i was young i
the incident the foreign officeapparentlytaken by surprise at the
interest in all things horticulturalapparentlythey d taken freeze dried
hirpling across the corn yardapparentlyin a great deal of
great thing f122: aye andapparentlythe base lights up she
the garden on sunny daysapparentlythis was where her great
only to regret the consequencesapparentlythe piece was written in
i paranoid the polemic isapparentlywritten by a senior member
passage relating to burns wasapparentlywritten from oban where she
lot of food shortages thoughapparentlyit s better now than
all ehm no it sapparentlyreally cheap though m1048: right
kind of very [inaudible] thoughapparentlythe government wants people to
i m a strict markerapparentlythough the exercises i mark
constituency members no not quiteapparentlyi am sure that if
symptoms were exactly like yoursapparentlyit s quite common and
yeah f814: nutmeg which isapparentlymeant to have quite a
in residence at tübingen andapparentlyit is really nice there
i i m kind ofapparentlyit s a really nice
they re really worried becauseapparentlyit takes like six people
s own stuff it sapparentlyreally cheap m1048: right it
for the cause they reapparentlyallowed sixty quid to have
about welsh because cause gaelicapparentlythe the concept of a
one in real life butapparentlyi pop up in the
life that success in schoolapparentlyimplies many children of course
s not as academic butapparentlythe social life is just
projected on the ceiling andapparentlya couple got caught shaggin
knows all our cv sapparentlybecause he got the fee
of performing scots poetry andapparentlyedinburgh s got a vibrant
aye aye f1054: wean sapparentlygot oh [inaudible] from glasgow
did a post mortem andapparentlyshe got killed outright and
got me they were trawlermenapparentlythe police have got them
got newer materials like copperapparentlythe technique s known as
chinese were the first toapparentlymake the kind of bridge
towards registered social landlords isapparentlythat rsls are classed as
social centre of the universeapparentlythey have a major drink
they f1160: mmhm m1161: yeahapparentlyi m in charge of
the motion that they wereapparentlyintending to vote for later
news they get from homeapparentlymuburak is a good premier
they kept and they reapparentlytalking about doing away with
were christened crowned and buriedapparentlythey had to have a
for special like but noapparentlythey haud on to them
mmhm no f806: cold butapparentlythey have two moons f807:
girls in the uk tooapparentlythey would go round cafes
they are so basic andapparentlyunremarkable such metaphors are of
right f978: they were usedapparentlywell i suppose in i
skye f1009: mmhm [inhale] wellapparentlyit s used in portree
a quarter of an acreapparentlyused for agriculture but much
m608: oh right f643: becauseapparentlyi was i seemed to
joined the qm primarily becauseapparentlythe food s better in
is a story from falkirkapparentlyf1009: [inhale] well it s
exactly yeah sleekit f1077: wellapparentlynot no he said mm
first summer planting went wellapparentlywith little or no damage
f746: mmhm f978: but ehapparentlyit had been we we
mmhm mmhm f1077: it seemedapparentlyit was a a word
into bed and breakfast whichapparentlywas only about a mile
an ancient people who wereapparentlyan amalgamation of pre celtic
also a military engineer whoapparentlydesigned a war machine which
who founded the city andapparentlyis far enough removed from
loved it and it wasapparentlymy mother who didn t
children who came to watchapparentlythe meditation session was to
who cared to try themapparentlythis practice was frowned upon
of choristers who lined upapparentlyto kiss the golden coffin
along with advice there isapparentlya very good article in
f947: it s very busyapparentlyi mean when i was
very small student room whichapparentlywas one of the better
one or two outrageous thingsapparentlybut f122: so what so
i gathered from the pantomimeapparentlyif one store gets something
one else on the beachapparentlynotices a tug haired toddler
what it must have weighedapparentlyone of the thieves wore
stanza added by herder herderapparentlypossessed johnson s scots musical
ehm john s auntie wasapparentlyalways towtie ye know what
it came in from franceapparentlyfrench peasemeal was the best
was sitting beside [censored: forename] andapparentlyi i was looking as
no recollection of this butapparentlyi was asked to speak
when she saw it hereapparentlyit was bobbies grandmothers i
was cheaper it was cheaperapparentlym811: [inaudible] f812: you can
300 until 1840 it wasapparentlynormal for man to have
in the solway which wasapparentlyprescribed as a treatment for
elongated necks of llamas thisapparentlywas a case of pictorial
known as stalin gothic heapparentlywas out to impress at
s not a question andapparentlykids were starting to do
huh m1055: the the kerrsapparentlywere tended to be left
something to their wind pipeapparentlyyou re you re you
of a letter which isapparentlybeing sent to me the
of apologies for being lateapparentlyshe d torn a contact
sponsored by the daad andapparentlythe students are being treated
montrose bridge situation it isapparentlya lifeline project but the
clever m1007: yes m1055: butapparentlyalister you ll know this
but it s not doneapparentlyif indeed there is a
an nothin else f1054: butapparentlyin the old tenements everything
but it s not ehapparentlyit s not working that
to church but no massapparentlythis is not a h
no f834: [laugh] f833: butapparentlyye eat eight spiders in
we had a killer whaleapparentlyout in the clyde down
pelts down solidly for hoursapparentlythe lightning storms are spectacular
newcastle is even more funapparentlyer f1038: yeah f1037: it
of drugs in peru youapparentlydon t get the right
us in first year andapparentlyat the end of the
tutorial talk on culture historyapparentlyi m the first teacher
from cataracts on both eyesapparentlythe doctor had put drops
up up at kilmacolm nowapparentlythis gardener keeps seeing a
demand it s a receiptapparentlybetween sept and dec 1981
it s an italian thingapparentlyf631: uh huh f689: ehm
seven or eight years agoapparentlyf718: i think it s
tae loretta and neil bessieapparentlyhurt oh i see it
here it s groundhog dayapparentlyif the groundhog comes out
english weather the natives sayapparentlyit has been unusually mild
mentioned that it s faeapparentlyit s fae gutta percha
f832: it s like gaelicapparentlyit s like gae- gaelic
i did it my wayapparentlyso my nice wee undertaker
sulked aboot it for weeksapparentlythen he took it oot
that anyway the health boardsapparentlyhold two yearly reviews of
s utilitarian values and itsapparentlycavalier attitude towards our national
to someone s character sheapparentlydecided to talk to me
is still at the crichtonapparentlyhe s at the crichton
on the invasion of hungaryapparentlythat s still regarded as
for bowlers began long agoapparentlywhen a cargo of hats
like a proper working fireapparentlyi ve not been home
day she has some hopesapparentlymy name is something like
the narrow panamerican highway whichapparentlygoes all the way to
and repetitively for 20 minsapparentlyturning our trek into oral
returned to him with anapparentlyunequivocal rejection all that we
situation is to its creditapparentlya person in northern ireland
a similar thing is happeningapparentlyin icelandic [laugh] texts i
the concept of a swearwordapparentlyis is is alien to
the yearly lady godiva rideapparentlylady g is the engineers
even for a few minutesapparentlythere is a strong suggestion
a quiet unobtrusive narrative voiceapparentlyomniscient as we habitually say
we d a ball iapparentlypassed oot about six o
moore sculpture sold for scrapapparentlysome thieves have made off
point of order presiding officerapparentlythe press have been informed
about a thousand metres todayapparentlythe micro climate changes every
in part a reaction toapparentlygenuine fears of english protestants
with a floral design doneapparentlyin pinpricks looked decidedly drab
an f606: mm f209: andapparentlyonce a week since the
a ton of bricks howeverapparentlysomeone here did put his
a computer malfunction at heathrowapparentlystalin ordered his cartographers to
fright moment renders the heroapparentlyvulnerable gives everybody a quality
and the uk the earthquakeapparentlyhappened on wednesday evening or
groups the oldest names areapparentlyof cumbric or brittonic origin
of families whose children areapparentlyor allegedly persistent offenders should
staff went off to thoseapparentlygreener pastures however we are
of tam [censored: surname] whose grandfatherapparentlyfought with the international troops
the bishop burn the placeapparentlylying on each side of
too processions of incan soldiersapparentlyplayed by the peruvian army
exile for his work andapparentlypublished under the pseudonyms of
give bruce their full supportapparentlyundeterred by the murder of
and young men and womenapparentlyrather reluctantly involved in voluntary

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