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hewmets o the u natapo sassenach pows cam in
hiz bace hed nae pirliecueatapo t an the bodie
puil an stane chippers chakktatapthe dyke when a roe
storeys up abeen the grunatapthe railwye struts that luikit
like a auld brillo padataphis heid his teeth filling
wes a rid gast flaitinatapo ma tay yestrein an
blaeberries tae a sappy sweetnessatapa heathery knowe minnie bruce
morven s got a cloodatapye ken it s gaun
taed she wis dowpit doonatapan auld fish box wyvin
neat blaik curls that satataphis heid like a nest
ower a style an thereatapthe kitchie table they seen
wis sleepin aff the feastatapthe sofa his mistress hid

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