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at parkhead forge to theasdaat parkhead forge right m818:
at the forge to theasdaat the forge now it
ceevic duty rush doon taeasdaan teem tinnies o insecticide
shoppers scavenge scraps outside onasdas living larder lush green
such as b q andasdapurposely employ older people because
stops up ahead at summerstonasdai picked up a double
picked them for you atasdas didn t she f1102:
morning afore we went toasdas and i forgot still
aboot hens last wikk thatasdahis introduc t a pinch
four shop twenty four hourasdagovan oh but they re
wis he on aboot theasdasigns in doric in peterheid
everywhere get your spices hereasdaprices buy one get one
which side of the argumentasdaand wal mart want the
we re goin up toasdas the night f1102: how
bricked vomitarium jist alang faeasdasome o the sichts on
so i usually nip intaeasdaand get so many ready
very important people boxed assortedasdafor everyone else and a
bheil m979: [neo-shoilleir] droch fhĂ ileadhasdanuair a tha iad marbh
at s aa an tellingasdaan the warl at there

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