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got there f1114: apples f1113: applesbaby pom s going to
have they got there f1114: applesf1113: apples baby pom s
pom s going to eatapplesoh look there s the
salad 3 red skinned dessertapplescored finely sliced 1 head
oz hazelnuts chopped 4 dessertapplesfinely sliced 2 tbsp clear
red cabbage salad 2 dessertapplespeeled cored thinly sliced 1
cinnamon peel core thinly sliceapplescook very gently in small
set apple crumble 6 cookingapplespeeled thinly sliced 4 fl
cool 14 oz unsweetened stewedapples2 fl oz lemon juice
f828: cause we just gotapplesan oranges an i suppose
works she gives andy stewedapplesand creamola another of his
bairns who had eagerly pulledapplesand oranges pencils and pennies
cause you get the crabapplesat the hentrap park in
need 4 bananas bowl 4applesdinner knife 7 oranges sharp
rosehips blaeberries rowans and crabappleswere also gathered and used
sure that if it wasapplesa box o apples fell
four red apples canadian redapplesand she brought them tae
and she got four redapplescanadian red apples and she
f1114: yes that s fourapplesf1113: four apples f1114: got
s four apples f1113: fourapplesf1114: got four fishes f1113:
was apples a box oapplesfell when it was gettin
lge handful stoned prunes 2applespeeled chopped scant tblsp brown
orange juice 4 oz driedapples24 fl oz water 1
mins 2 cox s eatingapplessliced add cook 10 mins
dinna think so was itapplesand bananas m1096: aye f1095:
f1095: so you had satsumasapplesbananas and pears m1096: aye
for 6 4 med cookingapples1 oz raisins 1 oz
a little honey add orangeapplesfew raisins boil a little
milk filling 1 lb cookingapples2 oz sultanas 2 tblsp
into slices 2 wash theapplesthen peel them with a
for goulash dried fruit someapplesand tomatoes and looking briefly
it was in season otherwiseapplesor dried fruit could be
on it is that forapplesan apple tree well done
pull out bread and cheeseapplesapple pie and pastries even
next day combine the apricotsapplesremaining liquid lemon juice simmer
soak apricots in orange juiceapplesin water overnight next day
these look lovely lovely redapplesare they poisoned f963: [laugh]
red you know beautiful redapplesm964: red delicious no f965:
heard they were sellin redapplesyou were only allowed so
he said these are lovelyapplesyou know these look lovely
a pair a pair ofapplesm1094: here i ll find
i haven t got anyapples[inaudible] f1121: what kind of
right can i get twoapplesplease f1122: oh i haven
a candlestick a bag ofapplesa carafe of water with
lifts up a bag ofapplesfrom the top of the
then m1096: erm erm toffeeapplesf1095: i dinna think so
f1113: and she s packedapplesand a sandwich and what
f965: and she was gettingapplesf963: mmhm f965: and they
get the night carrots andapplesf1142: aye f1141: [inaudible] [inaudible]
you get to pick itapplesfor cracker the night he
but there was only 2applesgrew on it and the
you ve not got anyapplesf1122: i need the ap-
f1103: mmhm f1104: and theapplesgo there f1103: mmhm f1104:
fish balloons seagulls footballs flowersapples[?]eggshells[/?] and kites they go
d take out the rottinapplesthe girl had written and
to her giving nanse theapplesye d better tak this
mother and sent the captainapplesand wine from s estacca
wis ye duckin for m1128: applesf1127: and did you manage
and the biscuits and theapplestaking alternate bites at everything
a queen with cheeks likeapplescarried silver buckets with arms
leave that after autumn sapplescomes the snow parkin lot
never open a book rottenapplesevery one of em hang

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