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or boys own annuals leeinarounan like edward whymper greig
bodie snowkin about an keekinarounhim ti hissel he says
an he herdit the gestsarounlik a hirsel aither ti
were giein us the rinarounnettin the big boose watter
whiles at dances lads stuidarounthe waas like pansies ilk
846 lossin a slave quynearounma howf the littil waw
a tattie bogil wi himarounyit a thole him in
sides an crimson breists souminarounluikin nane the waur whan
a horse lyke ye daunertarounma saet playin wi blue
sleepin he kuist his eenarounan saw that awthing wes
in endless procession frae milesarounaa seekin the warmth o
cairt his bags an luikarounas if tae say wha
an the deep blue seaarounme no even the sea

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