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perch down in the wormarenarose petals tumble like aristocratic
awa ye ugsum shaidae yearenahere ava the ghost disappears
gleg tae tak in butarenagleg tae gie oot ye
on trial the perthshire justicesarenaon trial for their decision
anybody else got ones thatarenaon the diagram o- mm
around hidden spools in anarenaand pulled by a winch
ayont the buss aside yearenatint far e er ye
dormitory complex here a largearenaof terraces spread out from
of kelvin hall international sportsarenalodged on 3 may 2001
judges in the international lawarenathe uk is a unitary
bubbling up into the publicarenadiscussions about top up fees
brither says owrancer lu yearenamaister shi da verra nine
it in the public healtharenaparticularly among our young people
wi wild beass in thearenawha kens mair likely he
fleece roon the ootlinn yowesarenavery bricht ye see the
o god dings them doonarenafive speugs selt for twa
l macbeth ma lord yearenaplayin the host even a
politics were digested in thisarenaevery week rather than by
best left in the legalarenabut we need to be
in the kintra o judaarenathe peeriest amang the athils

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