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different figures for indirect employmentassociatedwith fox hunting for example
the indirect and induced employmentassociatedwith fox hunting hopefully the
indirect and induced economic activityassociatedwith fox hunting in scotland
[note: table here in original] indirect and induced employmentassociatedwith mounted fox hunts followers
indirect free style more oftenassociatedwith the novel enables the
to estimate that expenditure andassociatedemployment in the five hunts
described above of direct employmentassociatedwith mounted fox hunts in
scotland table 3 direct employmentassociatedwith mounted fox hunts in
shows the types of employmentassociatedwith the seven hunts surveyed
fte jobs to be directlyassociatedwith these hunts table 1
that relatively few jobs areassociatedwith mounted fox hunting and
and defensible estimate of employmentassociatedwith mounted fox hunting in
treatment there are some risksassociatedwith hrt which is of
balance of risks between thoseassociatedwith parasites those associated with
accept that health risks areassociatedwith the consumption of tobacco
twa recognises that risks areassociatedwith the consumption of tobacco
accept that there are risksassociatedwith the consumption of tobacco
accept that there are risksassociatedwith tobacco consumption but that
properly informed of the risksassociatedwith tobacco products and choose
accepted that there are risksassociatedwith tobacco use and we
loss of all the employmentassociatedwith fox hunting in scotland
are no recognised economic multipliersassociatedwith fox hunting or horse
that any direct employment isassociatedwith such an occasional event
matter and the native vocabularyassociatedwith comic or low subject
century in the latinate vocabularyassociatedwith lofty subject matter and
meaning especially narrowing or specialisationassociatedwith vocabulary expansion once i
you like continental models beingassociatedwith catholic writing and native
writing and native models beingassociatedwith the plain style or
word were recognised to beassociatedwith a tobacco product that
and recognised dose response effectassociatedwith tobacco advertising in other
as wrong because they areassociatedf718: mmhm m017: with social
as a language which isassociatedwith a f718: mm m017:
are f718: mmhm m017: traditionallyassociatedwith f718: mmhm m017: social-
bad and something which isassociatedwith i- f718: mmhm m017:
disagreeable image and low statusassociatedwith economic failure also associated
those associated with parasites thoseassociatedwith the chemicals that deal
associated with economic failure alsoassociatedwith the low status of
the economy by each fteassociatedwith a particular economic activity
economic democratic and other benefitsassociatedwith decentralising the scottish administration
economic democratic and other benefitsassociatedwith decentralising the scottish administration
inevitable that patterns of speechassociatedwith economic deprivation or squalor
terms of loss of lifeassociatedhealth problems and distress caused
this language loss is closelyassociatedwith a loss of cultural
highly elegant baroque style beingassociatedwith a tendency towards episcopalianism
style which became kind ofassociatedwith the catholic cause in
a continental tradition that becameassociatedin scotland and england with
and politics scots became moreassociatedwith barn and byre and
clusters of sounds gradually becameassociatedwith certain meanings there is
and became more and moreassociatedwith power and politics scots
their daily business the costsassociatedby the bill may be
meet any redundancy or otherassociatedcosts in the event that
cost of car hire andassociatedpetrol costs and d tolls
costs with which they areassociatedwe could explore the issue
administrative and property costs areassociatedwith each sip s1w 22081
what the additional direct costsassociatedwith the abolition of crown
any allowance for consequential costsassociatedwith the impact of delay
with which some jobs areassociatedhowever the evidence available suggests
netting and therefore the jobsassociatedwith it tend to be
6 600 jobs were indirectlyassociatedwith those who take part
that the problems that areassociatedwith asking a question about
practical administrative problems that areassociatedwith assessment such as ensuring
severely hampered by the problemsassociatedwith our asylum system and
the language and the problemsassociatedwith that in the medieval
of the problems that areassociatedwith the lack of support
social personal and health problemsassociatedwith underage drinking notes that
scottish transport appraisal guidance andassociatedanalyses are providing us with
activities with which he wasassociatedand congratulates his family on
ayr united football club withassociateddevelopment following the abandonment of
association with salmon farms suchassociateddevelopment would help to determine
with the bill and itsassociateddocuments becomes apparent when we
my mother latterly because iassociatedenglish with her she d
by that authority with anassociatedfinancial compensation package applied on
upkeep of paths roads andassociatedground held in common with
in nature and are notassociatedonly with the water treatment
clear that some of themassociatedscots with friendliness emotional warmth
a comprehensive policy framework withassociatedtargets bearing in mind the
will in no way beassociatedwith a change in policy
scots has a bad imageassociatedwith a drunk staggering about
the risk factors that areassociatedwith a family history of
and personal impact of activitiesassociatedwith a local plastic coating
sector risk has to beassociatedwith a proper understanding of
scottish highlands so could beassociatedwith a wee dram or
college so st marshall againassociatedwith aberdeen [inhale] these are
the clever people who areassociatedwith advertising could advise the
of a pronoun more commonlyassociatedwith an animal or an
excludes alternative forms which areassociatedwith an ethnic minority group
he gaed awa cannot beassociatedwith any dialect area the
or her name to beassociatedwith any particular company or
burns and the women heassociatedwith as sexual beings that
in the former the registersassociatedwith astronomy and grammar are
steadfast and swift are modifiersassociatedwith battle imagery and in
the school this theory isassociatedwith bernstein and halliday and
a ruby stain is commonlyassociatedwith blood this association is
the individuals communities and organisationsassociatedwith both petitions and other
affects specific salmonids and isassociatedwith changes in the growth
traditional grammar modern transformational grammarassociatedwith chomsky and a control
use methods that have becomeassociatedwith corpus linguistics collected a
you know why is blackassociatedwith death that kind of
kind of erm sub languagesassociatedwith deviants m1019: sub yeah
disclose the annual expenditure commitmentsassociatedwith each public project involving
disclose the annual expenditure commitmentsassociatedwith each public project involving
avoid many of the anomaliesassociatedwith english orthography and give
avoid many of the anomaliesassociatedwith english orthography and give
avoid many of the anomaliesassociatedwith english orthography and give
different from the transcendental modelassociatedwith english romanticism and no
particularly in relation to issuesassociatedwith exemption but those need
he said its quite oftenassociatedwith filth dear with pure
discussions persuasive texts arguments areassociatedwith functional writing although elements
english language guidelines and thoseassociatedwith functional writing the genres
fully informed on all mattersassociatedwith gm crop trials and
head as on another propertyassociatedwith hardness and impenetrability that
for medicine when i wasassociatedwith heriot watt university s
that pitscottie uses becomes veryassociatedwith his ideology this becomes
s extension of the entitlementsassociatedwith homelessness could be effected
opinions of those most closelyassociatedwith it 10 15 robert
the time issues that areassociatedwith it but those issues
referred to in the leafletsassociatedwith its transport delivery report
notes the serious health hazardsassociatedwith lead in drinking water
[inaudible] f1023: close sometimes isassociatedwith like f1026: tenement buildings
great deal of uncertainty isassociatedwith making estimations of the
never heard that before anythingassociatedwith margaret you feel strongly
walk past the almond treesassociatedwith my late afternoon labours
and the pile of booksassociatedwith my work the last
with the parasites and thoseassociatedwith nutrients those seem to
because a low value isassociatedwith older people s lives
minimise the work that isassociatedwith other aspects of assessment
research into the health effectsassociatedwith participation in the tests
can collect examples of adjectivesassociatedwith particular words e g
divided according to those mainlyassociatedwith personal and imaginative writing
the normal public consultation requirementsassociatedwith planning applications which include
or children s homes villageassociatedwith pushkin one of the
does not use traditional imagesassociatedwith spring in davidson s
most pronounced in the developmentsassociatedwith standard grade it can
planning and health related issuesassociatedwith telecommunications developments and acknowledges
freezing the proceeds of crimeassociatedwith terrorism that accounts for
in statute that everyone looselyassociatedwith that activity should be
area which has long beenassociatedwith the administration of city
cleaning horse shit in stablesassociatedwith the bullring the bullring
marked regional accent urban dialectsassociatedwith the cities for some
manager supporters and everybody elseassociatedwith the club well in
conservation interests they have beenassociatedwith the complete nesting failures
genres variants of standard englishassociatedwith the countries of the
both the prestige of beingassociatedwith the court and its
shot at his name wasassociatedwith the deed and he
of all of the peopleassociatedwith the events taking place
other materials produced by enthusiastsassociatedwith the federation have been
private owners such as thatassociatedwith the heatheryfold west owners
a later scots heritage presumablyassociatedwith the introduction of lowland
for the stress and responsibilityassociatedwith the job there must
taskforce is considering the issuesassociatedwith the maintenance and upkeep
one and the same timeassociatedwith the parish pump and
itself cause differences in biodiversityassociatedwith the plants s1w 20833
about the words that areassociatedwith the river that are
find that there are wordsassociatedwith the river that change
compounds were consciously or unconsciouslyassociatedwith the simplex in the
every significant person who wasassociatedwith the third age group
and 1980s the first wasassociatedwith the work of britton
governmental the commission may beassociatedwith the work of common
here ehm any other wordsassociatedwith the work you do
for common footpaths and groundassociatedwith their properties s1w 27420
list of one clause sentencesassociatedwith their topic or the
you say maybe it wasassociatedwith them being maybe not
hatred into the national psycheassociatedwith this is self contempt
maybe two different drug culturesassociatedwith those two things or
the sort of haircut usuallyassociatedwith topiary gardening kew gardens
8 of scottish employees areassociatedwith tourism but for highlands
and rp the regionless accentassociatedwith upper class speakers and
hard man image or imagesassociatedwith urban deprivation in west
the morbidity and mortality ratesassociatedwith various types of illness
all christian countries and isassociatedwith very many customs though
f1054: any any fishin wordsassociatedwi bein in the cold
s a lot o wordsassociatedwi rivers aye f1054: tell
presentation of any group ofassociatedwords to a great extent
scotland and wales and itsassociatedconcordats and notes in particular
the phoneme would not beassociatedin standard scottish english whereas
procedure medical health care andassociatedprofessions doctors the general and
excludes alternative forms dt irassociatedwi an ethnic minority group
that their working arrangements andassociatedtransport infrastructure will encourage reduced
centre limited and c anyassociatedcompanies broken down by i
development of satisfactory expertise andassociatedinfrastructure in this area the
there again skive is moreassociatedwi eh skivin work as
next five years and theassociatedcost to public funds and
had to go to theassociatedsecondary school which at at
which the parliament should beassociatedthe convener i am sympathetic
of that reservoir and itsassociateddistribution system s1w 15133 richard
be identified or where anassociatedretail business is no longer
prose poetry and drama andassociatedaudiotapes and visual teaching aids
2003 the fishing opportunities andassociatedconditions for certain fish stocks
the core departments agencies andassociateddepartments of the scottish office
the right to buy andassociateddiscounts in taking up their
access to requested papers andassociatedevidence is essential for the
greenbank day care centre andassociatedhousing in langholm dumfriesshire to
uk holocaust memorial day andassociatedlocal events supported by fergus
between two categories and theassociatedmarks this document has subsequently
that roman catholic enclaves andassociatedpoverty and deprivation existed in
the 1995 act and theassociatedregulations exist to protect the
on our fishing communities andassociatedsectors calls on the scottish
of st columba and theassociatedtorvean tòrr bheathain hill of
parliament strongly supports sitrap andassociatedtrade unions in the banana
to be that they reassociatedwi the poor and the
the full implications of healthcareassociatedinfections hai as referred to
s eh well it wasassociatedwi fish an well i
relation to the application byassociatedbritish ports for the troon
think there s anything negativeassociatedf1025: mm f1027: yeah f1054:
4 4 million support toassociatedbritish ports to ship timber

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