See this word as a collocate cloud

we ll be as poorasa kirkmoose soon gilbert makes
aside the piggies as happyasa soo in dubs soon
point out that as soonasa uk bill is published
me da but as soonasah opened the door of
out all after as soonasand insert latest medical advice
out all after as soonasand insert latest medical advice
it was seized as soonasany proceedings under this act
such a debate as soonasany war breaks out up
eh it was as soonasdavid phoned out and found
low did stoup as soonase er she saw me
low did stoop as soonase er she saw me
on eh crane as soonaseh slack came on till
same need an as soonasf831: uh huh m842: i
for my liking as soonasfather had departed for the
to him and as soonashe entered in to his
but it was tough soonashe got thinking about it
community care acted as soonashe knew that the information
at them but as soonashe s gone they start
that every negro as soonashe sets foot in scotland
soon it would be relaunchedashotel born so much for
any other country as farasi am aware as soon
s me f1023: as soonasi asked him about left
going out there as soonasi can find a space
it didn t as soonasi could it jist seemed
this meeting but as soonasi do i will circulate
i was talkin aboot soonasi f606: mmhm m830: came
all my attention as soonasi focussed on him he
back home again as soonasi get home i call
our business bulletins as soonasi got mine i read
yeah f689: the- as soonasi just started laughin at
or maybe phone as soonasi know i m expecting
gordon i hate him soonasi m old enough i
shetland tae but as soonasi meet somebody that s
sod s law as soonasi moved back to edinburgh
began to form as soonasi penned the first passionate
funny ere wis nae soonasi steppit ower e gairden
night in mallorca as soonasi swung into reception i
conscious of and as soonasi try an slow down
road take action as soonasi was fit also you
were not coping as soonasi would have liked them
stoory hideyhole at a soonasif a horse wis pawin
time to the music soonasif drawn by some power
injustice is ended as soonasis logistically possible phil gallie
should be produced as soonasis practicable after the end
scottish parliament 5 as soonasis practicable after the end
reported to msps as soonasis practicable and whether that
it is rescued as soonasis practicable c is in
hingin aboot the park soonasit s daurk though din
for e trump tae soonaslang s i wis on
should receive them as soonaslogistically possible i do not
prospectus drawn up as soonasmay be our names will
ra corpus will soon beasmuch on the lips of
mm no but as soonasmy granny finds out i
will be concluded as soonasnegotiations with the preferred bidder
will ourselves soon be labelledasolder people anyone who was
lifted as soon as possibleasopposed to scotland s case
us again we ll beaspoor as a kirkmoose soon
bird of prey as soonaspossible 2 a person does
ministers to publish as soonaspossible a comprehensive state of
ministers to publish as soonaspossible a comprehensive state of
on those houses as soonaspossible a new category will
located and shot as soonaspossible after it is flushed
located and shot as soonaspossible after it is flushed
fox is flushed as soonaspossible after it is located
the passport back as soonaspossible and informing me that
to the hospital as soonaspossible and invites the scottish
supplies in scotland as soonaspossible and specifically to tackle
bridge is completed as soonaspossible and that access to
to the member as soonaspossible answered by henry mcleish
to the member as soonaspossible answered by henry mcleish
to the member as soonaspossible answered by ms wendy
to the member as soonaspossible answered by ms wendy
to the member as soonaspossible answered by ms wendy
beef is lifted as soonaspossible as opposed to scotland
to expedite work as soonaspossible at the new 60
bird of prey as soonaspossible b where a firearm
compulsory competitive tendering as soonaspossible bristow muldoon good local
to the point as soonaspossible but wi that ye
in members business as soonaspossible commissioner for children and
let aal know as soonaspossible details of catering for
into the matter as soonaspossible dost archive in november
to be resumed as soonaspossible ensuring a fair settlement
will be published as soonaspossible everyone who responded was
system in place as soonaspossible how long will that
of members interests as soonaspossible i had forgotten to
soon i hope jack soonaspossible i only came home
should do so as soonaspossible it is an extremely
revoke the condition as soonaspossible lodged on 1 july
the public domain as soonaspossible members indicated agreement the
consider the matter as soonaspossible members should simply note
the clerking team as soonaspossible members will see the
a full debate as soonaspossible on the events of
to bring forward as soonaspossible proposals to abolish the
ahead with it as soonaspossible roads signposting 14 euan
the necessary changes as soonaspossible significant changes have already
get it going as soonaspossible so that the industry
should be given as soonaspossible society auction lists were
find alternative employment as soonaspossible supported by nick johnston
of the cancellation as soonaspossible the code of practice
committee s submission as soonaspossible the convener equally it
omission be rectified as soonaspossible the convener is everyone
standards adviser as soon afteraspossible the meeting closed at
ministers to investigate as soonaspossible the option of abolishing
ministers to investigate as soonaspossible the option of abolishing
across the country as soonaspossible the postal service who
cent maximum stake as soonaspossible the proposal before the
guidance is required as soonaspossible there is a danger
regulations on that as soonaspossible there is some confusion
the digital highway as soonaspossible time is against us
of that authority as soonaspossible to the auditor general
reschedule his appearance as soonaspossible we might be able
all over scotland as soonaspossible we want to move
to have talks as soonaspossible with the home secretary
will bring forward as soonaspracticable after consideration of the
act it shall as soonaspracticable after doing so give
act it shall as soonaspracticable after doing so give
medical practitioner shall as soonaspracticable after granting the certificate
medical practitioner shall as soonaspracticable after granting the certificate
shall give notice as soonaspracticable after that time section
the targets 4 as soonaspracticable after the end of
will report back as soonaspracticable in the autumn mr
you ll soon be rightasrain in the mushroom woods
mink is flushed as soonasreasonably possible after it is
have them removed as soonasreasonably practicable after the end
must be issued as soonasreasonably practicable and no later
to be issued as soonasreasonably practicable that would take
to leave harbour as soonasseaworthy season favourable at worst
will be here as soonasshe can trains permitting i
to open it as soonasshe does he is through
collect for delivery as soonasshe gets them parks dept
it out but as soonasshe opened the door the
spell was broken as soonasshe spoke the other voice
that of the standards adviserassoon after as possible the
i should point out thatassoon as a uk bill
them tae me da butassoon as ah opened the
salmond leave out all afterassoon as and insert latest
salmond leave out all afterassoon as and insert latest
from whom it was seizedassoon as any proceedings under
to schedule such a debateassoon as any war breaks
for f689: eh it wasassoon as david phoned out
a curchie low did stoopassoon as e er she
a curchie low did stoupassoon as e er she
eh lads on eh craneassoon as eh slack came
nae the same need anassoon as f831: uh huh
too early for my likingassoon as father had departed
attracted nicodemus to him andassoon as he entered in
health and community care actedassoon as he knew that
jannie shouts at them butassoon as he s gone
is then that every negroassoon as he sets foot
aye that s me f1023: assoon as i asked him
i am going out thereassoon as i can find
i jist it didn tassoon as i could it
time of this meeting butassoon as i do i
driver grabbed all my attentionassoon as i focussed on
to get back home againassoon as i get home
we receive our business bulletinsassoon as i got mine
[laugh] f631: yeah f689: the-assoon as i just started
ll write or maybe phoneassoon as i know i
spik broad shetland tae butassoon as i meet somebody
it s sod s lawassoon as i moved back
goose pimples began to formassoon as i penned the
my last night in mallorcaassoon as i swung into
i m conscious of andassoon as i try an
about that road take actionassoon as i was fit
that they were not copingassoon as i would have
that that injustice is endedassoon as is logistically possible
this report should be producedassoon as is practicable after
of the scottish parliament 5assoon as is practicable after
will be reported to mspsassoon as is practicable and
to ensure it is rescuedassoon as is practicable c
with ms should receive themassoon as logistically possible i
get the prospectus drawn upassoon as may be our
[sucks air through teeth] f1154: mm no butassoon as my granny finds
formal contract will be concludedassoon as negotiations with the
by a bird of preyassoon as possible 2 a
the scottish ministers to publishassoon as possible a comprehensive
the scottish ministers to publishassoon as possible a comprehensive
must act on those housesassoon as possible a new
it is located and shotassoon as possible after it
that the fox is flushedassoon as possible after it
it is located and shotassoon as possible after it
to get the passport backassoon as possible and informing
these services to the hospitalassoon as possible and invites
drinking water supplies in scotlandassoon as possible and specifically
the new bridge is completedassoon as possible and that
shall reply to the memberassoon as possible answered by
shall reply to the memberassoon as possible answered by
shall reply to the memberassoon as possible answered by
shall reply to the memberassoon as possible answered by
shall reply to the memberassoon as possible answered by
on scotch beef is liftedassoon as possible as opposed
nhs board to expedite workassoon as possible at the
by a bird of preyassoon as possible b where
away with compulsory competitive tenderingassoon as possible bristow muldoon
know get to the pointassoon as possible but wi
for debate in members businessassoon as possible commissioner for
have and let aal knowassoon as possible details of
should go into the matterassoon as possible dost archive
meaningful talks to be resumedassoon as possible ensuring a
a report will be publishedassoon as possible everyone who
the tiered system in placeassoon as possible how long
the register of members interestsassoon as possible i had
this book should do soassoon as possible it is
ministers to revoke the conditionassoon as possible lodged on
is in the public domainassoon as possible members indicated
we will consider the matterassoon as possible members should
them to the clerking teamassoon as possible members will
to hold a full debateassoon as possible on the
scottish ministers to bring forwardassoon as possible proposals to
can press ahead with itassoon as possible roads signposting
to implement the necessary changesassoon as possible significant changes
keen to get it goingassoon as possible so that
social evening should be givenassoon as possible society auction
the workforce find alternative employmentassoon as possible supported by
is told of the cancellationassoon as possible the code
of the committee s submissionassoon as possible the convener
that that omission be rectifiedassoon as possible the convener
the scottish ministers to investigateassoon as possible the option
the scottish ministers to investigateassoon as possible the option
the service across the countryassoon as possible the postal
10 per cent maximum stakeassoon as possible the proposal
whatever other guidance is requiredassoon as possible there is
of draft regulations on thatassoon as possible there is
stream of the digital highwayassoon as possible time is
a copy of that authorityassoon as possible to the
able to reschedule his appearanceassoon as possible we might
in from all over scotlandassoon as possible we want
scottish executive to have talksassoon as possible with the
the executive will bring forwardassoon as practicable after consideration
of this act it shallassoon as practicable after doing
of this act it shallassoon as practicable after doing
hospital the medical practitioner shallassoon as practicable after granting
the approved medical practitioner shallassoon as practicable after granting
medical practitioner shall give noticeassoon as practicable after that
achievement of the targets 4assoon as practicable after the
general i will report backassoon as practicable in the
fox or mink is flushedassoon as reasonably possible after
arrange to have them removedassoon as reasonably practicable after
penalty notice must be issuedassoon as reasonably practicable and
requiring notices to be issuedassoon as reasonably practicable that
indian girl to leave harbourassoon as seaworthy season favourable
delayed she will be hereassoon as she can trains
for her to open itassoon as she does he
members to collect for deliveryassoon as she gets them
to coax it out butassoon as she opened the
now the spell was brokenassoon as she spoke the
a way of making moneyassoon as that is on
far as i am awareassoon as the bill is
of practice sets out thatassoon as the cancellation has
was no time to wasteassoon as the editing of
and up parnassus pitchforked downassoon as the muses sussed
should be ready for implementationassoon as the new parliamentary
that statement will be madeassoon as the parliament resumes
process be set in placeassoon as the scottish ministers
processes be set in placeassoon as the scottish ministers
process be set in placeassoon as the scottish ministers
of the inspectors marched upstairsassoon as their little heads
harry of course of courseassoon as there s money
has early sight of thoseassoon as they are available
s they just kill songsassoon as they come out
for the actors to disappearassoon as they exit through
lost south of the borderassoon as they qualify mrs
blocks which begin to decayassoon as they re completed
submit them to the committeeassoon as we can mark
problem we asshaired him justassoon as we get back
mum confiscated the easter eggassoon as we got home
such houses he told usassoon as we got in
ready tae stert production jistassoon as we have an
to form we got lostassoon as we stepped out
become free men that scotlandassoon as word got oot
ormiston would like a wordassoon as you can please
t know because you justassoon as you finished a
you re going to runassoon as you get a
would be forwarded to youassoon as you had received
too much pressure nowadays onassoon as you leave school
hung over the fire butassoon as you started to
at nicht jock didna sleepassoon s e wis eest
culture and i d justassoon see the sphinx as
of making money as soonasthat is on the table
water and soon is endlessasthe air we gulp midnight
i am aware as soonasthe bill is passed and
sets out that as soonasthe cancellation has taken place
time to waste as soonasthe editing of s was
parnassus pitchforked down as soonasthe muses sussed it was
ready for implementation as soonasthe new parliamentary session begins
common in the same directionasthe ogre he soon notices
will be made as soonasthe parliament resumes after the
as soon see the sphinxasthe rockies however i don
set in place as soonasthe scottish ministers take up
set in place as soonasthe scottish ministers take up
set in place as soonasthe scottish ministers take up
inspectors marched upstairs as soonastheir little heads appeared mr
f606: mmhm m822: cause soonasthere s a road through
afore maggie comes sadie soonasthere s licht tae see
course of course as soonasthere s money in question
sight of those as soonasthey are available the convener
just kill songs as soonasthey come out they just
actors to disappear as soonasthey exit through it there
of the border as soonasthey qualify mrs mulligan i
begin to decay as soonasthey re completed to a
darkly about the hennessys soonasthey re offski it s
become more subtle quite quicklyasthree person hmos are soon
doll s gittin done soonasum chilled steve hurry stew
to the committee as soonaswe can mark turley i
asshaired him just as soonaswe get back we ll
the easter egg as soonaswe got home the easter
he told us as soonaswe got in and they
stert production jist as soonaswe have an agreement listen
consider our next steps soonaswe have yet to establish
we got lost as soonaswe stepped out of the
if ye re sleepin soonaswe wis bit e excitement
so soon ah wis feartaswell right enough ah d
men that scotland as soonasword got oot of this
whaur they come fae soonasye heard them cacklin m865:
when yiv stopped ironin soonasyi pick it up ti
like a word as soonasyou can please upstairs in
because you just as soonasyou finished a crate you
going to run as soonasyou get a chance okay
forwarded to you as soonasyou had received official notification
pressure nowadays on as soonasyou leave school go to
the fire but as soonasyou started to have a
have been discharged from hospitalasa direct result of this
the result we are guiltyasa nation of failing to
1 of the bill andasa result a warrant of
could to sustaining that lineasa result although i was
64 against 50 abstentions 2asa result amendment s1m 1216
61 against 50 abstentions 1asa result amendment s1m 1548
55 against 36 abstentions 0asa result amendment s1m 1957
67 against 52 abstentions 1asa result amendment s1m 2023
60 against 21 abstentions 30asa result amendment s1m 2631
62 against 55 abstentions 3asa result amendment s1m 3153
67 against 53 abstentions 1asa result amendment s1m 3154
60 against 48 abstentions 3asa result amendment s1m 3228
67 against 4 abstentions 49asa result amendment s1m 3698
61 against 17 abstentions 27asa result amendment sim 3641
59 against 15 abstentions 26asa result amendment sim 3650
59 against 51 abstentions 1asa result amendments s1m 2635
60 against 47 abstentions 3asa result amendments s1m 3229
by trying to cover everythingasa result and because resources
to have lost her jobasa result and if the
volunteers will grow in confidenceasa result and will exercise
damaged my constituent s flatasa result as usual the
service is overstretched and thatasa result cases are sometimes
and volunteers are becoming fatiguedasa result cathie craigie that
the detr in england hasasa result created a private
the detr in england hasasa result created a private
phrase that s too technicalasa result every time i
majority opinion of the parliamentasa result i appeal to
of discrimination including age discriminationasa result i ask the
received a certificate this yearasa result i began to
reply was rather non committalasa result i have asked
was justified and accepted andasa result i received resources
for me on agricultural mattersasa result i was not
prospects in so many waysasa result i welcome the
it was an unofficial commentasa result i went to
before my life is overasa result i will have
as completely and utterly barmyasa result in a week
may have to cut staffasa result in may the
analogous to the funding sourcesasa result it is rather
women s longer life expectancyasa result many of them
the analysis beyond that pointasa result members will see
scottish parliament i hope thatasa result minority languages will
and society will be strongerasa result miss goldie i
competitive pressures it faces thatasa result modernisation of every
avoiding any potential textual ambiguityasa result no information is
new members that haes jyntasa result o ane a
siesta but that ll beasa result o my spanish
wide geographical area o scotlandasa result o thi centre
wednesday 26 march 2003 announcementsasa result of a compilation
permanent physical or mental disabilityasa result of a delay
p7 of the primary sectorasa result of a favourable
significant achievements fuel poverty existsasa result of a number
retained in the borders areaasa result of a rail
they re doing it perhapsasa result of a rigid
272 deaths in scotland wereasa result of accidents in
who believe they have sufferedasa result of age discrimination
commissioner but cannot do soasa result of amendment 27
mourning on 11th september 2001asa result of an attack
c over 40 years diedasa result of an eating
carry out arterial drainage worksasa result of an improvement
removed from the road networkasa result of anglo scottish
of a breach of contractasa result of anti social
further costs investigating complaints arisingasa result of any failure
for the highlands and islandsasa result of any miscalculation
their income into tobacco productsasa result of bans would
that of burns himself howeverasa result of becoming servant
says in making any representationsasa result of being lobbied
states before taking any actionasa result of being lobbied
been infected with hepatitis casa result of blood products
and changes in ocean temperatureasa result of climate change
ideas at a later stageasa result of committing oneself
this is not new andasa result of complaints there
carrying the hepatitis c virusasa result of contaminated blood
open prison near newton stewartasa result of cuts in
open prison near newton stewartasa result of cuts in
from marine fish farms oftenasa result of damage to
and clients time and moneyasa result of deficiencies in
an increased range of terminologyasa result of discussion as
children in scotland who dieasa result of drowning recognises
by english to some extentasa result of earlier educational
to hear i think possiblyasa result of eh eh
per assisted dwelling was achievedasa result of energy efficiency
institutional questions that will ariseasa result of enlargement considering
funding that will be requiredasa result of enlargement there
such as energy efficiency orasa result of european legislation
scottish assigned budget since 1994asa result of european structural
the consensus that was reachedasa result of evidence was
bill which will introduce alsoasa result of expert panel
no fault of their ownasa result of feudal land
been the subject of challengeasa result of feudal land
among smokers and 4 millionasa result of fire damage
with the scots and notasa result of general reading
roots in any particular communityasa result of globalisation it
people have faced substantial discriminationasa result of government policy
prominent in the twentieth centuryasa result of her increasingly
the formidable reputation she gainedasa result of her life
and the environment has takenasa result of her meeting
of ewan tavendale s degenerationasa result of his military
and ewan were totally estrangedasa result of his treatment
to historians 3 the vocabularyasa result of historical events
case has not been neededasa result of how that
a state of utter confusionasa result of hundreds of
scottish culture was under threatasa result of immigration m741:
the price has come downasa result of imports with
be content if we saidasa result of inadequate provision
risk to the grampian areaasa result of incentives for
insert za any decision madeasa result of inquiries under
result of invasion and latinasa result of intellectual developments
of the others died youngasa result of interrogation by
of influence scandinavian and frenchasa result of invasion and
that action will be takenasa result of it there
contained in dost and sndasa result of its deliberations
is a loss of confidenceasa result of lack of
might have been entirely predictableasa result of last year
offenders if pragmatically that comesasa result of legislation being
the bagyeli pygmies of cameroonasa result of logging of
million each year 450 millionasa result of lost productivity
in a mair vigorous weyasa result of mair fowk
per assisted dwelling was achievedasa result of measures reported
demand for energy was achievedasa result of measures reported
sense of having been producedasa result of mental processes
and wales for those bereavedasa result of murder s1w
consent or connivance of orasa result of neglect by
consent or connivance of orasa result of neglect by
was erm eh probably diminishingasa result of not having
the existing secure tenancy endingasa result of one of
difficulty in selling their homeasa result of other tenants
required to publish a reportasa result of our discussion
have been trade union membersasa result of our negotiations
no one will be evictedasa result of our proposals
scheme which may be leftasa result of owners who
we save on other servicesasa result of people being
have been abandoned or lostasa result of pressure on
that we can benefit fromasa result of puk being
longer history 2 university collegesasa result of recommendations made
farmers will have to faceasa result of scientific breakthroughs
sandred s twenty two informantsasa result of some imagined
current nuclear sites in scotlandasa result of statements on
huggins the executive certainly expectsasa result of stock transfer
staff have taken sick leaveasa result of stress related
been the case that isasa result of subtle pressure
end and insert notes thatasa result of successive government
end and insert notes thatasa result of successive government
million that figure will increaseasa result of taking our
that it had any meritasa result of taking that
12 months has been thatasa result of taxation of
that takes account of changesasa result of that fife
the clutches of councillor patronageasa result of that he
the its worldwide membership affordsasa result of that meeting
f963: mm mmhm m762: changeasa result of that period
i represent has consulted widelyasa result of that process
to or disclosing information obtainedasa result of that relationship
coherent case to the commissionasa result of that we
claims for additional costs incurredasa result of the 2000
in educational management being experiencedasa result of the absence
sustained an injustice or hardshipasa result of the action
person becomes a listed authorityasa result of the addition
or effect of anything doneasa result of the agreement
least be the backstop dateasa result of the amendment
will be updated by sqaasa result of the annual
determining whether the constable hasasa result of the assault
were contaminated in the pastasa result of the bad
on the verge of collapseasa result of the ban
are facing severe financial hardshipasa result of the ban
and industry s budget wouldasa result of the barnett
government had set up ehasa result of the beveridge
would no longer be neededasa result of the bill
people in the central beltasa result of the boxing
it will take any actionasa result of the centre
of the next four yearsasa result of the chancellor
benefits have accrued to glasgowasa result of the city
further and higher education institutionsasa result of the climate
additional costs to health boardsasa result of the climate
additional costs to local authoritiesasa result of the climate
additional costs it will incurasa result of the climate
the effectiveness of the serviceasa result of the concerns
and the scottish parliament facesasa result of the devolution
scots law will be requiredasa result of the european
ethnic and white young peopleasa result of the evidence
that hopefully my generation willasa result of the existence
consequential funding it has receivedasa result of the extra
changed in any material regardasa result of the financial
action it intends to takeasa result of the findings
based on value for moneyasa result of the flaws
11 million available to visitscotlandasa result of the foot
in the highlands and islandsasa result of the foot
language somewhat under attack espasa result of the growing
already under a statutory dutyasa result of the housing
the industrial plants at mossmorranasa result of the increase
cost of flights from scotlandasa result of the increased
under increasing pressure from englishasa result of the influence
of construction materials being importedasa result of the introduction
any small quarry companies closingasa result of the introduction
place on the joint reviewasa result of the joint
as curious to assert thatasa result of the lack
regard to the tax paidasa result of the last
is subject to a burdenasa result of the laying
misunderstandings and misinformation can ariseasa result of the marginalisation
number of new businesses createdasa result of the measures
been effective i expect thatasa result of the meetings
number of sea fishery officersasa result of the negotiated
the fife alcohol advisory serviceasa result of the new
closely related it is probablyasa result of the norman
of 434 million is thatasa result of the other
was not continued this timeasa result of the outbreak
bilateral meetings it has arrangedasa result of the outcome
but sadly many have vanishedasa result of the pervasive
was designed appendix iii 12asa result of the pilot
agencies and communities are formedasa result of the plan
of poisoning and snaring increaseasa result of the prohibition
discussions came about in partasa result of the proposal
what action is being takenasa result of the publication
will be abandoned or reducedasa result of the recent
action it plans to takeasa result of the recent
will be abandoned or reducedasa result of the recent
will now be made availableasa result of the recent
will be abandoned or reducedasa result of the recent
the police and young peopleasa result of the research
detail later in then paperasa result of the review
plan incorporating any revisions madeasa result of the review
of share fishermen are sufferingasa result of the rise
will be a genuine improvementasa result of the stock
goldie have any shortcomings emergedasa result of the tests
of the scots language howeverasa result of the treatment
to the south of englandasa result of the utilities
dexa scanner was obtained largelyasa result of the work
scots word from its spellingasa result of the work
do not face only discriminationasa result of their age
which they were psychologically damagedasa result of their experience
developed deficits it may beasa result of their individual
very limited in their scopeasa result of their influence
of preventing council debt occurringasa result of their own
d the scottish socialist partyasa result of their representation
find themselves in possible dangerasa result of their volunteering
has been done to someoneasa result of them being
relatives of those who dieasa result of this condition
be drained of artistic talentasa result of this discrimination
to scottish scholarship dost archiveasa result of this review
effects achieved by the authorasa result of this word
costs that they will faceasa result of those contracts
costs that local authorities incurasa result of those contracts
discussions with scottish friendly housingasa result of those discussions
would be eligible for inclusionasa result of those discussions
of such a high qualityasa result of time pressure
that are to be putasa result of today s
one question to be putasa result of today s
questions that i must putasa result of today s
to put to the chamberasa result of today s
nine questions to be putasa result of today s
in scotland from being abusedasa result of use of
who are classified as untraceableasa result of variation in
in using his home languageasa result of various factors
request to speak buttons nowasa result of various interruptions
judge from registering the individualasa result of what they
for the sum of 80asa result of which costs
c shawlands academy in glasgowasa result of work carried
over has that percentage increasedasa result of your bidding
to the public petitions committeeasa result representatives of the
action it proposes to takeasa result s1o 3843 11
money that was written offasa result s1w 24838 mr
what action it will takeasa result s1w 33287 pauline
estimate is of revenue lostasa result s1w 34188 mr
what action it will takeasa result s1w 34952 andrew
co operation to feeling threatenedasa result services may be
taking effect in autumn 2001asa result strathclyde university has
people courts could be delayedasa result that is why
or to sustain independent livingasa result that of course
legal issues of legislative competenceasa result the bill was
in service provision and thatasa result the concerns raised
the level is not correctasa result the current system
place on thursday 20 februaryasa result the deadline for
ignored by the scottish executiveasa result the executive is
court with him to londonasa result the language lost
the relationship in that wayasa result the old lady
with correspondence further notes thatasa result the operation of
to be seen almost immediatelyasa result the recovery rate
will actually deliver those objectivesasa result the regulations will
survival rates of subarctic fishasa result the return rates
25 per cent more efficientasa result the warm deal
the money in other waysasa result there has been
constitutes a social economy organisationasa result there have been
unless new money is investedasa result there is no
are unaware of the pressuresasa result there might need
scotland s more urban areasasa result there was a
account for all circumstances nationwideasa result there were various
consumption it is inevitable thatasa result there will be
very small number create problemsasa result they are all
further responses from the executiveasa result they have proved
amended to make that possibleasa result this amendment is
there would be a gapasa result we agreed that
ensure that scotland is strongerasa result we must ensure
and through their own endeavoursasa result we should welcome
centres on rule 43 8asa result we sought clarification
and deprivation existed in scotlandasa result we would have
result of enlargement considering enlargementasan opportunity as well as
a succession of arbitrary figuresaseach case might result in
luikin forrit tae a resultasfitba managers say the twa
for the better will resultasfortune lykith thame sche will
vacuum each must be viewedasthe result of a continuing
within an individual or groupasthe result of changes in
as a result of discussionasto how the english language
result they are all labelledastroublemakers or as people who
of drivers who are classifiedasuntraceable as a result of
s flat as a resultasusual the matter is not
to its staff would qualifyasa circumstance where all possible
information as possible publicly availableasa matter of course and
as many snowmen as possibleasa message of solidarity to
north ayrshire is being consideredasa possible location s1w 34803
bureau to seriously consider stirlingasa possible location with its
benefits of an environmental courtasa possible means of securing
made a note of helverieasa possible relation of hellery
example dr shelton highlighted thatasa possible route forward dr
produce convergence in the communityasa whole it is possible
provided by the parliament areasaccessible as possible translation work
are well researched and areasaccurate as possible and i
it might be possible evenasan adult to regain that
the secret is to beasas positive as possible erm
should be as flexible andasautonomous as possible so that
would rather see national parksasbeing of the widest possible
forms of speech which wereasclose as possible to standard
ash should be disposed ofasclose as possible to the
practical decisions should be takenasclose as possible to those
chocolate river trying to followasclosely as possible the narrative
are advised to lodge amendmentsasearly as possible as previously
are advised to lodge amendmentsasearly as possible during the
beginning of the stage andasearly as possible during the
time before each meeting andasearly as possible during the
beginning of the stage andasearly as possible during the
beginning of the stage andasearly as possible during the
beginning of the stage andasearly as possible during the
beginning of the stage andasearly as possible during the
beginning of the stage andasearly as possible during the
encourage members to lodge amendmentsasearly as possible in advance
committees to examine statutory instrumentsasearly as possible ordinarily a
of eu policies and legislationasearly as possible so that
committeee are to be thereasearly as possible the committee
they would like the wineasearly as possible this is
have the level iii figuresasearly as possible to enable
that we are making itaseasy as possible for people
want the scheme to beaseffective as possible and because
ways of making those relationshipsaseffective as possible fergus ewing
to ensure that it isaseffective as possible in the
to provide research that isaseffective as possible the more
scotland to deliver its businessaseffectively and efficiently as possible
health issues are dealt withaseffectively and openly as possible
young people their scottish historyaseffectively as possible but teach
his competence in english tooaseffectively as possible the favourable
to enable msps to workasefficiently as possible supported by
form of spelling that reflectsasfaithfully as possible without setting
is to make such provisionasfar as is possible equivalent
offenders register has been highlightedasfar as is practically possible
said you have gone downasfar as it is possible
derek miller marriage should beasfar as possible a resource
doing so a member shouldasfar as possible avoid discussing
the glare of public interestasfar as possible but that
important that they are advisedasfar as possible by the
implementing the bill we shouldasfar as possible eliminate the
that the exemption is narrowedasfar as possible for the
means that it should encourageasfar as possible measures such
is important to base informationasfar as possible on studies
the home office says thatasfar as possible the uk
involves distributing the people resourceasfar as possible within the
reunion the labels were completedasfar as possible yw vw
the charter is to ensureasfar as reasonably possible the
abroad i ll be homeasfast as possible for a
such supplements will be treatedasfavourably as possible under uk
such supplements will be treatedasfavourably as possible under uk
philosophy have tended to useasfew words as possible to
or gruyère slice the onionsasfinely as possible and separate
into powder with a hammerasfinely as possible this was
meal had to be compressedasfirmly as possible and this
enforcement regime that will beasflexible as possible which should
particularly wish you to beasfrienly as possible mrs beaumont
ensure that they can liveasfull lives as possible in
importance of the patient participatingasfully as possible in the
those who have been diagnosedashaving osteoporosis where possible to
sink an the liquid drunkashet s possible addin a
the house must be keptashigh as possible coal of
single dog or otherwise killedashumanely as possible 1c excepted
once retrieved to kill itashumanely as possible 1e exception
is captured treated or killedashumanely as possible in order
apparent possible commitment to organicsasi said in my introduction
transparent and equitable as possibleasi said in reply to
are possible in many casesasi said one way in
we have tried to beasinclusive as possible although some
place as effectively and onasinformed a basis as possible
make such provision as farasis possible equivalent to provision
has been highlighted as farasis practically possible we have
as far down that roadasis reasonably possible miss goldie
have gone down as farasit is possible to go
agree that there should beaslittle guidance as possible so
possible if grouse were definedaslivestock the snh response to
as they can be foraslong as possible helen eadie
to retain their independence foraslong as possible we have
the working day to continueaslong as possible workers applied
said that anything is possibleaslong as you can imagine
importance of keeping the scaleaslow as possible the sending
a time limit pupils listasmany as possible examples of
make an effort to retainasmany experienced volunteers as possible
increasingly have to ensure thatasmany facilities as possible are
scottish executive s announcement thatasmany older people as possible
they will want to reachasmany people as possible i
there are as there areasmany possible versions of psychoraag
the event live to enableasmany schools as possible to
children throughout scotland to buildasmany snowmen as possible as
want to be aware ofasmany views as possible i
meantime try to distance yourselfasmuch as possible from your
tramped down to pack inasmuch as possible layer upon
just try to ignore itasmuch as possible m055: i
it is intended to relyasmuch as possible on existing
er children around the countryasmuch as possible the i
this should be tightened upasmuch as possible then back
to medicine such buildings allowasmuch as possible to be
across the countryside and destroyingasmuch as possible to prevent
and want to facilitate thatasmuch as possible we recognise
and are attempting to getasmuch assurance as possible about
inadequate but by giving themasmuch experience as possible of
from the programme are givenasmuch help as possible to
the convener we will getasmuch information as possible on
should always seek to makeasmuch information as possible publicly
they like cause they wantasmuch money as possible they
that we try to makeasmuch progress as possible i
community s rights are givenasmuch protection as possible gordon
working towards giving local governmentasmuch scope as possible again
that commitment and to giveasmuch support as possible to
but rather fostered and supportedasnaturally as possible as needed
regard the english translations areasnear literal as possible haiku
leid the english translations areasnear literal as possible there
language went the common languageasnear old scots as possible
the mirror until it isasnear perfect as possible the
supported as naturally as possibleasneeded in specific contexts and
proposals we want to beasopen and proactive as possible
am trying to put itaspolitely as possible but your
secret is to be asaspositive as possible erm we
free fresh fruit and vegetablesaspossible 15 00 fergus ewing
or otherwise killed as humanelyaspossible 1c excepted activities 1
to kill it as humanelyaspossible 1e exception search by
marriage should be as faraspossible a resource neutral activity
they can in as shortaspossible a time and that
to get as much assuranceaspossible about our supply chains
local government as much scopeaspossible again agreed outputs will
important area is as robustaspossible against challenges made in
reports as up to dateaspossible although i should stress
make the regulations as strictaspossible although it was suggested
tried to be as inclusiveaspossible although some people did
scheme to be as effectiveaspossible and because it now
researched and are as accurateaspossible and i have another
support from around the chamberaspossible and leave open opportunities
incentive to be as reluctantaspossible and no credit was
as many of the lettersaspossible and scoring 9 marks
slice the onions as finelyaspossible and separate the circles
over as wide a circleaspossible and the womenfolk come
the surviving early burgh standardsaspossible and this information has
to be compressed as firmlyaspossible and this job was
complete those assessments as quicklyaspossible and to share the
ensure that as many facilitiesaspossible are multi sport facilities
to build as many snowmenaspossible as a message of
as fair transparent and equitableaspossible as i said in
fostered and supported as naturallyaspossible as needed in specific
to lodge amendments as earlyaspossible as previously announced amendments
a member should as faraspossible avoid discussing details of
far away from other asiansaspossible because of this f963:
make the system as workableaspossible because we cannot do
are packed in as tightlyaspossible before we sow the
best to move as quicklyaspossible but i am afraid
their scottish history as effectivelyaspossible but teach them about
of public interest as faraspossible but that glare should
make the legislation as strictaspossible but we want to
to put it as politelyaspossible but your point is
and possible destruction as speedilyaspossible by the construction of
they are advised as faraspossible by the scottish executive
must be kept as highaspossible coal of course was
should be drafted as tightlyaspossible concerning both the point
the stage and as earlyaspossible during the day amendments
the stage and as earlyaspossible during the day it
the stage and as earlyaspossible during the day it
the stage and as earlyaspossible during the day it
the stage and as earlyaspossible during the day it
the stage and as earlyaspossible during the day it
to lodge amendments as earlyaspossible during the day the
bill we should as faraspossible eliminate the imposition on
to be as as positiveaspossible erm we try to
to keep it as simpleaspossible erm yeah so i
limit pupils list as manyaspossible examples of nouns they
making those relationships as effectiveaspossible fergus ewing also raised
on as informed a basisaspossible fergus ewing i welcome
been raised in the debateaspossible first i apologise that
ll be home as fastaspossible for a visit at
are making it as easyaspossible for people to access
exemption is narrowed as faraspossible for the ban to
to distance yourself as muchaspossible from your little problem
are given as much protectionaspossible gordon jackson will wait
translations are as near literalaspossible haiku this form of
settlement or judgment as speedilyaspossible he also recognises the
can be for as longaspossible helen eadie i have
it to be as woollyaspossible however handlers would like
to the schools as quicklyaspossible however i want to
to make as much progressaspossible i ask members to
business as effectively and efficientlyaspossible i do not think
regulations should be as robustaspossible i have already alluded
as many opportunities to fishaspossible i understand that waters
to reach as many peopleaspossible i ve indicated there
aware of as many viewsaspossible i wish first to
to lodge amendments as earlyaspossible in advance of that
treated or killed as humanelyaspossible in order to relieve
can live as full livesaspossible in our communities supported
the patient participating as fullyaspossible in the discharge of
that it is as effectiveaspossible in the years to
we will move as speedilyaspossible karen whitefield what were
an as sort o cheapaspossible [laugh] f631: mmhm f689:
to pack in as muchaspossible layer upon layer however
been considered suitable for considerationaspossible locations for new investment
to ignore it as muchaspossible m055: i [sigh] i
it should encourage as faraspossible measures such as the
you to be as frienlyaspossible mrs beaumont really james
as many medals for shetlandaspossible my preference if we
for that service as quicklyaspossible no equivalent data are
giving them as much experienceaspossible of speaking in the
intended to rely as muchaspossible on existing legislative provisions
to base information as faraspossible on studies of scottish
will get as much informationaspossible on that point before
broad and wide ranging debateaspossible on the future development
do have as wide consultationaspossible on this because these
we must be as robustaspossible on your side we
examine statutory instruments as earlyaspossible ordinarily a committee will
with as effectively and openlyaspossible perhaps what fergus ewing
that process flows as smoothlyaspossible personal care for the
will be expedited as quicklyaspossible practice note number 3
to make as much informationaspossible publicly available as a
to make progress as quicklyaspossible rather than to ing
make the system as transparentaspossible reports are part of
that as many older peopleaspossible should remain in their
as flexible and as autonomousaspossible so that it can
through the parliament as speedilyaspossible so that the timetable
should be as little guidanceaspossible so that we are
policies and legislation as earlyaspossible so that we can
that buildings are as safeaspossible so what would be
msps to work as efficientlyaspossible supported by ms margo
it is as near perfectaspossible the aspiring chorister is
to be there as earlyaspossible the committee were given
minister to decide as quicklyaspossible the convener i have
as well informed about itaspossible the convener if that
standing order is as simpleaspossible the convener so counting
to overturn it as quicklyaspossible the convener that is
wide a range of countriesaspossible the council of europe
in english too as effectivelyaspossible the favourable conditions for
around the country as muchaspossible the i ve only
as many of our communitiesaspossible the issue does not
basic science was as watertightaspossible the methodology is set
retain as many experienced volunteersaspossible the minister will be
research that is as effectiveaspossible the more that we
trying to follow as closelyaspossible the narrative and descriptive
keeping the scale as lowaspossible the sending on of
office says that as faraspossible the uk should go
be tightened up as muchaspossible then back filled and
translations are as near literalaspossible there is debate over
they want as much moneyaspossible they totally fill up
like the wine as earlyaspossible this is being purchased
with a hammer as finelyaspossible this was blown into
to happen what was suggestedaspossible through the casting vote
such buildings allow as muchaspossible to be done in
of the 40 day periodaspossible to do what is
level iii figures as earlyaspossible to enable meaningful scrutiny
to use as few wordsaspossible to express their feelings
are given as much helpaspossible to follow that through
to give as much supportaspossible to giving parents the
as much of the cakeaspossible to improve the health
has consistently been so faraspossible to legislate for sex
to enable as many schoolsaspossible to participate throughout scotland
countryside and destroying as muchaspossible to prevent its use
speech which were as closeaspossible to standard english would
should make amends so faraspossible to the kindred of
be disposed of as closeaspossible to the sites where
should be taken as closeaspossible to those affected by
the parliament are as accessibleaspossible translation work or interpretation
will be treated as favourablyaspossible under uk law considers
will be treated as favourablyaspossible under uk law considers
be as open and proactiveaspossible we are seeking imaginative
their independence for as longaspossible we have some way
to facilitate that as muchaspossible we recognise that the
scheme in place as quicklyaspossible when we complete discussions
the draft report as quicklyaspossible when we have appointed
as minimalist straightforward and clearaspossible whereas the executive is
that will be as flexibleaspossible which should allow it
language as near old scotsaspossible wi all the wee
the people resource as faraspossible within the regional resource
out of there as quicklyaspossible without looking back they
spelling that reflects as faithfullyaspossible without setting up obtrusive
day to continue as longaspossible workers applied for extra
labels were completed as faraspossible yw vw jb and
amendments as early as possibleaspreviously announced amendments should be
spgc to complete those assessmentsasquickly as possible and to
doing our best to moveasquickly as possible but i
be conveyed to the schoolsasquickly as possible however i
new resources for that serviceasquickly as possible no equivalent
that matters will be expeditedasquickly as possible practice note
view and to make progressasquickly as possible rather than
we want to overturn itasquickly as possible the convener
pressing the minister to decideasquickly as possible the convener
put a scheme in placeasquickly as possible when we
speed on the draft reportasquickly as possible when we
i got out of thereasquickly as possible without looking
is to ensure as farasreasonably possible the use of
a perverse incentive to beasreluctant as possible and no
in this important area isasrobust as possible against challenges
that the regulations should beasrobust as possible i have
is that we must beasrobust as possible on your
to ensure that buildings areassafe as possible so what
money as they can inasshort as possible a time
we try to keep itassimple as possible erm yeah
the substantive standing order isassimple as possible the convener
ensure that that process flowsassmoothly as possible personal care
keep it as simple anassort o cheap as possible
of incompatibility and possible destructionasspeedily as possible by the
whether by settlement or judgmentasspeedily as possible he also
be developed we will moveasspeedily as possible karen whitefield
its passage through the parliamentasspeedily as possible so that
want to make the regulationsasstrict as possible although it
government to make the legislationasstrict as possible but we
local food in so farassuch trading is possible and
far as possible measures suchasthe development of direct local
catalogue of possible disasters suchasthe non payment of pay
there are so there areasthere are as many possible
many possible versions of psychoraagasthere are readers actually you
wire cages are packed inastightly as possible before we
in scotland should be draftedastightly as possible concerning both
it will make a statementasto the possible outcome of
possible by the scottish executiveasto who is attending such
be in no possible doubtasto why that preparation had
is to make the systemastransparent as possible reports are
and to make overview reportsasup to date as possible
that the basic science wasaswatertight as possible the methodology
the ability to thrive overaswide a circle as possible
next stage we do haveaswide consultation as possible on
would like it to beaswoolly as possible however handlers
try to make the systemasworkable as possible because we
hierarchical power ridden hapsburg societiesaswould be possible to imagine
anything is possible as longasyou can imagine it and
ron tuck it is possibleasyou say it is difficult
areas such as the bordersasa quiet rural idyll the
by virtue of arrangements suchasare mentioned in that section
and c such other mattersasare relevant in the circumstances
current budget several members suchasdavid davidson and mike watson
facing the care sector suchasdelayed discharge from hospital or
such as bp and shellasdrivers will be sufficient or
the very obvious things suchashare traps and race cards
other soft intangible stuff suchashaving a nice view from
times to greek concepts suchaslength though he recognises the
interpreters or related services suchaslipspeakers or palantypists are provided
negotiate new eu treaties suchasmaastricht in 1992 amsterdam in
to develop other areas suchasmauchline there is of course
that such social housing bodyasmay be specified in the
early explorers of diseases suchasmeasles and the common cold
but mony sensible thinkers suchasmr adam smith argue that
entry to national programmes suchasnew deal 18 24 and
profit basis through bodies suchasnot for profit trusts and
from participating in society suchaspoor education and training housing
the bill excludes such wetlandsasreferred to by the deputy
digital resources on cd suchasromanticism the wife of baths
emerging names at galleries suchassorcha dallas and the transmission
you have used words suchassporting interests as against pest
s pagan worship which unrecognisedassuch annoys the neighbours in
seems to have been classedassuch in the past or
was probably not against translationassuch it s unlikely given
to such bogs are classedassurface water and if so
the cost and factors suchasthe availability of materials in
relevant provisions in legislation suchasthe bankruptcy scotland act 1985
but to retain areas suchasthe borders as a quiet
sorts of practical plans suchasthe chairman of the appropriate
necessary to determine such mattersasthe effect that abolition will
in certain statutes however suchasthe misuse of drugs act
will she support initiatives suchasthe nurture initiative in my
in that about issues suchasthe removal of judges for
have also discussed such thingsasthe timing of meetings and
the classroom thus aspects suchasthe use of speech marks
of literature on grounds suchasthese it demonstrates the fullest
the point that materials suchasthis were rare 60 in
regions of the eu suchasthose of germany spain and
of the general headings lookasthough they are of such
starting words were also consideredaswere such features as moderating

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