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s1m 1368 drug assisted sexualassaultlodged on 17 november 2000
s1m 1368 drug assisted sexualassaultlodged on 17 november 2000
rape or ravish and indecentassaultnot just when the victim
rape or ravish v indecentassaultvi lewd indecent or libidinous
to a house breaking bassaultand robbery and c drug
a case of robbery orassaultwhere the miscreants he came
the 1 abduction 2 seriousassaultand 3 murder of a
the i abduction ii seriousassaultand iii murder of a
abduction with intent to rapeassaultwith intent to rape or
is an aggravation of anassaultany assault involving a knife
aggravation of an assault anyassaultinvolving a knife tends to
as a serious aggravation ofassaultsuccessive legislation has introduced tighter
legislation on rape and sexualassaults1f 959 4 brian adam
with intent to rape ivassaultwith intent to rape or
funk was almost a physicalassaultit was like a tangible
extent of drug assisted sexualassaults1w 31842 mr gil paterson
2501 criminal proceedings in sexualassaultcases lodged on 29 november
support for victims of sexualassaultin seeking justice in both
of sexual abuse and seriousassaultwill be notified when sentences
those crimes including murder orassaultare already offences under scots
clerk mcphail stood accused ofassaulta small slight terrified figure
but you re accused ofassaultor defamation of character or
to be regarded as justifiableassaultif done as a physical
would otherwise be regarded asassaultis not to be so
station ah huv a seriousassaultan battery here this is
been recorded as a seriousassaultfor the purposes of the
how many cases a seriousassaulthas occurred in hm prison
brought in relation to theassaultb charges were dropped by
irish republic dates to followassaulton police officers during miners
have of protecting themselves againstassaultand what means of restraint
as a result of theassaultor contact been exposed to
with an offence of wilfulassaultunder subsection 1 above to
the brunt of the buildingassaultbut we will continue working
does not touch her orassaulther in any way that
me to court of courseassaultto her severe injury my
it we re talking aboutassaultgrievous bodily harm he should
to brave the cold andassaultthe kremlin we only got
breach of the peace andassaulthe accepted his fine of
for the britannica a directassaultupon the elders of the
mair important maitters like anassaulton the unsuspectin aiberdeen public

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