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kizzen hanamel in anathoth whanaskitjeremiah bein sib tae hanamel
roused but whan beatrix wesaskitaboot it she gied hir
she didna dae as sheaskitsyne she gart beatrix sweir
pals naw he cuidnae haeaskitdavie tae came alang wi
davie he d probably haeaskittony fir a square goes
aboot that they hae beenaskitti cum aince eirant natasha
heidmistress natasha ye l beaskittil olechka it s aw
wur bot hei wis anceaskitbi ae fermer tae hae
an efter ae bit mattaskitgledson gif hei hed ivver
smoking his pipe an whanaskitwhaur hei hed been hei
it settin mowdie traps geordieaskitthe fermer tae tryst wi
gae on the wee fowkaskitawthing in the room but
ti gie me awthing ahaskitfrae ye but the r
short kam til um anaskitum tae gei um ae
that joy hendry shuid beaskittae be the treasurer the
does whate er she saskittho there s whiles a
ah sall dae what isaskitfor aa the neeborhood kens
booin doon so eence sheaskitmabel an a cousin o
in wi whit the queenaskitbut aince again did alasdair
juist grat an whan thayaskithir whitfor she never lat
the group and fowk wisaskittae lat the secretariat ken
lyke spin n n heaskitanither ane an hir aunser
hir daith bed whan sheiaskithim tae promise hir thit
the faimlie whan she wesaskithir name she said it
about important maitters sae heaskithir ti luik eftir a
aff ma heid whan ahaskithir til afore ye cam
burd that belangs hir sheaskitme ti finnd it for
faither gied him whit heaskitthe same as his brither
iain lest nicht the fairiesaskitme ti byde here for
wes richt stertit iain wesaskitti play an siclyke wes
it for me ah neveraskithim til ti dee lyke
ti gie me oniething ahaskito ye but the r
in the past i haeaskitaboot things tae dae wi
tae dae the day iaskitoh harpin says he an
juist wait or ah maskitafore ah mak up ma
looks out eilidh naebodie haesaskitme this whyle back whyles
gled ti see me backaskittam gey chawed ah m
the doorway impatiently ah veaskitye nou ceivil aneuch aboot
a hunder bolts thorfinn whaaskityou for yeir opeinion pause
aylers o the brugh andaskitthem tae set thair and
for an oor or saeaskita littil leddie whas green

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