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resources can be allocated toassistcommunities with integration and the
resources can be allocated toassistcommunities with integration and the
east scotland transport partnerships toassisteffective integration of public transport
sharing of good practice toassistthe integration of refugees linda
there is inserted approved toassistin providing or approved to
there is inserted approved toassistin providing or approved to
there is inserted approved toassistin providing or approved to
is added are approved toassistin providing or are approved
approved by the board toassistin the provision of general
is added or approved toassistin the provision of such
the scottish executive has toassistbusiness by improving transport links
european year of disabled peopleassistin improving matters james o
public on buildings which willassistin improving the house buying
of continuous professional development toassistteachers in maintaining and improving
of continuous professional development toassistteachers in maintaining and improving
conservation 4 would the billassistin the conservation of salmon
1986 as follows regulations toassistthe conservation of salmon a
of the bill regulations toassistthe conservation of salmon powers
executive how it intends toassistinverness college which faces a
it intends to take toassistpeople with disabilities living in
it intends to take toassistpeople with disabilities living in
intends to introduce measures toassistsmaller business premises in relation
intends to introduce measures toassistsmaller business premises in relation
it intends to take toassistthe tourism sector in areas
measures it is taking toassistcompanies and organisations in the
measures it has taken toassistmotorcyclists in making integrated journeys
measures it will introduce toassistsmall business in scotland and
community measures and initiatives whichassistthat teaching and learning including
measures are being taken toassistthe arbroath fish processing industry
package of funded measures toassistthe fishing industry in the
measures it will introduce toassistthe restructuring and recovery of
measures it is taking toassistvoluntary organisations and charities who
is providing to businesses toassistthem to trade online s1o
steps it is taking toassisthomeless people aged 16 24
steps it will take toassisthouse owners in lanarkshire and
it is taking steps toassisthouseholders particularly those on a
it is taking steps toassisthouseholders particularly those on a
steps are being taken toassistindustrial museums s1w 12161 maureen
steps it will take toassistthe chief constable of strathclyde
and take further steps toassistthe sector improve the partnership
that the scottish executive willassistthe process by taking actions
that the scottish executive willassistthe process by taking actions
is necessary for him toassistin the provision of general
or services list may notassistin the provision of general
executive has done little toassistin the provision of houses
no provision for compensation toassistthose affected to recover lost
service development fund will specificallyassistwith service provision and support
we consider how we canassistdeprived communities we should take
investment is being considered toassistfarming communities in view of
to live with dignity andassisthost communities in using the
the strategic waste fund toassistlocal authorities in the implementation
a route development fund toassistthe development of direct routes
a route development fund toassistthe development of direct routes
development regulation and modulation toassistfarming during the period of
architects the distinction should alsoassistin addressing sustainable development objectives
works on scots it wouldassistin the development of all
exploited task scottish enterprise toassistthe development of facilities for
we put in place toassistthe sector in its development
it has any plans toassistcereal farmers s1w 9189 brian
what plans it has toassistcharities that have lost rates
what plans it has toassistcompanies originating from scotland in
plans it has to furtherassistlocal authorities in implementing the
plans they have to aassistthe local economies of the
what plans it has toassistthe studio to prevent its
resources are made available toassistcommunity groups who are seeking
designations to be used toassisttargeting of resources and action
that action is necessary toassistthe pig industry to continue
that action is necessary toassistthe pig industry to continue
is now being taken toassistthe tourism industry s1o 3296
evidence could a better definitionassistin operating from a police
to the police station toassistthe police in their enquiries
funding for the police toassisttheir work on an unofficial
nursing and auxiliary staff toassistfrail elderly people to eat
electronic and paper format toassistofficial report staff and interpreters
put in place it wouldassistparliamentary staff if a longer
commissioners and for staff toassistthe commissioners in their work
will all have staff toassistthem as required i have
action it can take toassistalpine cold stores ltd in
action it will take toassistlocal authorities in addressing the
action it has taken toassistsouth ayrshire council to address
could be taken that wouldassistin the reduction of co2
to help local authorities toassistheadteachers suffering from stress related
local community sports strategies toassistlocal authorities schools and sports
available to local authorities toassistthem in ensuring effective access
that the scottish executive shouldassistin the initial funding of
capital and revenue funding toassistin the redesign of nhsis
funding it will add toassistthe implementation of railtrack s
rely upon local information toassistin finding offenders in relation
would like to do toassistin the gathering of information
mechanisms are in place toassistparents to obtain information from
up that freephone number toassistpeople in obtaining information at
policy the information will greatlyassistus in deciding on grant
ways in which she canassistthe voluntary sector she should
riordan trust which aims toassistaspiring young musicians by promoting
inclusive practice in schools andassistchildren and young people with
young people valuing nurses wouldassistretention and reduce the need
specifically how does the eydpassistyoung people and what sort
education and social work toassistyoung people who may be
local agencies working together toassistemployees who have lost their
or direction from of governmentassistthe start up of local
efficient and integrated services toassistdisabled people and the reinforcement
how the scottish executive willassisthomeless people who also have
what guidance is issued toassistoverseas people interested in conducting
a scheme of compensation toassistpeople in scotland who have
of the many people whoassistthem it is probably harder
to make money available toassistwith doing it but it
support is being given toassistin the setting up and
being extremely difficult it wouldassistme if the witnesses could
what is being done toassistnhsis trusts to balance their
strengthen patient advocacy services toassistpatients unable to make informed
contract for services personnel toassistthe member in carrying out
passenger ferry terminal at rosythassistfife council fife enterprise scottish
whether it is able toassistfife council to resolve this
give to aberdeenshire council toassistwith the raising of the
commissioner will be only toassista commissioner in his or
is its role also toassista project all the way
or as an officer toassista prosecutor mr jim wallace
spelling so the system shouldassistactors to avoid errors in
giving up his time toassistand encourage me to martha
support it will give toassistbroughty ferry beach in securing
was not much advice toassistchildren in avoiding abuse or
anything in the materials toassistchildren in avoiding abuse rev
departments to improve their ratingassistcolleges to collaborate increasing efficiency
a diagram picture photo toassistcomprehension of a text distinguishing
such as radiographic systems toassistearly detection of illness support
training for procurators fiscal toassistenforcement of the wildlife crime
the cap is designed toassistfarmers to adapt to the
the same implements eh toassistfolk who were coling eh
birth right for men toassisthim and how did they
senior scottish counsel are toassisthim with the inquiry s1w
might best be able toassisti am scheduled to meet
fishery assessments borrow money toassistin carrying out its functions
look to my colleagues toassistin dealing with the committee
prostate specific antigen testing toassistin diagnosing prostate cancer s1w
travelled through the mountains toassistin her coronation at the
to appoint an adviser toassistin its inquiry into the
plan should be established toassistin maintaining and enhancing the
that a separate database toassistin the collection of statistics
to appoint an adviser toassistin the inquiry and to
i offer an intervention toassistin the process the minister
non departmental public bodies toassistin the review of spending
employed by the parliament toassistin the translation of debates
that would allow us toassistits work i hope that
mallorca seven centuries ago toassistjaime i in his conquest
week s agenda and toassistme in my consideration of
produced a common outline toassistmember states in drawing up
closure further invites it toassistother major scottish tourist attractions
and that the crew wouldassistpassengers to put on lifejackets
10 15 ben wallace toassistphil gallie and in response
and numbers wherever possible toassistspeakers of all languages 15
amendment 8 is designed toassistthe administration of the fixed
of the patient as mightassistthe carer to care for
advance of that deadline toassistthe clerks in their preparation
do that in order toassistthe clerks it would be
morning our purpose is toassistthe committee and to that
he is here today toassistthe committee his instructions are
that we are trying toassistthe committee it would be
to restructure their economies reallyassistthe community obviously conflicts can
move to the east toassistthe economies of the accession
part 2 those powers willassistthe executive to ensure consistency
further calls upon governments toassistthe international tropical timber organisation
place a supportive structure toassistthe new deputes to learn
committee could do nothing toassistthe petitioner we need to
in england and wales toassistthe rural affairs committee in
position or its responsibility toassistthe standards committee and the
be allowed audio recording toassisttheir own record keeping in
to schools and colleges toassistthem in assessing the speaking
been issued to boards toassistthem in dealing with the
were attending elocution classes toassistthem in speaking not so
must have been trained toassistthem with that disability the
after a dog trained toassistthem with that disability would
councillors code of conduct toassistthis enhance the urban landscape
of nhs convalescence care canassistthis oblige health boards to
time higher education students toassisttravel study and childcare expenses
o clock that morning toassistvessels in distress off lewis
the national park designation toassistwith a rationalisation of the
in which he offered toassistwith any queries which the
school sqa co ordinators toassistwith data management and secondly
to private house owners toassistwith repairs in the light
for central moderation and toassistwith the marking of writing
drafted in quite early toassistwith the testing of software
undertake some work that mightassistit do members have any
plug some gaps which mightassistthe housing system we are
and upskilling which will alsoassistin attracting high technology inward
prospects census data could alsoassistin planning for cultural tourism
law recognises that this willassistin developing the contribution of
single piece of legislation willassistin the fight against crime
hope that my introduction willassistmembers in the questions that
proposed transitional scheme will notassistthose on low incomes who
access committee for scotland willassistus in spreading that best
on 18 october 2002 willassistwith the implementation of the
should pursue policies that wouldassistin the equalisation of pay
[audience laughter] how how can iassistyou [audience laughter] i explained i
retain that section would thatassistthe policing setting aside the
for these qualifications arrange forassistin and carry out the
indicate change over time andassistin the planning of bilingual
recognises that these maps canassiststudents in a number of
the extended grc for speakingassistteachers in allocating the performance
and other government bodies canassistby a supporting registration schemes
cost of future ill healthassistjoint working on health promotion
thai wuidna be yibbil tiassistfur thai wes tae ferr

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