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patching things up with thearabsmeanwhile the saudi arabians fahd
by phoenicians romans vandals byzantinesarabsspaniards and in recent times
moors a heady mix ofarabssyrians egyptians and berbers who
it s about oh thearabsare attackin us how can
sent to convert the infidelarabswho stayed on in mallorca
i m sure they werearabsmaybe palestinians you could tell
repel his invading forces manyarabsstayed on here and most
is the possibility with thearabsin some disarray just now
those who now blame thearabsor the muslims are no
both the jews and thearabsand then kept it to
is a cosmopolitan city greeksarabseuropeans americans can all be
los soberanos arabes the rulingarabshad a summer palace here
eh the british say thearabssold the same horse to
should say that about thearabsbecause george galloway seems to

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