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would like to begin byaskingabout the timetable for the
might begin for instance byaskingthe children to categorise sentences
to begin with the teacheraskingthe pupils questions about the
could i begin by byaskingyou about your sort of
right mmhm m1163: she wasaskinga few questions about it
exploration of a text withoutaskingdirect questions at all g
being less easily reassured andaskingharder questions george macbride that
to her and i wasaskingher questions i didn t
were required to chat lisaaskingme questions about the british
convener i will start byaskingone or two questions on
ve started actually talkin anaskingquestions an thinkin about things
me on one occasion fromaskingquestions in the parliament which
to indicate their interest inaskingquestions maureen macmillan highlands and
that we prevent msps fromaskingquestions we could continue to
language it does this byaskingsuch questions of the students
i make no apologies foraskingthat those questions be included
in 1996 he tabled questionsaskingthe then secretary of state
consumer protection the difficulty withaskingthose questions at the end
of occasions the process ofaskingwritten and oral questions is
we write to the executiveaskingfor an urgent response on
would write to mr [censored: surname]askingif given the small amount
we write to the executiveaskingit to do something constructive
could write to the executiveaskingit to redouble its efforts
we write to the ministeraskingthat the mccabe committee re
before i am criticised foraskinga four minute question let
problems that are associated withaskinga question about income and
old ground because i amaskinga specific question susan deacon
parliament s own researcher areaskingfor that question to be
to be asking i wasaskingmyself the same question and
grateful to mr monteith foraskingthat question because it gives
i am proud to beaskingthe last question in the
the difficulties could lie inaskingthe local authority to question
feel mitchel struggling to resistaskingthe next question whit did
the convener i am notaskingthe question as a criticism
conference on 16 september byaskingthe question what is europe
analysis where we are alwaysaskingthe question why is this
question that i had lodgedaskingthe scottish executive whether it
question that we should beaskingwhat has changed for us
only brian fitzpatrick i amaskingabout the effectiveness of a
commitment today but i amaskinghim to take up the
that today i am simplyaskingmembers whether we want to
rev iain murdoch i amaskingmsps to consider the materials
that is what i amaskingpeople to consider although my
msp to decide i amaskingthe clerks to provide some
swinney all that i amaskingthe first minister to do
to complete it i amaskingthe national qualifications task and
doing that work i amaskingthe social justice committee to
it just as i amaskingthem not to take the
officials for it i amaskingthem to approach this with
that basis i am notaskingthem to take my word
aps on stream i amaskingwhether it was your or
its desirability i am justaskingwhether we are taking account
elsewhere although i am notaskingyou to comment on other
provide guidance i am notaskingyou to judge anyone but
letter from the presiding officeraskingconveners to draw it to
a letter to a ministeraskingthat minister to fulfil a
a letter from the dominieaskingwhy a child was not
a letter the other dayaskingwhy we didn t choose
was unbounding why he keptaskingdo they all have to
which is why we areaskingfor a sewel motion to
notice that you are notaskingfor such payments why not
morn beaumont why are youaskingshe ll be ready will
how could we go aboutaskingwhy it needs to be
that s why i maskingye to yer bath first
that s why i keepaskingyou how do you get
t want people coming andaskingyou why you re not
because i don t likeaskingfor money and i was
and they re sort ofaskingfor money from me in
so i may be writingaskingfor money next month sometime
shine our trainers or simplyaskingfor money this done the
this year in canada withoutaskingfor more money i should
are not collecting money butaskingpeople to give a small
minister might wish to consideraskingcertifiers to consider during the
to the minister for communitiesaskingher to consider the request
be passed to fife councilaskingit to consider the points
i feel that it isaskingmembers simply to consider that
approach to the standards andaskingofficers to consider whether they
part of the exercise byaskingthe students to consider what
the employment policies paper isaskinghow or whether we are
know whether the executive isaskingitself how to take full
oft report if you areaskingme whether in principle i
each of the education authoritiesaskingthem whether they are satisfied
the public petitions committee isaskingus whether on the basis
do not if you areaskingwhether i believe that we
do so we are notaskingwhether individual scottish public bodies
do it now i wasaskingwhether that should be scheduled
paper and essay last yearaskingwhether the dialect dictionary had
for civil marriages i wasaskingwhether they should be licensed
end our reflection today byaskingfor god s blessing on
saw my professor today andaskinghim about it and gave
is what all members areaskingof the minister today in
comment you heard me earlieraskingabout initiatives in the business
whom carole will be workingaskingabout teaching or studying in
sector was hounded by clientsaskingabout the charges we first
goes to whom is likeaskingabout the length of a
had called at his flataskingabout the number of rented
the american university in cairoaskingabout this i ve also
staggering about the street andaskingevery passing male ir ye
do they bother about youaskingfor jenny f1049: no jenny
i d get round toaskinghim about it one day
people made to the parliamentaskingit to do something about
about what precisely we areaskingof professor gane what is
10 friday lawyer shy aboutaskingother lawyer agent tries says
them mr paterson are youaskingpeople to make judgments about
forgive me i was notaskingspecifically about sportscotland in your
seek mm f1026: i wasaskingthe kids about this one
plays a significant part inaskingthe minister about promotion i
me something what was youaskingf1124: don t know mum
from time to time byaskingfor something or by interrupting
her somethin maggie sadie saskingif you d like something
don t know you wereaskingme something what was you
wrote to the first ministeraskinghim if he supported amendment
that the public have beenaskingfor the bill for a
references to public authorities inducingaskingor assisting a person to
of their merits is likeaskingthe public to choose between
public petitions committee is nowaskingthe transport and the environment
convener the conveners group isaskingfor a change in the
convener and each party leaderaskingfor nominations for the posts
the more unusual step ofaskingthe convener and bristow muldoon
sandy rosie we are nowaskingeach regional fiscal following consultation
times more expenditure we areaskingfor an increase from 5
as much we are notaskingfor an increase in the
kyle against tolls both areaskingfor concessions and discounting options
and are not deaf peopleaskingfor many of the same
in sweden we are notaskingfor seven eight or nine
use although we are notaskingfor specific suggestions just now
ancient caves the petitioners areaskingfor storm damage to the
for individual farmers we areaskingfor wider distribution of the
outstanding issues what members areaskingis what does that mean
say so or are youaskingmsps to look at the
from mr mcconnell you areaskingparliament to sign up for
are not okay we areaskingpeople to think again rhoda
be applied and we areaskingthat it be applied the
breadth of scotland who areaskingthe parliament to make a
going around eh clockwise andaskingwho you are and a
what the transport committee isaskingfor 15 45 cathy jamieson
from west lothian curriculum servicesaskingfor 8 lilts more to
m734: er some places wereaskingfor a degree er but
s back and urgently mimesaskingfor a suggestion muriel i
in the rain he isaskingfor answers and a proper
was going to conclude byaskingfor assurances from jackie baillie
christine grahame i was justaskingfor clarification of the time
the role of a strangeraskingfor directions after one child
compounded by several fire mastersaskingfor even higher standards than
is that mr higson wasaskingfor financial resources rather than
served customers when people wereaskingfor fish he was only
surprised me to hear someoneaskingfor fite blaik in fact
is that the stuc isaskingfor funds to be made
or phrases as well asaskingfor general understanding of the
soon tell chrissie we wereaskingfor her and that you
his old english teacher wasaskingfor him allan wilson not
i started out you knowaskingfor interviews saying that ehm
a way that it isaskingfor legislative change to ensure
hogmanay with their faces blackenedaskingfor pieces though they did
to the er the organisersaskingfor some feedback er because
a polar expedition reginald hillaskingfor the moon harpercollins 1994
churches and faiths in scotlandaskingfor their views by the
for education and young peopleaskingfor these unsuitable materials to
that we have all beenaskingfor to bring back the
carried out in june 2000askingfor views on the scottish
committee now instead of myaskingfor volunteers i suggest that
my hand andy you reaskingfor whit canny be done
all right carolanne thanks foraskinghim things like this they
god if people aren taskingoff for maternity leave their
delivery rejects the idea ofaskingpatients to pay for treatments
nowhere and what is theaskingprice for transformation les fleurs
education for citizenship this includedaskingschool children to suggest ways
of pressure have you beenaskingtoo much from them for
for me what he wasaskingwould not be difficult to
section mrs a [censored: surname] suggestedaskingthe present vith form what
it will be granny [censored: surname]askingus to go over again
not see any harm inaskingcolin campbell we should also
but should not we beaskingour colleagues in the european
but i could not resistaskingthat your main concern with
that s what i maskingyou is not offensive i
not quite what i wasaskingyou were involved in facilitating
you what what was youaskingme f1124: tell me f1123:
point it s no useaskingmrs scott what has happened
i know but i maskingwhat is it you re
spent a lot of timeaskingwhat that meant a flavour
to move out she wasaskingwhat was happening with your
results but it is stillaskinghow certain it can be
some of you have beenaskinghow hunky eric is getting
as malcolm chisholm said onaskinghow we can make progress
part of it or evenaskingwell how do you explain
was mother more or lessaskingme you know is sh-
a bus s- stop andaskingthe lady next to me
terms i remember er somebodyaskingd r in the staffroom
up the local women wereaskinghim if he was getting
serpents and they aproached mosesaskinghim to pray to god
is always coming out andaskinghim where did you get
margaret really you should beaskingbut f639: mm f640: we
was resolving the issue byaskingour members to mark double
fully support the petition andaskingit to give us a
i think that she wasaskingus to accept a little
i think that he isaskingthe parliament to become involved
petition is a signed statementaskingthe parliament to look into
had guys standing outside ermaskingeveryone you know you know
matter you seemed to beaskingi was asking myself the
i will kick off byaskingyou both to return to
barbie swan lake that saskingyou f1103: aye well well
yeah but i m justaskingyou know everybody f950: idea
the steps that he wasaskingthe enterprise and lifelong learning
first is the possibility ofaskingthe executive to provide funds
teacher a few years agoaskinga child to fill in
to have another cut beforeaskingchristine grahame to respond angus
i have much pleasure inaskingdr ewing to open the
of pretending to be deafaskinghis subjects to repeat the
his life c presenting textsaskingpupils to prepare a reading
to the crime prevention panelaskingthat it considers making this
so on the association isaskingthe committee to become involved
the executive it is worthaskingthe executive to think again
there might be value inaskingthe scottish executive to give
the document to all schoolsaskingthem to pass it on
is a loan seekin isaskingathoot is without graun is
considering the millennium threat andaskingis scotland ready mr muir
one that alasdair morgan isaskingross finnie yes i understand
be considered is that ofaskingthe scottish intercollegiate guidelines network
frail elderly that coalition isaskingwith one voice on personal
but maconochie redeemed himself byaskingafter dr johnson who had
year they d be betteraskingceltic s stephen jackie bird
may be growing up actuallyaskingmy permission but there s
the polis waveband he keptaskingthey ll maybe be efter
looking on the website oraskingin your local library 4
s a waste of timeaskingwhere i think i m
my change of plan andaskingif she s got any
s safety maybe but tryaskingthe parents of holly wells
with the sergeant maybe evenaskinghis views on c n

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