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and nor s the saggingarmchairfor each object is a
to offer hospitality a saggingarmchairs by the fire it
more relaxed f643: in anarmchair[laugh] [inaudible] armchair [laugh] m642:
in an armchair [laugh] [inaudible]armchair[laugh] m642: in my armchair
armchair [laugh] m642: in myarmchairso we re going along
sit down in his comfyarmchairafter tea time to hear
furnished with mismatched sofa comfyarmchairtv pay phone book shelves
the clinic sitting in thearmchairwaiting for daniel what if
in his basket by thearmchairthe table bears a cloth
sixty sits knitting in thearmchaircarolanne mid thirties slim with
awkwardly to stand beside thearmchairagnes to beth you huv
enough puts shoes back besidearmchairbut compared to that sadie
the small table beside thearmchairsadie mimicking maggie it takes
then maggie collapses in thearmchairmaggie well enough tries to
beth is out of thearmchairbacking away from the sound
like driving around in anarmchairit s unbelievable m642: but
sit down in the woodenarmchairone that enshrines the rural
in to stand by thearmchaircarolanne it s all right
a shock sitting in hisarmchairafter supper a whilie back
on the edge of thearmchairby the window and eyed
her to sit on thearmchairby tutankhamen of course i
over the back of thearmchairevie enters in outdoor clothes
nodding off comfortably in thearmchairby the fire was blissfully
you cannot feel from yourarmchairtoday we first saw them
the door there is anarmchairwith a cushion and an
pompitie is reclining in anarmchairby the fireside and dozing
as i settle into thearmchairopposite him in his maryhill

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