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aince suppressit leids an natiounsarreassertin theirsels they ar threapin
aince suppressit leids an natiounsarreassertin theirsels they ar threapin
natiouns ar reassertin theirsels theyarthreapin for their veice tae
natiouns ar reassertin theirsels theyarthreapin for their veice tae
uh huh m642: goin yeaharar ar m608: [laugh] m642:
huh m642: goin yeah ararar m608: [laugh] m642: and
wi whyt nek sae yearawauk nou ar ye sayed
gracious an growthie monie pairtsarheich an winryfe ithers ar
m642: goin yeah ar ararm608: [laugh] m642: and i
ar heich an winryfe ithersarsaxeane an weit bot we
sae ye ar awauk nouarye sayed the deil mibbies
thi english modal verbs thareara few modal verbs sic
thi modal verbs syne thareara number o english modal
main modal verbs in englisharcan could may might will
as modal verbs these featuresarnormally only applicable tae main
is clear that modal verbsarpairt o a larger system
category o thair ain anarseparate frae main verbs modal
frae main verbs modal verbsaryaised tae convey certain acts
leukin a wee tait disjaskitarye no tammy disjaskit that
wes aince sayed heir yearfur whaur ye r gaun
wuid duin bot guid yearsair pingilt lass sayed grannie
muntit hiz horss an sayedarye cummin or no o
eident tae continue the makarsaralso pairt o a process
an future s oors weareident tae seize the praisent
thi forms foun in scotlandaridentical tae thi forms foun
daft laddie wi nae successarye no heir anent the
an eisie gif yeir marrasariggerant an eb o intellek
hae baith veisitit embro anarretourin hame thegither gif ye
pairt o the solution anardeterminit tae be pairt o
they hae decidit at yeareither pairt o the problem
culture in daein this weartakin pairt in a process
culture in daein this weartakin pairt in a process
shuir they ken whae theyarlistenin til bibliography benson larry
cuid dae noo a daysaryou listenin tae me geordie
hae cum ti veisit wearkin frae embro ken junipere
public opinion an thi operatorsarattemptin tae portray a politer
leids o scotland an englandarclosely intertwinit but at thi
area thi caw centre staffarscottish english speakers but oan
26 baith can an couldaralso yaised in a construction
kest doun lass fur thaiaraw obrans at ither fowk
ken at ingland an scotlandarsaiprit kintraes nou afoir thai
at byde in a kintraarseimilar i thon wey thai
kinna fowk the bettir thaiarthe kell heid o aw
kent at courts o lawcharaye gey latchie bot gaed
pece whitivver etioun the sojersarbot whan the thriesum cam
do will come thus tharearmony clear differentiations atween main
its standard english coonterpairt tharearsubtle differences in function an
richt eneuch but thare yearthey war aye thegither in
in this public eddication attractionarscottish english speakers coverin a
important in thir tales baitharunco explicit about their ain
a th ann nach eilarcaraid ann an seo a
it says hiz accusatour yearlik aw men buddies dwaiblie
thon kirk whaur yeir fowkarbeiriet a m gaun ti
yeirsell ye mukkil sumph yeargaun whidder ye lyk it
twenes at lest shae speiredarye no gaun ti kie
wi yeir bare skin yearfrosin tilt belyve mauger this
blawin frae ye say yearfrae gledsburgh it wuidna be
he wes the preisoner yeara lukkie man contined the
ludge fur the nicht waatcharaye sleipin ye l can
masell sen junipere an inglisarfair brustin ti tel ye
hae a suspecioun at yeargien herbrie ti a terroriss
such as i- such asarhear for other shall ye
heiven ma guidness sandy houarye pal weel a m
chynge sae at fauss appiteitsaringenerit i the ryke haterent
will become ane sae theyarnae mair twa but are
laddies an speirt weel whitarthe pair o yez up
apologeised grant maist nichts wearawaw ti wir beds lang
s naitral ti the launarwat bi the sam renn
allowed to play football modalsarrestrictit tae finite expressions whereas
exempil o d the inglisharaye chyngin the ruills o
thrie ems o frie scotlandartrift pace an puritie a
in a brothel an youarna even here because you
thee and we from godarsent to revenge it [inhale]
ag obair a dh ionnsaidharh amas agus sin agad
cha do rinn sinn suasarinntinn tha sinn dol
in the efterneen bit dryarlast thursday 11 temp 3
the vagabundis and strang beggarisarrepressit and that the aigit

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