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in exuberant art nouveau andartdeco designs the gardens border
arches pillars art nouveau andartdeco railings and balconies are
and gates wrought in exuberantartnouveau and art deco designs
gardens mosaic decoration arches pillarsartnouveau and art deco railings
carrer d ozonas the 1911artnouveau house c an grunera
open roof spaces hand paintedartnouveau lettering above the ticket
as fencing rapiers fishing forksartnouveau or jacuzzi taps china
in the street display restrainedartdeco balconies and carved stone
house prefigures the restraint ofartdeco in silver painted decorative
t know if it sartdeco m816: and there s
pairties tae keek at theartdeco o the thirties setterday
because it s it sartdeco sort of artwork m815:
at a quay beside theartdeco style naval base late
of chopin as objet dartat the carthuja but here
perhaps reincarnated as objet dartat the end of june
admired remains the objet dartof the contemplator a sense
1952 salvador as objet dartreminds me of chopin as
beauty contained as objet dartshrugs off his or her
all comes to all thouarta limousin and thou wilt
all comes to all thouarta limousin and thou wilt
west waking or dreaming thouartnear me joy of my
west waking or dreaming thouartnear me joy of my
me to thee forever thouartone of the rare men
and tell me whence thouartto this the scholar answered
and tell me whence thouartto this the scholar answered
take the ladies to williamsonartgallery 31 monday to liverpool
is held at the hunterianartgallery and was presented to
been drawn from that veryartgallery coffee shop he had
the glass counter of theartgallery coffee shop that reminded
kdy i go to walkerartgallery fine 8 saturday we
s1m 3290 hunterian museum andartgallery lodged on 24 july
day morning spent at anartgallery more icons enormous 18th
and ksenia at the modernartgallery opposite gorky park and
the second most visited contemporaryartgallery outside london to prove
o yon sittin in anartgallery some fowk s nae
taking place at the hunterianartgallery university of glasgow to
glasgow s gallery of modernartgoma the second most visited
big opening and a bigarta big exhibition and they
an exhibition of handicrafts andartat izmailovsky park to the
experience wednesday 30 c sartexhibition c s college 12
art music and drama theartexhibition was excellent and the
of the glen yes philadelphiaartmuseum was holding an exhibition
an exhibition o da photographersartta geng wi hit i
the corner to the ateneumartmuseum a lucky choice the
just to see the phillyartmuseum again anyway keep up
philly we went to theartmuseum first and what picture
impersonation on the famous phillyartmuseum steps and the other
pottery at the sara hildéninartmuseum where one of the
t know f834: university f832: artan i like drama so
and history but also inartand drama and possibly r
of drama a bit ofartf832: [laugh] f833: [laugh] f834:
talents of the girls inartmusic and drama the art
school teaching in sport dramaartmusic science and languages this
questions conventional divisions between maleartand female folk art the
the inseparable combination of folkartand high art and scots
of folk art and highartand scots and english language
of art glasgow school ofartand the royal scottish academy
liked the job sci fiartart of the future a
philistine sees smut in fineartart schmart why do artists
says we shouldn t haveartfor art s sake he
in scotland edinburgh college ofartglasgow school of art and
the job sci fi artartof the future a colleague
shouldn t have art forarts sake he clearly hasn
sees smut in fine artartschmart why do artists models
kept for ye know f641: artschool [laugh] f643: art school
f641: art school [laugh] f643: artschool [tut] ehm but it
male art and female folkartthe one preserved the other
international festival of contemporary visualarthas emerged running in parallel
international festival of contemporary visualartis an attempt to reconcile
international festival of contemporary visualartthroughout glasgow april 21 may
in parallel to the glasgowartfair the new festival embraces
studying at edinburgh college ofartafter dropping her luggage off
go to night school ar-artcollege and you went to
exclaimed not responding to theartcollege whore bit because i
of your reputation as theartcollege whore even if my
own and capable of appreciatingartand poetry and being quite
culture an trowe poetry anartexplored whit hit s lik
hardly qualify as the divineartof poetry thirdly the examples
8 bc whose ars poeticaeartof poetry was still a
the male domain of highartpoetry what the pool said
come to glasgow school ofartas head of the life
the school went to theartdepartment scanned it down into
went to glasgow school ofartin nineteen seventy seven m608:
what about the sort ofartschool crowd cause that s
other night at erm theartschool er there s a
it the the thing aboutartschool for these parties it
i wanted to go toartschool i do m816: mmhm
people want to go toartschool it s a dreadfully
in normal life but inartschool it was like twenty
i suppose the arty theartschool people might have taken
f643: and and the theartschool stuff was very much
s always my view ofartschool that it s kind
the lackadaisical attitude in anartschool to a factory m608:
i went i went fromartschool to jordanhill and i
do m608: mm f643: andartschool was the most wayward
ehm i was up inartschool we used to p-
did er we went toartschool when i was serving
a lot of people inartschool who were seriously upper
been his first day atartschool years of wishing and
clegg gray s school ofartschoolhill when eden s tree
at the school f813: anartteacher she s still working
and the glasgow school ofartthe different prices for the
1980s at glasgow school ofartthe last is as good
went to glasgow school ofartto annoy my parents [laugh]
went to glasgow school ofartto do textiles f643: yes
life an cheer while musicartan poetrie dear enrich the
or maths or biology orartor music whatever you f1149:
link with our music andartour political social and economic
you do this piece ofartand it would just last
a good piece of folkartfor it was in red
of an aboriginal piece ofartis not sort of one
an abstract piece of modernartsculpture cadaver in denim her
12 published by malfranteaux finearta division of malfranteaux concepts
were published by malfranteaux finearta division of malfranteaux concepts
become slade professor of fineartat cambridge and though only
many fine examples of childartit contained but don t
er sign writing and fineartm1021: oh well i did
manipulation down to a fineartmy husband who has learned
glasgow s cyril gerber fineartno harm in that but
have a fine understanding ofartnot a thin one in
jim frowned yon s fineartonly a philistine sees smut
staff with state of theartcommunicative language teaching methodology and
family while teaching him theartof making and repairing whisky
to pretend you re teachingartto schoolkids they teach themselves
market glasgow s award winningartabroad than at home that
glasgow public flocks to seeartand flock it does it
the international renaissance of glasgowartbeing part of a generation
april 21 may 2 glasgowartfair george square april 28
show up at the glasgowartfair where they can buy
for sandy petrie aboyne acdemyartdepartment and the late leo
scanned it down into theartdepartment computer and then [?]pictelled[/?]
was a trip with theartdepartment f1148: uh huh oh
where folk traditions and highartcould still co exist in
she borrows a patriarchal highartform the values presented in
of high brow works ofartunless i am content to
except for miss west myartteacher no one went out
give into her thoughts aboutartand life such letter writing
others once again recreated theartof writing in scots referring
others once more recreated theartof writing in scots referring
september friday 1 c sartexhib 7 9pm to ed
an illustrated history of finnishartuntil the early 20th c
to unnatural from life toartact i scene i is
the street s view treatingartas if it were life
operate in life and inartyet it is not easy
i got quite into aboriginalartfor a while eh it
city famous while the prestigiousartprizes acclaim the likes of
authorities we canny mak ourselsartand part of a felony
when he refused to beartand part of that scheme
1 99 1509 convicted ofartand part of the cruel
following examples pitcairn 1833 1493artand part of the forethought
i pt 1 17 1497artand part of the murther
to exhibit this work ofartinitially at the burrell collection
the home grown work thatartlovers take for granted in
bs is a work ofartshe goes on to her
whereon you work your mimeticartthat woman is a collection
work a lot of thearttreasures which they hadn t
poems such as work andartwe are building a civilization
and a real work ofartwhen the picture was complete
fiona [censored: surname] who all submittedartwork concert it was agreed
the people concerned in theartwork she wondered if we
heart and soul into hisartalla has a good voice
watcher who is into conceptualartand knows that painting per
himself into a regular littleartfactory knocking out maquettes ten
in that as in allarther own experience feeds into
you know a bit aboutartso you ve go into
the other hand the sophisticatedartwatcher who is into conceptual
f1150: yeah f1151: er languageartand design and then you
dad has books on celticartand language and on gaelic
intercultural exchange involving language andartthat is the kind of
lisa who s borrowed someartslides from the embassy via
all the red wine drinkingartteachers who turned up at
to the chaps in herarttherapy class who have been
to basil biggins head ofartwho is leaving us this
to review the higher stillartexaminations with the aim of
1539 indict and accusit forartand pairt of the felloune
i pt 1 62 1512artand pairt of the slauchtir
bringing together the creativity ofartand the creativity of mothering
and the establishment of traditionalartcentres throughout scotland mr frank
of appreciation for the 3artcontributions to the notelet it
known already a journalist andartcritic of some eminence colvin
of a percy thrower anartdrysdale or a leonard perry
in our state of theartgym equipment rigor mortis set
use of these terms ofarthay writes of forethocht felony
moore is a sin againstarthe became one of those
the integrity of works ofarthesitate to cull what we
through the transformational power ofartin society and as an
the coffin of elitist augustanartin stanza two the transition
i e home or regionalartin the strictest sense of
embryo her earliest representation inartis the bulging venus of
the dirty business of theartitself its repetition also implies
to many other artists andartlovers as a champion of
in excess of 16 000artlovers will pass through the
angus calder pointed out theartof making happy and unexpected
and he rapidly acquired theartof penning incisive scholarly papers
direct references to the deuynartof poesie and ane young
prudent precepts in the deuynartof poesie i haif assayit
an apprentice in the divineartof poesie the reulis and
and me novices in theartof survival in the soviet
up wi walter booth theartof trying quick on the
possessed by our forefathers theartof wiggling our ears for
by the range of europeanarton display either original or
society to cast off theartphilosophy and religion of the
oppressive september heat of theartroom awkward yet excited the
the adobe cubicles housed anartshop boasting watercolours of incan
suppose in one of thoseartshops alongside that print of
titans of thinking that invisibleartshould be tiptoed round as
very latest state of theartsurgical equipment then efter the
are hand crafted works ofartthen he asks me about
and spirit of burns sartthere have been various attempts
traced the progress of finnishartto the obscure and impersonal
guide to the terms ofartused in practice in prosecutions
what of the terms ofartused in the passage from
was fairly state of theartyou know erm f963: yeah
our classes are together forarton a monday afternoon so
on cuzco and on andeanarta baby alpaca shawl for
general introduction which included customsartand artefacts archeology agriculture and
true actor needs only hisartand bottom will go on
f814: and some people likeartand english liked m811: yeah
i think it s justartand graphic design mm f806:
course is she doing artsartand i think it s
the barriers between science andartand landscape and themselves he
except the theatre apart fromartand the past the total
mean it s a darkartand when they get it
text on scotland s countrysideartarchitecture literature etc and i
history chemistry and physics andartas well f1148: mmhm f1149:
introduced personal projects and anartaward encouraging the setting up
articles for the britannica includeartbotticelli and leonardo 16 tait
you wide steppe and twoartcalendars one for mum [censored: forename]
and management social sciences humanitiesartdesign and the performing arts
to leonard perry and toartdrysdale for permitting their hairstyles
bars we tramped about visitingartgalleries museums and churches the
lottery funding directed to sportartheritage and culture from its
believed in ghosts and necromanticarti ll study this delusion
she was really enjoying maybeartor something [laugh] and she
to do with communism andartseemed to be rather stagnant
sendler held workshops for theartstaff and all the schools
at its head and stylishartto reflect it day and
enslave women and children egyptianartwas the first to break
becomes imagination thought religion andartwe are the ether we
red carpets chinese objets darta curious church entirely painted
musical education or something orartbut you only have the
arranged or proportioned with lessart47 frank mclynn robert louis
negro has excelled in onyartor science but how few
ambition is to be anarttherapist in a prison or
aa tae see their magicartan artistes get across at
hasn t been looking atartfor the last 10 years
he also characterises burns sartas heimatkunst a characterisation which
treatment gave the surfaces whatartdealers would describe as a
sharp wit as for hisartduring the half century from
he had come to regardartitself as mother sister lover
bombasts wi verbositie extol asartsic trash in aa veracitie
admired the books especially theartbooks but didn t buy
be nothing personal he saidartisn t personal dear sir
boxing pat silence pat yourartjilly you just don t
t care less a typicalartteacher fiona is the quintessence
it had been in someartgalleries people actually paid money
is not always content witharthe stiffens for my warmth
i was triple checking myarthomework was tip top for
it they dinnae see theartbit we kin show thum
ed with glen forget aboutartexh saturday 2 liz s
hard to develop his literaryartalthough his potential was detected
his speciality in fiona sartclass though is tiny professional
year apairt frae wreckin theartroom fleer wi his bovver
an his wife hid pioneeredartthe age reversal treatment that
a deid wasp in theartclass pickin it up naw
being naïve in matters oarti tocht maybe i could
an family we ve gotartteachers in an the kids
in adult bodies he teachesartto not that i m
bronze foundry workers the littleartfactory that was moore flooded
this seed bed an performancearta thochtie avant guard i
an they ve got theartproject which again i m
countrymen for hecht burns sartis heimatkunst i e home
it s becoming a lostartwe were f963: mm f965:
jeemie maunson s wirk oartwid guide him blinnd across
river whore they call itartgeorges the artist they tell
taen masel aff tae theartschule tae speir if they
i hidna speired fit theartteacher miss lees micht think
time for there are noarttherapy sessions for deputy governors
which now houses a famousartcollection a beautiful baroque building
airn n iron airt nartdirection aistern a east aistlin
dey left nae spreadin ringsarthoidin artistry i watch dy
gaed straucht doon tae yonartschule fur anither application form
o donnell project officer trackerartshona montgomery project officer finance

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